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I just got an iPhone and the number of free apps in the App Store is a bit overwhelming. I also find it hard to navigate through the apps. Can you recommend ten must-have free apps for iPhone?

Best FREE iPhone/iPod Apps

My Top Ten iPhone/iPod Free Apps

Two of the most popular mobile devices are the iPhone and the iPod Touch. Since these devices were launched over 25,000 user-developed apps (programs) have been created and made available through the App Store. Apps can add cool new functionality to your iPhone or iPod, and run the gamut from Games, Entertainment and Music, to Utilities, Productivity, News and other categories.

Even cooler, a lot of great apps for the iPhone and iPod Touch are free. Here are my picks for the top ten free iPhone and iTouch apps. Some are insanely popular, others I picked because I'm a little quirky. Have fun!


The DirectTV free app is a very functional entertainment tool. It allows you to scan and search television programming schedules, as well as access and program your home DVR. This tool is great to have in case you have to work late and can't get home in time to watch your favorite program.

Document Free (Mobile Office Suite)

Another popular free business app is Document Free. It is the free version of Documents Mobile Office Suite. It was created by Savvy Soda and it allows you to create and edit documents and spreadsheets.

Dog Whistle

Dog owners will love this free iPhone app created by Mobeezio, Inc. This app, as its name suggests, is a digital dog whistle. You have the option to create different whistles simply by adjusting the frequency of each file. To activate the whistle just hold down the whistle button. This is a great tool for training your dog, and a fun way to annoy people with exceptional hearing.


Jobs is a free iPhone/iPod Touch app created by This app allows you to search for jobs posted on the website. When you find jobs that sound interesting, you have the option of saving them in your "Favorites" folder.

Arcade Bowling Lite

Arcade Bowling Lite is a free Skeeball game, which brings back memories of the boardwalk arcades along the Joisey shore. Use your finger to fling the balls down the alley, up the ramp, and into the scoring holes. It took me a while to figure this out, but you can tilt your iPhone/iPod to adjust the ball's speed and direction. The built-in accelerometer on these handhelds is just too cool. My top score is 540… try to beat that!

Race Wars

Race Wars is a fun, free entertainment app. It is a great racing game that can be played by one person, with multiple players and even with other players online. This app works with both the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

Remote Desktop Lite

Remote Desktop Lite is a must have app if you use Windows XP Professional. It will allow you to access your Windows desktop, as long as it is connected to the Internet. This tool will let you access files quickly and easily from nearly any remote location.


Skype, which is a free communication app, has an iPhone version. This app allows you to make free calls to people anywhere in the world. You can connect to other Skypers, you can connect to landlines and you can connect to mobile lines. The SKYPE app also allows you to IM for free using your WiFi connection.

Word Scramble

If you are a game player then Word Scramble is for you. This free game app was created by Zynga. It has consistently been rated as a top 20 free app for iPhone and iPod Touch. Keep your mind sharp by looking for words in the game grid.


Download this app, and you've got an e-book reader that's similar to the Amazon Kindle device. In face, you can even read your Kindle books on the iPhone/iPod with this app. I was thinking about buying a Kindle, but now I don't need one. Thanks, Amazon for saving me $359!

Finding Free iPhone/iPod Touch Apps

There is an explosion of iPhone and iPod Touch applications in the market right now. The best apps can be found at the Apple Store, however, newer apps are generally first offered by the developer. If there is a paid app that you are interested in but don't want to pay for all you usually have to do is wait a few months. Sooner or later most popular paid apps are eventually re-released as either a lite version or a free version.

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Most recent comments on "Free Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch"

Posted by:

Sandi Goldman
07 Apr 2009

Why are so many of these apps not available in Canada? They are Direct TV, Documents Free, Skype, Kindle.

Posted by:

Flynn Arrowstarr
06 May 2009

For an ebook reader, I really like Stanza. The app reads a number of different file types, includes a downloads section with free and commercial books, and is pretty easy to use. I also have the Kindle app, but I don't have any Kindle books yet, so I haven't had a chance to really try it out yet.

Posted by:

06 May 2009

A great feature of the Kindle app is that it syncs with the kindle so sou can switch between tht iPhone and Kindle and it keeps your place on both devices.

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