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The stories of Jessica Lunsford and other abused children make we wonder if my child is safe in our neighborhood, and on the Internet. I've heard that people can use the Internet to find out if there is a sexual predator living nearby. How can I get access to such a database, and can you give me pointers on how to keep my child safe on the Internet?

With so much recent news coverage of child abductions and crimes committed by sexual predators, there is increased focus on public access to sex offender databases. Fortunately, the Internet can help you determine if there is a dangerous sexual predator living in your town.

Most U.S. states have searchable offender databases online, which you can find here:

I asked my teenage daughter if she had heard of this registry, and she said "Oh yeah, a former teacher at my elementary school is in there." We looked him up, and sure enough, he's in there with a mugshot, current address, along with the make, model and license plate of the truck he drives.

Outside the USA

For Canadians, the news is less encouraging. In December 2004, the government announced SOIRA, the Sex Offender Information Registration Act, and a National Sex Offender Registry. Unforunately, this database will only be accessible by police agencies.

And in the UK, a project known as ViSOR (Violent & Sex Offender Register) is currently being rolled out, but will be accessible only by law enforcement. Here's a link for more information:

In my research, I found that some local provinces, counties and cities do have online searchable databases, so even if there is no national registry or database in your country, your local officials may be providing this info either online or by request.

Internet Safety Tips

Surely you've heard stories about kids who met someone online, decided to meet them in person, and it turned out badly. It's so important to tell your kids to NEVER reveal any personal information without your permission. My friend Joel Comm has written an ebook called "Internet Safety Secrets" which is being offered as a free download. I recommend that you read this guide if you have kids with access to the Internet.

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Most recent comments on "Sex Offender Databases"

Posted by:

Angie Bline
16 Dec 2005

I just discovered your site while searching for info on the "red X". Kudos! Anyway, there is a WONDERFUL place to find exactly where sex offenders live, anywhere in the USA. It's called Family Watchdog. All you have to do is type in an address and all offenders are represented by a dot on an area map. If you click on the dot, their picture, offense, etc. comes up. Just thought people would like to know. Thanks for your help!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Wow, that is really cool. The website is at

Posted by:

alex mclennan
29 Apr 2008

The majority of the people in this country[england] believe we should have access to the sex offenders register.We had a friend which we had known for nearly ten years who would visit on a regular basis,we heard a rumour of abuse.

So i asked our social services,4 months later i got an answer,but only when i asked the question correctly that it would be advisable to break all links to this person.

But there was no reason given,not knowing is worse than knowing because the innocent can be accused falsely.

Posted by:

R Irvine
02 Nov 2008

The link on this page is no longer valid. PITO as an organisation no longer exists.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Thanks, I updated the link.

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