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Is Windows really more secure than Mac and Linux? Can you text a full-grown Bengal tiger into your living room? And why does Facebook want you to call 911? Get answers to these burning questions, and the scoop on the latest tech news, in this edition of the Geekly Update. It's guaranteed to make you 146% smarter. Read, think and comment!

The AskBobRankin Geekly Update

The National Vulnerability Database is a government research resource that details reported security flaws in operating systems and applications. Surprisingly, it shows Microsoft Windows is more secure than Mac OS X, Linux, or iOS.

Speaking of operating system vulnerabilities... Windows XP's market share is growing, despite Microsoft dropping all support for the antiquated OS in April 2014.

Get anything by texting… it's magic! Mike Chen is a serial entrepreneur who wondered what would happen if he created a service where anyone could send a text, and get whatever they wanted. He created Magic, and found out. Now he just wants to sleep.

Geekly Update - 03-04-2015

LinkedIn has settled a lawsuit that claimed its substandard security allowed the passwords of 800,000 U.S. “premium” subscribers to be stolen and posted on a Russian hacker site. The career network will shell out only about a dollar per affected subscriber, and agree to beef up its security “for at least five years.” No doubt, Russian hackers have already circled the date on their 2020 calendars.

When Uber meets UPS you get… waffles? is another “sharing economy” mobile platform that connects people who need things delivered with people who are coming their way, for fees starting at $8. The iconic restaurant chain, Waffle House, is offering Roadie drivers free food and meeting places in 2 States.

"A dish served cold..." Craig Brittain, former proprietor of a “revenge p**n” website, filed a DMCA takedown notice with Google demanding that certain traces of his repulsive past be expunged. Google is ignoring him.

“Android for Work” is Google’s new toolkit for corporate IT that enables secure deployment of corporate apps on users’ personal Android devices. It includes contacts, mail, calendar, and browsing functions too.

Facebook wants you to call 911 if you suspect someone you know is contemplating suicide. Then Facebook wants you to notify its team of trained experts who will refer the person to suicide hotlines and (most likely) insert ads for antidepressant drugs into his/her newsfeed.

A Russian billionaire has automated the payday loan scam, deploying ATMs that can issue micro-loans with 730% annual interest rates in 15 minutes or less.

"Yo, soy!" Google has paid $25 million to be the exclusive registrar of the top-level domain .app, which makes more sense than some of its other acquisitions, such as the .how, .foo, .minna, and .soy domains.

Last year, New Hampshire became the first State to outlaw ballot selfies, photos taken of oneself holding a completed election ballot. Now three people are suing in federal court to overturn that law, citing free speech issues.

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Most recent comments on "Geekly Update - 04 March 2015"

Posted by:

Ken Mitchell
04 Mar 2015

"Ballot selfies"; Yup, that's absolutely illegal. It provides a proof of how you voted, or THAT you voted. It's illegal everywhere to pay for or sell your vote.

It's even illegal for you to get a discount for HAVING voted - for example, restaurants are banned from giving a discount or freebies to people who have those "I Voted Today!" stickers on your shirt.

Posted by:

05 Mar 2015

The Magic app instantly reminded me of the old Robert Heinlein story "We Also Walk Dogs."

Yes, there is a limitless appetite for convenience...

Posted by:

05 Mar 2015

The top article about the comparo results of OS security vulnerabilities was a total shocker to me! Thank you for the post and the link!

Posted by:

David Guillaume
05 Mar 2015

Just because Microsoft wanted everyone to dump their faithful old XP home and XP Pro systems whilst trying so hard to convince XP users en-mass that the world would end overnight unless they bought their latest do it all computer whose screen looked more like the front of a photographic album when first switched on.

They overlooked the fact that world wide there were tens of thousands of XP business and home users who were not going to scrap their reliable XP software just because Microsoft said so.

It would appear that Microsoft gave no thought to the cost of upgrading for large companies with hudreds of computers running XP, let alone the very large home user market. No wonder Microsofts new toy became a sales mans nightmare within just a few days.

Well I am sticking with my XP pro and at my age of 76 I do not think that I will be upgrading from a software system that I understand. For some new toy just because Microsoft wants me too.

My XP System plus 18 gigs worth of programs boot up in 43 seconds, jsut tell me why I should want to upgrade? Oh by the way I have two fully cloned XP Systems on brand new hard drives, just in case soemthing does go wrong in the future.

Posted by:

Jackie Countryman
05 Mar 2015

I am new here and look forward to learning about computer things. I have a 2008 Lenovo IdeaPad Y510 that has XP and I am so glad to know I can keep it running. I am an unwilling computer user that loves technology but dislikes its' frustrations sometimes. I hope your newsletter and info help me here. Thanks!

Posted by:

Greg Paul
05 Mar 2015

I have Windows XP on one PC and Windows 7. I actually prefer XP over Windows 7. Microsoft made a great product when they wrote XP. I hope they decide to write an updated version of XP. Thousands of business users would prefer it.

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