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Ken Heikkila
01 Aug 2012

Here in the woods of South Central Wa I consider myself fortunate to get 1.5Mb DSL through Century Link lines. In fact I am fortunate when I do get it. Regularly drops to 300Kb & not surprisingly I get no rebate for those lost hours.

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Terry Edmondson
03 Aug 2012

I was surprised to read this morning of this latest innovation that I had previously heard only a whisper of.
I have always found reformatting my hard drive and downloading the updates for the operating system a pain in the posterior. With those kind of download speeds it could almost become a routine maintenance task. Well done Google.

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14 Jan 2013

I live in the Kansas City area and have signed up for Goggle Fiber. While many have said it won't really speed up web surfing, it sure will be nice with Netflix and other streaming.

As for the comment about apartment builidings, they will run fiber right to you apartment. From there it will use the normal coax cable you probably have already wired within your apartment. Goggle must also get the permission of the apartment owner before installing in apartments.

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30 Sep 2014

oh if only it was in Alto TX
moved from FL
have a server aray for the home
but only internet is over priced via SAT
wether takes it to almost nothing most of the time
no land lien
it ends at the nabors house
even if i was the only one to get it
i whoud be happy to pay 3 times what EXCEED charges or HUGES net
just to have real internet that will not falter
pleas bring it to the bibel belt
i need MORE POWER!

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