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Norton AV just found adware and told me to go the adware site to get uninstall directions. I downloaded the instructions to a floppy, had NAV scan the floppy and it reported that the adware is on the floppy. Is it simply picking up the adware in the uninstall directions, or is the outfit going to give me more grief if I use the disk?


Hmmm, if it was the spyware company that gave you the offending software in the first place, why should we trust them to provide us with an uninstall program that won't wreak even more havoc?

If it's truly just a set of instructions, such as delete this folder, modify that registry entry, etc., then I'm sure the NAV warning is a false positive. But if you had to download an actual EXE file, then I would not trust it to work as advertised.

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Fred Fisher
24 Aug 2005

Dont even mess with it! Just get Spybot Search & Destroy ( http://www.safer-networking.org/en/index.html ) and AdAware ( http://www.lavasoftusa.com/software/adaware/ )

Install both then update them before you use them. Use the immunize feature of Spybot. Then scan with both programs & fix all problems they find. Im fairly certain one of them will rid you of your pest. I have used both of them for several years & never (knock on wood) have any problems. Just random thoughts from a silly old clown.

Posted by:

31 May 2007

I am NOT computer savvy at all but I suspect that a stalker has installed some device in my computer because she knows everything that I do and all the sites that I visit and my entire life story.

In one computer I know she broke in to my house and had physical access to my computer, the other two computer are in a different states but may be she sent something through an e-mail or?

can any one tell me how you find out if there is a device sent to you that may be in your computer hardware? is there anything that I can do, if so what? does a Mac computer worth the money to buy or can she also create a virus for that type of computer? Please help?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I would recommend a good scan with the free tools here: http://askbobrankin.com/should_i_buy_antispyware_or_antivirus_software.html

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