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Lonnie Futrell
14 Jul 2008

The Faxaway service is not free. When I applied on-line, they sent me an email requesting that I send them a photo copy of a credit card (front and back). Their FAQ indicates that they charge $1.00/month to maintain the basic account.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Whoa... that must be new. Good catch. I've updated the article with a caveat.

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Leo Feret
15 Jul 2008

Windows XP and Vista Ultimate have a free Fax Service built in - you finally have a chance to use your dial-up win/fax modem again for free Faxes up and down. Works great for the occasional Fax user. I just split my home phone line to the phone and the PC modem and have the phone answering machine set for 3 rings and the Fax for 4 rings. When I'm expecting a Fax, I just turn off the answering machine and the Fax is automatically answered. No third party involved, and no potential Internet security problem either.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Well, you still need a phone line and a fax modem that way... Also you can't get a fax when you're (a) not expecting it, or (b) not home. But if it works for you, that's all that matters.

Posted by:

16 Jul 2008

Bob; I always find Tourbus useful. I had eFax a while back and went over the maximum, which resulted in needing to pay for the service. I went to their link in Tourbus. It doesn't look like they offer the free incoming faxing anymore.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, they still do. From the EFAX home page, click Products, then click Limited Account.

Posted by:

16 Jul 2008

Another free faxing resource is at

Posted by:

Pete Wells
16 Jul 2008

Call Wave also offers a for fee inbound fax service. This is a companon to their service that is similar to land line "call waiting" by sending a taxt message to a cell phone and, for dial up uses, a voice mail system when the computer is logged in.

Posted by:

16 Jul 2008

Are there any security issues with sending/receiving faxes via email? For instance, if you put a whole bunch of personal information, say an apartment application(or anything with a Credit Card Number), into a fax, and send it across the internet... what are the changes someone could open the attachment and lift personal identity info?

EDITOR'S NOTE: It would be the same as sending an email... which is basically no security. I'd send the fax and then call the recipient with the credit card info.

Posted by:

16 Jul 2008

eFax is also no longer free. There was no longer a "Limited Account" mentioned, and the least expensive option was $16.95 per month. So maybe you can help us find another free inbound fax service?

EDITOR'S NOTE: The free option is still there. Click PRODUCTS, then LIMITED ACCOUNT. Or the direct URL is

Posted by:

David Watts
17 Jul 2008

jConnect ( or or also offers a free receive-only service. I've been using it for years.

EDITOR'S NOTE: J2 also owns eFax...

Posted by:

Barry Didier
18 Jul 2008 offers a free incoming fax service. Incoming faxes are sent by pdf to your email account.

Posted by:

15 Sep 2008

You may receive your faxes for free with service.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Popfax does offer a free trial, then it's 5.49 USD per month.

Posted by:

15 Oct 2008

Hey, I found another one -- you can receive faxes for free. Thanks

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21 Oct 2008

I've been a user of eFax's free service since 1999 and through two phone number changes. It worked well for me since I receive like 2 or 3 faxes a year. However, two weeks ago my service was curtailed without notice because my SPAM filter (at the ISP level) marked their 3rd party advertising emails as junk mail. And wouldn't you know it, one and a half weeks, I had a fax sent to me.

I'm not sure if my original "eFax Free" service is the same as the current "Limited" option, but check the terms to make sure you don't lose out without notice.

Posted by:

04 Nov 2008 did the job for me as I only needed an incoming fax number. Thanks!

Posted by:

Ron McLendon
20 Dec 2008

Neither K7, eFax, FaxDigits, nor JConnects are free. I cannot find any free inbound services.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Here's the link once again for the FREE eFax account:

Posted by:

01 May 2009

I just signed up for's free inbound fax service. As I'm on linux, I was concerned I wouldn't be able to view the proprietary .efx file format. But I sent a msg to cust.

service explaining my concern, and they changed my format to .tif, easy to view Linux. Professional. Their web interface

(what they call eFax Message Center) is nicely done: uncluttered and functional.

Posted by:

23 Jul 2009

One note of caution... eFax has good service, but LOUSY support systems. God help you if you ever cancel your account, because they will NOT stop billing you. I had to contact their president TWICE about billing issues. They claimed inefficiency but it was starting to seem downright fraudulent.

So, my advice is if you use eFax, stick with the free service, and find someone else if you need a paid subscription.

Posted by:

11 Oct 2009

I used k7 to receive faxes for several years, but a hidden caution (it IS stated in the fine print, but...) is that if you don't receive a fax within any 30-day period, they cancel your personal fax number. So, there were 2 instances when there was no occasion for incoming faxes, and it took me over a week after the 30-day period ended to find that my number wasn't mine any more. That's a big pain, since many people had my number. I even used calender reminders to make sure I sent myself a fax every 3 weeks, but forgot just once more, and there it went again.

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10 Dec 2009

I have been using eFax inbound fax for years. It has been free. However, I don't receive many faxes. I just got a new computer and their software is not compatible with Vista 64 bit. I cannot find a free inbound fax service for the life of me. I do use to fax outbound. You get up to 2 - 3page faxes per day. there are other services that offer this also, so if you have more than that look for them on the internet.

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30 Jan 2010 is no longer a valid website

Posted by:

30 Jan 2010

I need a local fax number for inbound faxing. I don't want to pay long distance when I fax myself files which is often. Are there any free fax services that provide local numbers?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Not that I know of... you could always move to the area where your free fax number is assigned. :-)

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