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I want to send friends my weekly sermon, but I'll be on sabbatical for the next few months. I've written most of them out already and I'm wondering if there's a cheap or free way to send these out on a scheduled basis. Any help is most welcome.


I believe the Eudora email software will allow you to load up a bunch of emails and auto-send them at a later time. But you'd need to keep your computer turned on for this to work. If that's not possible, you could use a hosted mailing list manager such as Aweberto queue up your emails for scheduled delivery.

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David Dows
18 Nov 2005

This can also be done with an email account at for only $5.95 per month (without the need to keep your computer running). They also allow you to import your address book from Netscape Communicator 4.0 (ldif files), Netscape Messenger (ldif files), Microsoft Outlook (csv files), Microsoft Outlook Express (csv files), Lotus Organizer (csv files), Palm Pilot (csv files). See

Posted by:

Norman Cook
04 Jun 2009

Are you recommending Aweber as your choice for a mailing list manager? I couldn't find any other articles on your site discussing this topic. A nonprofit organization I belong to uses Mailman, but is not completely satisfied with it, and we are looking for something better. I would appreciate it if you could write something more about this topic sometime.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I give Aweber a big thumbs up. I use their services myself, and have found them to be top notch in every way.

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