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Bob Rankin
20 Oct 2011

All I can say is, “Wow, what a ride!” I have been riding the Tourbus since 1997. The Internet Tourbus was the very first newsletter I ever subscribed to, shortly after getting my first computer up and running. It remained my most valuable source of information ever since. I’m sure that you and Patrick taught me everything I know about computers, if not directly, you taught me where to go to learn more about what I needed to know. I’m also sure that you two guys turned me on to every cool web site I’ve ever clicked on and which fill my favorites warehouse—in fact, you even taught me how to book mark. I remember that clearly. And Patrick taught me to beware of squirrels. I’ve had to purge newsletters for shear time considerations many times since 1997, but never were either of your newsletters even considered, because of their immense ongoing value to me. And one final thought, Bob: If there is ever a Newsletter Hall of Fame, The Internet Tourbus absolutely must be inducted in the first round. Otherwise, I would hope that they hear from all 80,000 riders you have so conscientiously and consistently driven through the vast space we call cyber making it possible for us at any level to make sense of it all. God bless you, Bob, and Patrick, too, for all you mean to us.
-- Joey H

Just got my email about the Tourbus coming to its final stop. It has been a wonderful ride, Bob. I have been riding The Bus since it first pulled out of the station all those years ago. I remember well the Squirrels and the Snickers! :) And I remember well the ASCII art bus at the head of each newsletter. Thank you SO much for helping little ol' me (a 64 year young lady) get such a great start into the wonderful world of computing! I have become a bit of a Geek, I must add, and YOU and Patrick taught me quite a lot! I even remember writing to you years ago and telling you that I thought the Tourbus was the greatest thing since the invention of toilet paper! You even printed that! :) I loved the "Southern Werdz" thing too, and even had some of my own "werdz" included. Best of luck to you in all of your ventures, Bob. I will continue to watch for my "Ask Bob Rankin" newsletters and continue to share them with my friends.
-- Donna Sue

I have been following the Tourbus for a long time, can’t remember how long now! I learned a lot from the newsletters and still enjoy the AskBob newsletters that you send out. Thank you!!
-- Deirdre H, United Kingdom

I've been a TOURBUS rider since '96 and have looked forward to both the information and your musings about the quality of things we find in cyberspace. All the best to you and I'll toast with a Snickers as you close this chapter. See you on Ask Bob Rankin.
-- Richard

Sorry to see the end of an era! but at least I'll still hear from you via the askBob site :-)
-- Cathy T.

I'm really sorry to hear about the tourbus turning towards the scrap heap and finally grinding to a halt. I have been following the ride from the very beginning and you - as well as Patrick - have really helped my quite a lot to move from "gopherspace" via the "WWW" to the "Web 2.0" and beyond (and I have even bought a couple of your books, which wasn't that easy in the pre-amazon times. A lot of things have changed during that long ride - amongst them my email address(es) ... ;o) Rest in peace, Tourbus - you won't be forgotten.
-- Wolfgang, Austria

Sorry to see the Tourbus come to an end. It has been a source of great news and information over the years and I have benefited in many ways. Good luck with the future.
-- Dan N, South Africa

Bob, many, many thanks for your great work on Tourbus. I truly appreciate the quality of your advice as well as the quality of sites referred to in your newsletter. I have gotten a GREAT deal out of your work. Two thumbs up, waaaaay up.
-- David

Thanks for a good run. You really kept me informed in those early days.
-- Deborah B.

Thank you very much for all these years of continuous support to us all without being computer experts, we are daily users of this technology. In my case as dedicated to Medical Physiology, since 1995, I found very useful all that we provide. I'm registered to your new website and will remain a regular visitor. Congratulations on the enterprise and again thanks.
-- Galo P, Ecuador

I have been a subscriber to Tourbus for a long time now, and being a 'newbie' when I started I have found it to be probably the most helpful source of news and more importantly, operating information that I have has access to. Thank you for all your efforts to provide such an excellent source of info, guidance and assistance over the years. I wish you well for the future - I'm sure you will be successful in whatever you do, if Tourbus is taken as the exemplar of your achievments!
-- Steve G.

