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14 Jun 2007

A friend of mine invited me to Facebook but I declined. For one, the user agreement states that anything you post on there is their property. So no biggy for personal photos but be careful about your work. It also requires you to give personal information like your age and keep it accurate. Theres a lot of information on 3rd parties that is anything but transparent.

"We may use information about you that we collect from other sources, including but not limited to newspapers and Internet sources such as blogs, instant messaging services and other users of Facebook, to supplement your profile.... We may share your information with third parties, including responsible companies with which we have a relationship."

Data mining by 3rd parties has taken place and the News Feed evidently reveals stuff you've set to private, so nothing is really private that you post there. As a student tool for socializing - great. But be careful haw far you take what you put up there.

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14 Jun 2007

I've only recently become aware of Facebook and am setting up an account there, though since my high school no longer exists, I didn't graduate from college and have always worked in very small offices, my immediate frustration is the difficulty in finding people, since there appears not to be a good "search" option. E.g., I hear that several politicians have started Facebook accounts, but I don't know how to find them.

My second problem is one that will probably not be solved for a long time -- finding Facebook members in my age range >60. Maybe I'm too hip for my peers!

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14 Jun 2007

I have recently been bombarded with "so and so " has added you to facebook and asks me to reply. I have never heard of any of these people. I am thinking this is coming from political candidates?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Probably nothing political... sounds more like spammers trying to build a large list of "friends." You can find out for sure by visiting those profiles...

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11 Oct 2007

Bev said
"My second problem is one that will probably not be solved for a long time -- finding Facebook members in my age range >60. Maybe I'm too hip for my peers!"
Not so! It's cool to find another savvy senior. Lots of Over-50s subscribe to Bob Rankin I'd bet, and Demystifying Digital has an entire monthly column and blog without trying to sell one single thing) about techno stuff for us babyboomers. I'm going to sign up for face page today and see what I find - I'm 58 and a Digital Grandparent.

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08 Jan 2008

Facebook is lots of fun. It's manageable not like myspace!

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27 Apr 2008

I have signed up for facebook and tried to log on, but whenever I do it takes me too http://www.facebook.com/select_network.php .

At the bottom it says Facebook requires all members under 18 to join a high school or college network. When I go down and hit High School, nothing happens. How do I get to the main site?

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09 Aug 2009

How do I type a little heart into my status?

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20 Nov 2009

To get a heart in your status you have to use 2 keys To get a heart in your status you have to use 2 keys

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dellone gondwe
28 Jun 2010

my face book account is not well may you help me

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04 Aug 2010

every body i had forget my facebook pass word so please tell me how to i get my password and i know i can get but if you help me so please help me okkkkkk

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28 Dec 2011

I forgot my facebook password. My hotmail account has been hacked and had to change to Yahoo. How do I get a new password or change my password? New email account is dollarxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com

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