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Two-way video phones have been just around the corner for about 40 years. I've officially given up waiting on Ma Bell to provide this feature, since you can get free video chat software that works over the Internet. Here's a roundup of free video chat solutions you can try now...

Free Video Chat

Which Free Video Chat Software is Best?

Free video chat programs have revolutionized modern telecommunications. While video phones used to be the subject of science fiction stories, today they are an inexpensive alternative to landlines. To use these programs all you have to do is sign up for a free video chat account, download the associated software, hook up a webcam to your computer and follow the dialing instructions. Optional: fix your hair and straighten up the bathrobe.

Skype Video Chat

Skype Video Chat One of the most popular free video chat programs online is Skype. Skype allows you to make free voice and video calls to people around the world. To use this program you will need to sign up for an account, download Skype software, click on the "Call Phones" tab, enter the phone number that you want to dial and click on the green call button. This program will allow you to resize and move the Skype screen, and it will also allow you to IM during your call session. A great feature of this free video chat program is that there are versions of the software that are compatible with iPods and iPhones, so you can go mobile with your Skype calls.


Oovoo is another very popular free video chat program. It works with both Macs and Windows and it will allow you to both send and receive video messages. What is unique about this video chat program is that you can connect up to six people with a single video call. This makes it a great option for video conferencing. Another great feature is that you can add an Oovoo button to your blog or online profile to encourage your contacts to contact you via this platform.


CamFrog video chat Camfrog is a free video chat program that currently has over 30 million registered users. Like Oovoo and Skype, it provides users with the ability to take part in free video chat sessions. It can be used with Windows or Macs, there is no spyware or adware embedded in Camfrog's software and the site provides you with a user call directory and chat room directory to make connecting with other users easy to do. If you are interested in additional call features you can purchase the Pro Upgrade for $49.95. This upgrade will allow you to open up to 100 video chat sessions at once, as well as provide you with an expanded list of features.

Gmail Voice and Video Chat

If you are a Gmail account holder then the Gmail Voice and Video Chat program is a good option for you. It works with Windows XP and later versions and with Intel Mac OS X 10.5 and later version of this operating system. The perks of this program are that it is a small file that can be installed in a matter of seconds. You can access your Gmail video chat sessions through your Gmail email or through a Gmail chat session.

Video Chat With Your IM Client

Some of the more popular Instant Messaging (IM) programs have video chat features too. If you use Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger, or AIM Triton, you can have an audio/video chat session with your IM buddies.

Do you use video chat? What's your preferred solution? Post your comments or questions about video chat below...

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Most recent comments on "Free Video Chat Programs"

Posted by:

04 May 2009

I like Skype. Though it might be wise to make sure readers know that calling regular phone numbers on Skype isn't free, and that it's only free user-to-user.

Posted by:

04 May 2009

I'm a satisfied Skype user and use it to communicate with my daughter who is attending college on the opposite coast.

I believe that Skype only allows you to connect to other Skype users. Do any of these other products allow you to connect to people using a different video chat client? If not, this could dictate which program you decide to use.

Posted by:

steven richards
09 May 2009

Vzo chat is a virus according to my antivirus

Posted by:

Ken Laninga
13 May 2009

I like SKYPE VERY much but version 4 .......... ouch! BAD, imho. I deleted it and found that they still have an older version which I got and installed that again.

Posted by:

Reno Ron
13 May 2009

Skype. Phone and video calls between here and my brother in Australia just keep getting better in quality.

Posted by:

13 May 2009

I use Windows Live Messenger for my video chats with my father cross-country. It was already installed on our computers, and we each use it for IMs with others as well. It seems to work very well for our purposes. I have not tried any other programs, but Live seems to work well enough for us.

Posted by:

Stuart Berg
14 May 2009

I've found that SightSpeed ( has far better video quality than Skype. Motion is much smoother, not jerky like Skype. In all the PC software reviews I've read, SightSpeed is rated best.

Posted by:

14 May 2009

Skype is more than simply a video chat program. It's functionality and add-ons grow all the time. You can make Skype to regular phone calls at a very low rate (i.e. $3/month unlimited calling in North America). In addition, you can purchase a phone number in another country. My wife's family lives in Brazil and we have a phone number there which costs us about $30 a year. They can then phone us for the cost of local call for them and nothing extra for us.

At work Skype's add-on can be really useful. Especially free file/screen sharing applications like Inner Pass. Why pay for expensive video conferencing solutions when you can do it for free on skype. It is definitely worth checking out.

Posted by:

28 Aug 2009

I am having a problem in the program opens Camfrog

Posted by:

13 Apr 2010

iChat works best on my Mac, great video quality compared to Skype, and more functions such as direct sharing presentations and photos without file transfer... love it! Too bad it's Mac only though..

Posted by:

13 Aug 2010

Are video frames being saved on a pc when using a webcam? About 10-15 yrs ago I had a webcame and it always saved a frame in a hidden file. Does the new webcams do the same? I like skype.

Posted by:

13 May 2011

What do you think about Microsoft purchasing Skype? Do you think that Microsoft might turn it into another one of their money-grubbing, over-bloated, pieces of software, and offer an online IT course, for a bloated fee, about how to operate it?

Posted by:

21 May 2011

When you sign up for Skype, you grant them permission for "the Skype software to utilize the processor and bandwith of Your computer". Now Microsoft has purchased Skype. All the big kids on the block want all your info so they can sell you something, all the bullies on the block want to steal that info for their own agendas. On a trust scale of 1 to 10, I give the big kids a .05. I am not a tech, but I love my privacy so I hunt for those user friendly third parties to help me defend myselp against both. The hunt goes on and on and on. I rely heavily on your site and the comments post, thank you Bob

Posted by:

05 Mar 2020

All above apps are good for social and casual interactions. But for business video calls, I would recommend using apps like webex, gomeetnow, gotomeeting, R-HUB HD video conferencing servers etc. They work well.

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