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08 Dec 2018

Yeah, this piece sounds a little too Google friendly for me. Some of the arguments sound as opaque, and as biased, as a Snopes write-up.

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08 Dec 2018

Some have the need to believe in an external Deity.
This was the case back in the analog days, and now there are talks of 'digital religions'. Some go as far as calling google one of the prophets these digital religions.
Oh, whatever! You can go "search" the definition of religion yourself. Then, you can also make up your own mind whether Mr. Rankin belongs.
[Instead of ddg or google, I used for my search. I just hope that does not enter me thru the narthex of some other digital religion!]

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08 Dec 2018

Oh, I've noticed a marked difference in my search results. Where I used to get everything under the sun for results, they have drastically narrowed my results and where there were always multiple pages in the results, I'm finding that a lot of mine are just 1 or 2 pages now. And I keep my politics very low key. I guess the questions I'm asking Google are the "trigger". I don't even get good results from questions about the history of world events anymore.

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Ken Heikkila
08 Dec 2018

Thanks Bob for your continued efforts to dispel FUD!
From the comments it seems many of your readers agree with me, though there are still the conspiracy minded who couldn't live without the FUD.

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08 Dec 2018

@Ken Heikkila The conspiracy minded FUD can be put to rest if Bob would answer the question above regarding Google compensation.

EDITOR'S NOTE: As I said earlier, you can stop wondering. Google doesn't know or care what I write about them, be it pro or con. I've written positive things about Google, and no check showed up in the mail. I've written negative things about Google, and no black helicopters either. The fact that I choose to debunk rather than spread rumors does not make me a shill for Google. If you want my opinion, based on my research, stay tuned.

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10 Dec 2018

@Chuckles >> I am not understanding why Mr. Rankin needs to discuss his financial compensation with you (or us?)? Maybe you are thinking that you are entitled to a great FREE blog (and its funding details), which needs a cash flow to continue to prosper and somehow pay for all those Snicker bars.

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06 Aug 2019

Do I really care if Google 'targets' the ads it shows me based on my browsing history? Why on earth would I? Saves me looking though a plethora of ads about stuff I have no interest in, for one thing.
As for picking up my physical address from my IP address, that's a real laugh. Because I have a router/cable-modem, the nearest most searches can get is to the cable company's node some fifteen miles away. On the other hand a weather app on my phone places me in my neighbour's houses either side - but never mine!
I love technology when it works, but as yet, AI isn't good enough to worry me. The only ones who ARE worried either have something to hide, or see conspiracy in everything from government to grocery stores. Keep your tinfoil hat on, guys

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