And THANK YOU Bob. The world runs on generosity more than it runs on gas, and you and Patrick have kept it in such a healthy state. Much appreciated and I wish you so well in recovering from those other space-grabbing intruders.
-- Christine K, Australia

You informed us of the final stop of the Tourbus and, albeit being a bit weepy, I wanted to thank you (and Patrick) for all that work you've made to make internet a better place! As you can see, I've been a loooong time subscriber, and although being an IT pro myself, I always read Tourbus with pleasure and interest and I recommended it countlessly... THANK YOU!
-- JMJ, France

Although I have been with you from the beginning, my eyes are welling up at the loss of your outstanding Tourbus. I'm grateful you will still be there with AskBob, but there's something about 1994/95. It was kinda the start of the www revolution, and, along with you, I jumped in with both feet. I wish you well, my friend, and will see you on the other page.
-- Daezy

ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU, BOB. You are the real deal. XO
-- Carol

Thanks, Bob, for such sensible advice over several years which has given an oldie, coming very late into the computer environment, so much confidence to push the buttons without fear!
-- Austin N, England

It was a great ride, Bob. Thanks for taking me along. I learned a lot and am sorry to say goodbye. I bought my first home in July 1995, and have just sold it--it closes tomorrow. So you and I had a beginning, an ending, and a new beginning on almost exactly the same days, 16 years apart. I was in my 30's then and am in my 50's now (turning 55 tomorrow.) It was a profound, unforgettable season with great sadnesses and incredible joys, and I leave it behind with bittersweetness. May God bless us both in this next season.
-- Jody E.

Bob, I've enjoyed this for quite a long time. So sorry to see it go, but I certainly understand your reasons. Just know that your efforts have brought a lot of enjoyment (here in London, UK). And yes, I subscribed to AskBob quite a while ago., so I'll still be getting your pearls of wisdom! Good luck in all you do.
-- Peter, London UK

Bob, when I saw the words "The Final Stop" I knew what they meant and I actually teared up, I am too bloody sentimental. Thank you for the long nice ride on the Tourbus and all your hard work through the ride. Time has flown, hasn't it? And we are definitely living in a time of changes now, they seem to be happening at a more rapid clip than the "old days". I have signed up for your Updates and will call it Tourbus Jr. Thanks for your work and caring about your passengers, we care about you and say "hi" to Patrick for all of us. Yours has always been the best free help around bar none, and we are very lucky to know you. The best of everything to you and keep the bus rolling.
-- Bette V.

For a while now I've been receiving Tourbus AND AskBob. It makes me sad that Tourbus has to go, because I've been pasenger for a long, long time, I even remember it being made up in ACII only, even with the little squirel in ASCII ;-). But I do understand why it has to go, and of course I'm not at a loss computerwise in the future, because you remain my comfort and support as AskBob. And by the way, thank you for all that. My computerlife is safer, leaner and meaner thanks to your ongoing tips, trics and support. Simply GREAT!
-- Titia, The Netherlands

I'm one of the folks who have been with you for a VERY long time and am sad to learn that Google and AOL have forced you to look elsewhere for your livelihood. I worked for SERVE, the Southeastern Education Laboratory, when we were demonstrating on-line services for schools using a long phone cord from the superintendent's office to reach a conference room so people could see the "magic" of interactive computing. You and Patrick provided wonderful educational information to teachers at the statewide educational computing conferences throughout the Southeast. I still chuckle at stories about the Alabama squirrels! I have been a subscriber to "Ask Bob" for some time and look forward to your timely newsletters - especially information on new developments in the computing world. Best of luck as you transition into the next phase of your career.
-- Nancy V.

Just wanted to say thankyou so much for all your hard work on Tourbus over the years. I can’t remember when I started subscribing but it must have been in the late 90s. I have often referred to your articles and am most appreciative of having a reliable source of advice for dodging the spammers, phishermen and virus-writers. I like and will always remember your definition of spam: “a luncheon meat with the shelf-life of gravel”. I have just subscribed to AskBobRankin :o)
-- Sally C

I'm one of the veterans, enjoying your generation long contribution. Thank you for your efforts. Your working was an endless source of information. I'll miss it.
- Ran C, Israel

Thank you so much for your devotion to this wonderful publication, Bob. I’ve learned a lot and gotten tips I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.
-- Carolyn

