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I recently migrated from Netscape Messenger to Thunderbird. The migration worked perfectly, and I could send and receive mails with Thunderbird immediately after installation. But I have two questions.
Thunderbird put my mail folders on the C: drive, while I would like to have them stored on the Network drive. Can I move them? Also, when I send out a mail with Thunderbird, the mail gets delivered but I can't find it in the Sent Mail Folder!


Since I don't use Thunderbird, I can't answer the folder question. But I'm sure there's something in the Options that will enable saving sent messages. Can anyone post the specifics of how to change this setting?

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Most recent comments on "Thunderbird Setup"

Posted by:

Peter Theobald
30 Aug 2005

I figured out how to get Thunderbird to save sent mail - in the Account settings menu.. The issue of the folders remains, though...
Thanks for putting up my question... Cheers- Peter

Posted by:

30 Aug 2005

I have found your answer on how to change your location for your Thunderbird profile folders.

Posted by:

Kedar Patil
31 Aug 2005

For changing directory where Thunderbird stores mail folders go to Tools -> Account Settings and under your email account go to Server Settings. At bottom of the right pane, set Local Directory to whatever you like.

If specifying a network directory there does not work then you can map the network directory as a local drive and specify the local drive instead.

Hope this helps.

Posted by:

Steve L.
31 Aug 2005

You should be able to find out all you need to know about moving your Thunderbird mail folders, here:

Posted by:

Tom Silvia
31 Aug 2005

If you look in the Account settings menu, there is a setting for "Local Folders". You should be able to set this to any directory you want (including your network drive). I don't know of any way to move your account folders, but setting up a filter to automatically divert incoming mail to the local folder should work.

Cheers, Tom

Posted by:

06 Sep 2005

You can tell Thunderbird where to put the "sent" messages, under "Tools" - "Account Settings" and "Copies and Folders." You should also be able to see where it's putting them now by looking here...

Posted by:

07 Sep 2005

Thunderbird definitely has some bugs. One particularly annoying one is that when you set the folders the way you want them in Account Settings, they don't "take." I like to keep Sent messages for a while (just in case), but have't had a single one saved now for months since I changed to Tbird. And I have searched the Mozilla KB and the web looking for the solution and have not found it. I did, however, find several others who are having the same problem.
If anyone knows the solution, I'd love to hear it.

Posted by:

22 Oct 2005

Had problem of not saving emails that were sent, I cleaned out the folder (moved emails to another folder) + changed settings to copy to Local \ Sent (The second option, not the first which should do the same thing).

Posted by:

07 Jan 2008

Hi, I have two quick questions...1. How can I set Thunderbird to show I have already replied to an email and 2. The bottom of my Thunderbird email is cut off. Can anyone help me?

Thanks, Diana

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