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15 Jun 2006

Most wired and wireless home routers now use NAT both for functionality and an added level of security. I haven't experimented to see if NAT causes problems with Remote Assistance, but I suspect it would. Has anyone run into such an issue?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Seems to work fine with NAT!

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Kiwi Dan
15 Jun 2006

Great little gem Bob. Personally I have tended to use winvnc as a free tool so in the past haven't gone in search of anything else. It's great to know of this and I am sure to give it a try at some point. Of course VNC requires software to be installed so it's more of a hassle than this remote assistant appears to be. Question, how smoothly does this run through firewalls/routers etc i.e. I'm assuming you have to open the door to allow access to a remote assistant?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I've used it with Windows XP firewall in place, and it works fine. I read somewhere that Windows handles the firewall issue automagically.

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J Wright
15 Jun 2006

On many occasions I've used Netmeeting to remotely control Windows machines. Even W95 machines may be able to run Netmeeting 3.1.

After connecting via my static ip address, they click Share, Desktop, Share, Allow Control. I request control, and the allow. It's that simple! Without a static ip address, I would just give the client my current ip address through email, or on the phone.

Posted by:

Alan Thornton
15 Jun 2006

Thanks for this tutorial, Bob. You make a somewhat complicated process simple.

As a side note, when supporting someone regularly (think parents) it can be helpful to set them up with winvnc or tightvnc in listening mode when you are at their site so that you can provide maintenance and updates on a regular basis without having them jump through any hoops.

Posted by:

15 Jun 2006

The Free version of has been very helpful supporting a distant parent's computer. LogMeIn has basically replaced VNC but I still have it installed on both computers as a backup. I've used both of these versions successfully.

See and

Posted by:

15 Jun 2006

Something worth mentioning is that I have never been able to get this to work through a router without serious configuration issues. One wat around this is to have them install the free Hamachi ( VNC application.

Posted by:

Ed Gold
15 Jun 2006

Thank you very much for this tip. My cable provider has used this type of technique to remotely troubleshoot my computer, but now I will have the ability to use the same technique to assist some of my friends who are occasionally in need of help that I can provide. It's amazing what's on our computer that we have no idea exists there. Thanks to you, one more hidden gem has been uncovered.

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16 Jun 2006

I love helping computer users by way of remote assistance, but, so often I get the error message, "A Remote Assistance connection could not be established. You may want to check for network issues or determine if the invitation expired or was cancelled by the person who sent it." I haven't yet figured out the cause. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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17 Jun 2006

I'm concerned about Spence's comment and RVChris's comment. I would love to help my blind friend with some of her computer issues. But I'll be working through a router on my end. Will I have troubles with that? I would hate to talk her through starting up remote assistance, only to find that it didn't work on my end. Anyone have advice for me?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I suggest (free version). All she does is one small download and a few clicks, then you can login to your friend's PC remotely, without any action on her part.

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18 Jun 2006

It would be a lot better to connect the two computers without using the internet.any datacomm program like telix, hyperterminal, crosstalk, supervoice etc that connect thro a dialup modem and a telephone line for the chat mode would be lot more safer.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Not necessarily... it would be painfully slow over dialup to do remote desktop. And since encryption is being used on the Internet route, why would it be more secure to do dialup?

Posted by:

Kiwi Dan
20 Jun 2006

For those questioning it working through firewalls/routers etc. I have just tested this sending an invite from a machine that has ZA free on it that is plugged into a router. I sent the invite to my gmail address and then actioned the invite from a laptop which is actually plugged into the same router so maybe I am only really testing it from within the LAN. When sending the invite, I got the usual questions from ZA about allowing remote assistance to do it's thing. I said yes and it worked a treat - now like a true geek I am sitting using/browsing on my other machine from my laptop.

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20 Jun 2006

Hmm, I am also get the error about Host Name being resolved. If anyone could help me out with this, I would greatly appreciate it. for some help.

EDITOR'S NOTE:Is there a software firewall on either end? If so, turn it off...

Posted by:

19 Sep 2006

Bob, you have made easy what sooooo many have worked hard to make difficult. I have waded through half a dozen How To’s on Remote Assistant and always gotten stopped because the directions and the program didn’t match. I was able to connect on the very first try and could help my daughter with a PC problem she was having. And I agree, use the email connection method, it is much easier than Messenger IM. Thanks again!

Posted by:

SEO Pakistan
08 Nov 2006

Very nice explanation and knowledgeable comments. I haven't ever used WinXP Remote Assistance and was wondering about its security and privacy issues. Any comments in this regard.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm sure it's as secure as your own computer. Take all the usual precautions, anti-virus, anti-spyware, physical security and passwords.

Posted by:

27 Nov 2006

You rock!

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02 Feb 2007

Which solution you recomend if one PC is win 2000 and the other a XP?

EDITOR'S NOTE: is another good solution

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27 May 2007

I get the same message as RVchris when I try to connect to a friend's computer. I have tried all the suggestions like enabling remote assistance, etc. Any help would be appreciated.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Try (free version) if Remote Assistance won't work.

Posted by:

28 May 2007

I have the same response as rvchris. Did chris get this on Logmein? or through windows? Did he ever get the issue resolved. I haven't yet.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Logmein may be easier for some people to set up. I'd try that unless you're paranoid about giving a third party access to your datastream.

Posted by:

31 Jul 2007

Thanks for this great tutorial. Is there a way, knowing the IP adress, network, complete computer name, that I could access my home computer (from work or university) without having someone needing to click yes? This would be helpful for me because during day-time there is no one able to click, and it would save time instead of going back home? thanks

EDITOR'S NOTE: Try the free service.

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19 Aug 2007

Not sure if anyone addressed Chris' issue, RE: I get the error message, "A Remote Assistance connection could not be established. You may want to check for network issues..."

You MUST (thanks to MicrosoftWisdumb) set up Remote Assistance first on both machines. On Windows XP, go to My Computer, Control Panel, System, Remote tab, check the box(es), Click OK. Before you can help someone, you have to walk them thru these steps in order to successfully connect.

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