I feel I've known you from the beginning, like a brother. All along my course of internet, you have helped me stay virus free, gave me websites that were also informative and all the rest. Always interesting, with a good sense of humour. I have enlisted to askbob and wish you all the best in the future.
-- Diane M

Just had to say THANK YOU for years of you Internet Tourbus - as a UCSD class of '87 EECS geek - turned professor - turned full time mom - I've enjoyed the ride. I wish you much, well deserved future success!!
-- Kathy

I've received the tourbus for a very long time now and thank you for it. I enjoyed what you and Patrick did over the years and learned quite a bit, for which I thank you. Keep up your good work and good luck with the "new" work. It was especially helpful way back when my wife returned to college to get her degree at age 50 and I had to figure out how to get online with a dial up from 60 miles away when the college's servers were overwhelmed with young people.
-- Bill S

Thanks so much for 16 great years. I started riding the bus soon after it started rolling. You and Patrick were, and you still are, single-handedly responsible for enlarging and informing my virtual online "life." Thanks to you, I tried AltaVista, then the Google search engine for the first time. Thanks to you, I found a cool gift for my hubby's birthday--the Ion USB turntable. Thanks to you, I know how to keep my computer healthy. And on, and on. Thanks again, so much.
-- Susan P

Thanks for all that you did over the years, I was there for the squirrels, southern word of the day (yikes, that's going back in time!). I am already subscribed at "AskBob", see you there.
-- Nina

I'll miss riding the Bus, Mr. Bob. It's been an interesting AND informative trip. The least I can say is, "Thank you." You can bet the rent I'll subscribe to the ASK BOB UPDATES; I wouldn't miss it for a ride on a raft with Tom and Huck down the the Big Muddy.
-- Pat C

I have been on the Bus to my knowledge since the very beginning and have recommended ridership to many persons to whom I give presentations. Thanks to you, and Patrick, for many years of news and good advice. I will transfer right over to subscribe to your updates.
-- Bill

Posted by:

20 Oct 2011

At an ed conference, Patrick recommended your wonderful newsletter years ago! Just had to add my THANK YOU to the list! You have been wonderful and so very helpful! I am all ready following AskBob- so I won't get too teary-eyed here-but you truly deserve all the praise & appreciation folks have been expressing here!
Best to you in any and all of your future endeavors!

Posted by:

Donna Z
20 Oct 2011

Steve and Johnnie got me hooked on Website Wednesday Night. I have listened since the inception. You made me look so computer savvy. I would pass on the important stuff to my family. Your site I'm sure saved me from many possible meltdowns. Thank you for many years of assistance!

Posted by:

Kathy MacGregor
20 Oct 2011

Thank you for all your help in whizzing around the internet. I loved your quizzes and learned a lot in my searches.
Best wishes to both you and Patrick.
Kathy M

Posted by:

20 Oct 2011

: ( shock, horror - no more Tourbus, I started receiving your emails when I bought my first computer over a decade ago now and its like part of the program. Many thanks for all the information and the sites you've led me too. Will miss this email but so happy we will still get to hear from you.
Thanks millions

Posted by:

charles urban
21 Oct 2011

Thanks for the excellent Bus ride Bob...I have been a member since at least 1996 if not 1995. You have helped me through many tech issues and made me laugh and cry at some of the websites we discovered together.
Charly Urban

Posted by:

21 Oct 2011

Oh, no! Say it isn't so! I have enjoyed and forwarded your wonderful newsletter for many, many years. I too remember the squirrels, Irvine and Tuscaloosa happenings.

The Tourbus will be sorely missed, but the chance to continue receiving newsworthy tidbits from you in the future is comforting and most welcome.

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21 Oct 2011

What a ride, indeed!!! The Tourbus was the very first newsletter, that I ever subscribed to, back in Feb 1997. It was recommended by my dear friend Norm, who started me on the path of using a computer. He told me, that The Tourbus would be an excellent way to learn the Internet. He was right!!!

Through The Tourbus newsletters, I started learning how to use the Internet. The Tourbus would recommend a website and I would check it out. The Tourbus also, would explain things about the Internet, like Search Engines, Viruses, Software programs, that would improve your computer, so on and so forth.

Basically, The Tourbus took my fear away, about surfing the Web. It helped me gain confidence, in the way I dealt with computers. Even though The Internet Tourbus hasn't been published as much lately, I am forever grateful to both Patrick and Bob, for taking their own valuable time, to share what both had to offer.

