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07 Feb 2014

Fiber optic will be the future of Internet. Wireless satellite will improve ten fold. I also predict the internet access will be available to everyone free in the future. I have my whole city mapped for FREE Wi-Fi. Everywhere I travel I look at my map and park or visit places that have open Wi-Fi.

Also in home services we are forgetting the amount of download and upload allowed. Most companies offer between 150-250 gigs per month. CLAIMING average users do not use any more than those amounts. If you use more than the amount contracted your throttled meaning speed reduction is mandated in some cases your sent emails regarding your usage fees extra applied or warning you your service will be discontinued permanently.

Clearwire is one of those companies who shuts you completely down. At&T UVerse charges $10.00 per 50 Gigs extra if you go over their allotment. Comcast has a 250 gig Max allotment. So speed is good however check your allotment when contracting with any provider. They claim it keeps the internet for everybody to use equally.

I have had bad experiences with certain providers who have literally booted me forever for going over my allotted amount. Just by using Netflix on my home devices. Netflix has settings to be able to turn down usage. So you do not go over your allotment.

Personally if your paying for internet services due to graphics being higher in video and audio it should be just unlimited as they claim it is in their advertising. It's in the fine print, read your contracts, it all depends on your activity when using your internet paid for services.

J.Crowder Merced Ca

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07 Mar 2018

It's funny to read about this "new" tech in America. I'm reading and typing this on a FTTH in rural Thailand! Surrounded by rice, rubber tree, and sugar cane farms, we recently had fiber installed. Cost is prohibitive though; about $22/mo for a download speed around 20Mb/s. I actually did a fist pump when they turned it on and it worked. You can also get a mobile hotspot about the size of an old school cellphone that will give pretty decent speeds for about the same price. We use that when we're on the road. Great article as always Bob!

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