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12 Jul 2016

What's the point? What's the benefit to me? We keep hearing about distracted driving and how dangerous it is. Why can't we concentrate on driving and leave all the connectivity to your home or business where you might need a small percentage of the connectivity you now have. All of this at the end of the day comes down to how much money companies can make off your data or by selling you data. Whether it's just the cost of bandwidth or some other form, they aren't doing this for your benefit, it's for money. It's amazing how people managed to survive in the pre-smartphone era. If you don't update your social apps in the next five minutes, your "friends" might forget that you exist.

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12 Jul 2016

Good article on the corporate state mind. I wounder how we got this far without it. I concur with many of the blogs and do remember when I had no set destination and a love for the road,fresh air wind in my long hair back then. Today's generations have little knowledge of being disconnected and free.
Thanks, Phil

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12 Jul 2016

We need to allow the killing of hackers once identified. There is nothing that deters crime, like the death of criminals.

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Ron B
12 Jul 2016

Top Squirrel, re GPS, my wife and I call it "Lady Map" because it has a female voice and can't navigate.

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12 Jul 2016

This could lead to the police hacking into your car computer and checking your speed from their office then mailing you a ticket.

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13 Jul 2016

I won't be buying a connected car until somebody makes one in which the computers which control the car's driving systems are isolated from the computers which talk to the outside world. Who are the retards who 'thought' (and I'm using the word very loosely here) that giving outside agencies access to engine and transmission control, steering, braking, etc. lived in the same galaxy as 'good idea'?

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Howard L
16 Jul 2016

The world was a better place when cars had running boards and vent windows -- and no GPS.

Last winter I rented a house in Tucson, AZ. A talking GPS nearly drove me nuts until I figured out how to shut it off.

The GPS was possibly useful the first two or three times I had to navigate through a new neighborhood. Thereafter the voice would continue telling me to turn right, turn left, stop, etc., all information that any competent driver would learn in short order.

When I was in Death Valley National Park there was a ranger talk called "101 Ways to Die in Death Valley." Most had to do with extreme heat and getting lost. There's a new one: excessively relying on a GPS. Visitors were driving off cliffs rather than doubt the machine.

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24 Jul 2016

What fathead thinks it's OK to connect a car's control mechanisms to anything outside the car?
Are car companies hiring children?

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