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When I set a specific printer as the default, the setting is not retained. Next time I turn on the computer, there is a different (or no) printer designated as the default. Several other settings are behaving similarly, I set my Logitech mouse to not display an icon in the task window, but the icon is back on the next reboot. I have tried creating a new user profile, but the same thing happens. I'm using WinXP Pro (SP2) with all the lastest critical updates.


Hmmm, almost sounds like you are reverting to a previous System Restore point on every boot. Weird!

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05 Sep 2005

Do you perhaps have some registry protection software running, like SpyBot's TeaTimer? This kind of software protects your machine by asking your permission every time a program tries to change a registry value. If you say 'Don't Allow" and "Remember This", then the protection software will never allow that program to save to the registry again. You'll need to go into the advanced configuration setting for the protection software and remove the blocks you put in.

Posted by:

07 Sep 2005

Mine may be such a basic idea/question that you didn't mention because you thought it was self-evident, but could there be some setting in your Admin profile that is preventing the user-specific settings from being saved? In other words, have you tried setting the printer and mouse settings in the Admin account first instead of just trying to change them in the individual user accounts? Like I said, you may have already tried this, but since it wasn't explicitly mentioned in your post, I thought I'd ask. Sometimes we all have those "duh" moments; I know I sure do.

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24 Mar 2013

I have Windows XP. I changed my pointer speed in the control panel, it works as changed, until I turm off my computer. When I start it up at a later time, the changes I made reset back to what it was before. I make the change "Pointer Options" move the slide to the desired speed and then click on "Apply and then OK." What is the problem or what else must I do?

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