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Geek accessories are rapidly overtaking power tools as the preferred gift for guys. Yes, as humanity evolves geeks are actually gaining an edge in the breeding department over cavemen. And there are plenty of girl geeks too! Odds are there’s an accessory geek on your current gift-shopping list. Here's where to find the best geek gifts and accessories...

Geek Accessories and Gifts

Geek Gifts and Accessories

The accessory geek is easy to buy a gift for, because everything geeky that turns him on is available online. Geeks love to tell each other about the latest, coolest geek accessory they’ve found – they earn geek points, count coup, or something, every time they’re “first” to tell their fellow forum members, “How cool is that?” Many Web sites are devoted to helping geeks impress, inform, and inspire one another with the latest geek accessories. is perhaps the biggest and most famous accessory geek forum. While it’s run like a magazine – with editors, writers, etc. – most of its news tips come from its audience members. You can find the coolest earbud headphones; clothing made of flexible circuit boards; USB-powered coffee cup warmers, martini shakers, and just about anything else; all sorts of geek accessories. Most of the reviews (or regurgitated press releases) on include links to pages where you can buy the items reviewed. is an online store for all sorts of geek accessories. Its major categories include cases for devices; battery chargers and batteries; data cables; antennae; charms – shiny little things that dangle from cell phone cases, laptop bags, and perhaps body orifices. Headsets; Bluetooth headsets; and iPod accessories are also popular categories, or at least prominent ones.

Cell phone accessories, batteries, and signal boosters are can’t-fail gift items. Cell phone accessories and batteries are grossly overpriced so most geeks hesitate to buy them for themselves even though they want or need them. That’s the perfect gift!

More Great Geeky Gifts

Oh, and I dare not write about geeky gifts without mentioning, which offers "stuff for smart masses." If you know someone who is passionate about technology, computers, science or gadgets, you will find something very cool at ThinkGeek. They have a large selection of geeky t-shirts, geek toys, USB gadgets, computer accessories, and other fun stuff that's guaranteed to please.

“Aw, you shouldn’t have spent so much on me!” the geek cries in delight. He doesn’t need to know you got it on eBay for the minimum bid, with free shipping.

MP3 players are still a popular geek accessory, especially for the hard core maverick geek who would not be caught dead with the same iPod that “everyone else” carries. If your geek has a Microsoft Zune or Creative Labs MP3 player, a silicone rubber skin or hard plastic case is a perfect gift. Little rhinestone-covered panels that glue to blank spots on MP3 players add the bling that urban geeks admire. MP3 memory chips in larger sizes are always appropriate.

Every accessory geek has an insatiable appetite for video game accessories: the latest souped-up controller, wireless of course; a game CD case big enough to hold the Library of Congress, on wheels if possible; a black nylon mesh game, controllers, CDS, and accessories case with more pockets, cut-outs for ports, and Velcro fasteners than a commando’s combat uniform.

Gift certificates are for those who need something to give at the last minute. Fortunately, there are sites like,, and others where you can find links to current, printable coupons for Dr. Pepper, the Jim Beam of geeks; and various energy drinks, tostado chips, and other geek cuisine.

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