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21 Aug 2015

"Reading mode" works fine for me. The only thing that I find to be an extreme pain in the head is that I cannot import 'Favorites' - there is a link there for sure, but every time I try it I get a message that tells me "Couldn't import favorites".

Apart from that, I think Windows 10 is a huge improvement over 8.1.

Posted by:

Dennis Reynolds
21 Aug 2015

I for one love Windows 7, and have it on my desktop. I did however upgrade my laptop to Windows 10. Disable wifi sharing, and you can tweak other settings as well, and I've enjoyed using Windows 10 and Edge. So far, no problems. Like everything new, you have a learning curve. There's good and bad like every other browser and operating system. My first impression is that I like it allot !

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John F
23 Aug 2015

Edge definitely has potential. Liked it at first.. fast and memory efficient. Don't care about Cortana and other cloudy crap but ... NO BOOKMARK MANAGER...??? Really? I guess I'll stay with Chrome for now.

Posted by:

Norman Rosen
24 Aug 2015

Have Win 10 on a lap top. Your comments about Edge are correct, what a disappointment. I still can not get it to change the home page. I will keep Win 7 on my main computer for awhile longer. Truthfully, I see no real advantage to Win 10. I am not interested in tiles.

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Roy C
24 Aug 2015

Using W10 and Edge for nearly 3 weeks. No real problems except from Seagate who tells me their Seagate Manager Software for my FreeAgent external drive will not work with W10 -- recommends I use MS File History, or back up manually. (No promise of fix to their SW.)
Response to Nezzar re: Printing from Edge: Print Command is found in "more" (...) button at top right of page.
So far I really like W10 and Edge. Not using Cortana.

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24 Aug 2015

I like Windows 10 so far.
I agree with everything you have said about Edge. I get my searches from Cortana directed to Chrome.
Works fine..

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