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How much do you know about the Internet, cyber-culture, the heroes and the villians of the online world? Find out by taking the Useless Internet Knowledge Quiz!

What's Your U-IQ?

The Useless Internet Knowledge Quiz The Useless Internet Knowledge Quiz will measure your knowledge of the people who, for better or worse, made the Internet what it is. Are you up to speed on the most popular memes and viral videos? What about famous spoofs, hoaxes and urban legends? And who really invented the Internet, anyway?

I think you'll find that The Useless Internet Knowledge Quiz is a fun learning (or memory jogging) tool as well as a test of your cyber knowledge. After each question, you'll see the correct answer, and a link where you can learn more about the topic. Are you ready?

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Posted by on 11 Oct 2007

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Most recent comments on "Internet Knowledge Quiz"

Posted by:

18 Oct 2007

Just a little snark since I got question 9 (Badgers) 'wrong' :) The creators of the badgers did indeed make a toon featuring football (soccer to us in the US)

EDITOR'S NOTE: True enough. But I never said it was a fair quiz! :-)

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