I am just as grateful, that Bob is still doing Ask Bob Rankin!!! I dearly LOVE this newsletter. It keeps me up to date, as well as, reminding me of important things about basic computing, not to forget. I am STILL trying new programs, add-ons and apps, with Ask Bob Rankin. I look forward to every issue of Ask Bob Rankin.

Hail, Hail, Hail, to Patrick and Bob!!!

Posted by:

21 Oct 2011

Wow, I just today updated my website with the new tourbus url, and two days ago your stopped the Bus! I was on at the beginning, and it's been a great ride. Sorry it's ending, you guys were a lifesaver in the time when the web was just getting online.

I know it takes time, sorry you could not just move everyone over the mailchimp, and keep it going. I've signed up for the Bob newsletter, looking forward to it.

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21 Oct 2011

this week has been 'one of those weeks' where a keyboard I've used since BEFORE the tourbus -- and,of course has NO letters left on it and only a few numbers -- passed. I LOVED it's feel, it's touch, the way we communicated - I'd start a sentence and it would finish it for me, through 3 Masters and one Doctorate we lovingly caressed each other. My friend, Dell, needs a coup de gras for dignity if nothing more -- yet in that time, our family home has been built around - and a single shot in the dark would bring 30 double cop cars screaming down my drive way, and a call to dispatch to explain why there would be only a single shot would have me committed. So for all I've taken and you've freely given over the years, is there an address you are comfortable sending ME so I can make a special 'donation' for all of the students down through the times that you have helped through me? Even University Professors don't know all the answers, esp the good ones. Do you have such an address where memoriums can be sent as cash money?

I thank you in advance -- because I CAN - once every computer came WITH a keyboard, AND a mouse -- no extra charge! Only now, most don't work because my Belov'd Dell keyboard,like a Timex, took the lickin' -- and kept on ticking. Until a frantic 30 minutes ago. RIP. And that address for Memoriums????

Thank you in advance - paul Galioni Ed.D, D.D. (you see it WAS spiritual!)

Bob, serious about that address. thanks - paul

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21 Oct 2011

I have been on the tourbus from the beginning and it has served me well -- I cannot thank you enough for what you have done and what you continue to do. I am on your Ask Bob list and intend to stay with you as long as you willing to help us.

Posted by:

Jungle Lady
21 Oct 2011

I've been along for the ride for years.....and learned something from each and every newsletter!

I'll miss the Tourbus but at least I'll have your email updates.

Thank you for all you have done to help me, Bob!


Posted by:

Saul S. Rabia
21 Oct 2011

"What A Ride"
To be able to say: "I Remember When"
Thank you.
PS. I knew all about the Squirrels etc.
Hope they're all doing well.

Posted by:

Mike Petersen
21 Oct 2011

I've enjoyed reading all of the newsletters. It's a shame the bus is coming to a stop. You and Patrick have taught me a lot and I want to let you know I appreciate your sharing. As a teacher your site has been a great tool keeping me up to date with the Internet advances. Thanks for the ride!

Posted by:

Richard Eskins
21 Oct 2011

Thanks Bob, and good luck for the future.


Posted by:

21 Oct 2011

I wish you well. I have enjoyed your very useful newsletter all these years and look forward to the ASKBOB UPDATES.

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21 Oct 2011

Been subscribed to your Ask Bob blog for awhile, but the TOURBUS was one of the first newsletters I subscribed to when I first hit the highway in 1995. I've learned a lot over the years from you and will always chuckle when remembering the squirrel story.

Thank you is inadequate, but that's all I got.
Be well.

Posted by:

Jerry Freeman
21 Oct 2011

Thanks so much Bob! I've learned so much from your newsletters. Take care and may you have success each day in all that you do. Thanks again for a fantastic ride!!


Posted by:

26 Oct 2011

Thanks so much Bob for all Tourbus newsletters since 1995. They were very useful.
The Tourbus stop but I want to continue the way with your Askbob updates.

Posted by:

Karen Bushy
26 Oct 2011

Just a sincere 'thank-you' from an old lady who is loving the idea of learning about computers. You've been a great help - look forward to more good stuff on your other site.

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