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04 Apr 2015

Thanks for the new info, Bob. I've used IE from day one. Never had any issues. Tried Chrome several times - resource hog - hated it! I use firefox now and then and I like how the bookmarking works. The single best feature of IE is "file-send-page/link by e-mail" use this all the time! ymmv

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Bob van Ruyssevelt
04 Apr 2015

I am frustrated by the incompatibility of different browsers with some web sites. I have been forced to change to Google Chrome in order to be able to use the website of my phone and mobile data provider and to use my favourite forums.

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04 Apr 2015

Catchy name, Spartan, but I suspect it might become known as Trojan. :)

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Stuart Whiteside
04 Apr 2015

If the address bar in Spartan is as hard for me to read as the current Chrome, it ain't for me.

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04 Apr 2015

Hi Bob, sorry to press the point but "comprise" as you have used it here is clearly indicated by Webster's as problematic, especially considering the word's etymology: to "consist of," so that you are in effect saying "The answer consists of equally of past and future." Note the awkward redundancy of the extra of.

Keep up the good work!

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05 Apr 2015

If previous experience of MS Windows product launches is anything to go by, Spartan (note - the name of a popular type of apple!) will be buggy, unfinished, launched before fully developed and replaced before it is ever working correctly.

Footnote - comprises. Webster's is an American English dictionary and thus not reliable for the English language, especially when it accepts current American grammatical errors as correct. Sorry, rant over!

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05 Apr 2015

So, Microsoft is getting rid of IE and using Spartan instead. My windows computer finally died, and I bought an Apple. So far, I'm satisfied with Safari.

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07 Apr 2015

Hi Bob,
thanks for the great content you keep putting out on a regular basis. I really enjoy your posts.

Personally, I think Microsoft is planning on a replacement for IE because IE has dramatically lost market share over the last few years. While their share was 65.4% in Jan 09, it fell to 19.3% by January this year. At the same time, Chrome rose from 1.4% to 48.1%, surpassing IE by May 2012.

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24 Aug 2015

Give me IE anyday over Chrome. Chrome's good for certain things, e.g., putting photos onto Google Pictures, but it really hogs the machine otherwise.

When I tried Chrome as default browser, I found it forever updating itself. A peek inside Task Manager often revealed it with 12 programs on the go, preventing anything else from getting a look in.

Anyone using an HTML extractor, quickly discovers what's going on inside Chrome. Trying to copy the HTML content from a Wikipedia page, say, one finds absolutely every line or part-line surrounded with an HTML tag with a pointlessly huge CSS style element running into 1000s of characters. The resultant HTML is simply colossal.

No such nonsense with IE. Furthemore, you can find things in the IE Temporary Internet Files. They don't become renamed to something totally meaningless, as happens with Chrome and Firefox.

It's pleasing to see IE's going to remain ... usable when necessary.

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