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26 Sep 2007

I love facebook, especially because it has such a high level of privacy. As for applications, my favorite is Scrabulous. At any given time I have 4 or 5 scrabble games going. It's fun, but still a little buggie. However a quick refresh usually corrects the problem and lets me play on.

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Yancey Grantham
04 Oct 2007

I designed my applications to be very user friendly and useful to Facebook users. In My Life you can answer daily questions about your life. With Outrageous Questions the questions are thought provoking in a different way.

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31 Oct 2007

Facebookster - provides a full range of facebook application strategy,design, development and marketing for your business.

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19 Mar 2008

i have a website and i want a face book application that redirects me to my site through face book how can i do that?

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23 Nov 2008

I just received a virus warning when clicking on a Where I've Been map. I do not recommend this application.

Also, my previous entries just disappeared. Very discouraging after the time spent making the entries.

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10 Mar 2009

I was a (member) of facebook, but I cannot (operate?) it, or any other problem I cannot use thise resoursefull site. Can you give any clue?
Sorry for the inconvenience.

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17 Mar 2009

If I stay on face book long enough usually about 15 minutes or so, my internet explorer stops working and restarts itself. What should I do to see what the problem is? It has been doing this for several days now.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Maybe your computer is trying to do you a favor? :-) Do you mean that IE shuts down and then restarts? Or the computer restarts? Check for viruses and malware to start...

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04 Aug 2009

I can't access to facebook.com from my office and it's driving me nuts. Can i play pets in my space then send a gift to my pet in facebook?

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27 Dec 2010

just made a handy app that let your friends help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions! Check it out at: http://apps.facebook.com/newyears-resolution/

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Robin Brazeau
29 Jan 2011

I want to delete most of the "apps" from Facebook. I've tried them and do not like them now they are stuck in my favorites. How do I delete them. No clue on this end. Please resonde Facebook Robin Brazeau Thank you.

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24 Mar 2011

Even though I am new to Facebook even I figured out how to remove apps. Just go to the apps Facebook page and under where it says add to my favorites click remove app. Then check you apps and make sure it is gone. If not then click the remove x on the right end of the app description.

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