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abby normal
23 Mar 2016

Own personal recommendation is, do what I do, and that is Use Nothing But Fictictious , phony and fake information! And I guarantee YOU will never hear from them again. Another way and I have been told this really works, ASK THEM NUMEROUS QUESTIONS, without giving them a chance to answer the first one! You can have a Lot of Fun. I do it once in awhile when I am Bored!

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Mary S.
23 Mar 2016

I joined Facebook to keep up with family members and friends who don't live nearby. There are also special interest groups I joined because of shared interests.

About six months ag, someone used my name to set up fake account, Thanks to vigilant friends, the fake was shut down in a couple hours.

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Sheri K
23 Mar 2016

This is a really good article, and really needed to teach people about scamming. I have been scammed by 5 people just since December. Once they realize they won't get anything from you then they move on. Some things I have learned from them is;They tell you how much they love you within the first 6 hours of meeting you, the way they write you can tell English is not their native language, they want you to send them either - very expensive item's, open a bank account, or give them your bank account information, or receive an envelope through a wire service and send it to someone else. When you ask them to talk on the phone, they come up with a lot of excuses why they can't talk. The best way to handle a scammer is to not let them know you are on to them and block them right away. I hope this helps someone!! Thanks for reading.

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23 Mar 2016

We all know that a fool and his money is soon parted I'm wondering how they ever got together in the first place.

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24 Mar 2016

"...if you dip into the gene pool 1.5 billion times, you’re bound to touch bottom."


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24 Mar 2016

Great article, Bob, and I have a question about it.

Was it a pure coincidence you knew someone with that name or was that person's friends list somehow compromised and everyone on it received the scam message?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I did have a friend with that name, and her account was compromised.

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