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If a monkey uses your camera to take a selfie, who owns the rights to the picture? Are dogs blowing the whistle on ultrasonic attacks against your voice-enabled appliances? And what is the simplest way to file a small claims suit against Equifax? Get answers in today's Geekly Update -- it's jam-packed with the latest tech news. This issue is guaranteed to make you 146% smarter -- you'll see why. Read, think, and, comment!

The AskBobRankin Geekly Update

Apple curiously announced both the iPhone 8 and the iPhone X on September 12th. The $999 iPhone X has no bezel on the front, and a glass back which enables wireless charging. But will it crack, like the front of so many earlier iPhone models? And will the removal of the Home button and new "swiping" interface upset users? We'll find out when Apple starts shipping it on November 3rd.

While on a trip to Indonesia in 2011, wildlife photographer David Slater left his camera unattended. A macaque monkey named Naruto found it and took a picture of himself. Slater claimed rights to the "monkey selfie" photo, but PETA sued on behalf of the animal. The case went all the way to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, but was settled on Monday.

A new socially aware robot can move swiftly through crowds without bumping into people. Fine, but does it know how to avoid eye contact in elevators?

Geekly Update - 09-13-2017

Would you pay one dollar to find out how many other people have paid $1.00? A new website bets you would.

No, Google Drive is not being discontinued, as some tech headlines have erroneously claimed. But there are some changes you might need to be aware of. See this C|Net article for the scoop on the future of Google Drive.

Shiva Ayyadurai, the only person on Earth who thinks he created e-mail (instead of Ray Tomlinson), had his libel lawsuit against Mike Masnick, founder of media site Techdirt, dismissed. Kind of an interesting story.

The latest improbable attack on your Alexa or Google Home voice-activated intelligent speaker is ultrasonic noises that are decoded into recognizable speech by the devices.

John Deere just spent $305 million on a startup machine-vision company that may help Deere reduce herbicide use on farms by 90%. The prototype looks at plants as it slowly crawls over them and delivers a precision shot of herbicide only to weeds or dying plants.

Here’s a little-known Google Image Search feature that can help you find millions of royalty-free images for brochures, logos, and other commercial applications.

Bicyclists ask why cars are not designed so that unlicensed drivers cannot drive them.

A new website helps consumers file small claims court suits against Equifax. With just the answers to a few questions, it completes the appropriate forms and lets you download them. Filing in small claims court does not disqualify claimants from class action suits, in most cases.

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Most recent comments on "Geekly Update - 13 Sep 2017"

Posted by:

13 Sep 2017

Clicking on the link about Equifax alarmed my anti-virus as a threat to my desktop. FYI.

Posted by:

13 Sep 2017

I sat on my phone and took a picture. Can't recognize who it is so who owns the picture???

Posted by:

13 Sep 2017

Monkey rights?!? Another reason not to donate to PETA.

Posted by:

13 Sep 2017

And that my friends is why we call it the "9th Circus Court"

Posted by:

13 Sep 2017

I live in Oklahoma, filing a suit in small claims is not a hard process. If you, the plaintiff, if you "win" what you sued for or a portion, Oklahoma law for small claims states just that, "you won" the court does not or will not make the defendant pay, all you receive is the judgement, not the dollar amount. That's one state out of 50, and our territories.

Posted by:

13 Sep 2017

Thanks for the information regarding the free to use pictures. Much appreciated.

Posted by:

anthony giambra
14 Sep 2017

There is one thing the internet has proven, that the human race is in SERIOUS trouble, because EVERY article proves are messed up in the brain people are.

Posted by:

14 Sep 2017

Something tells me that could be the last time an animal is given credit for taking a picture - whether true or not.
Maybe I'll sue my cat for stepping on the delete button and erasing about six hours of work and name Peta as a co-defendant - if the statutes of limitations hasn't passed.

Original site:
Copycat site:

Posted by:

14 Sep 2017

I would think if a monkey took a selfie with my phone first it would more likely be a mistake,. and second it's my phone so it would be mine.
How would the monkey prove that he/she or any one
prove that the monkey took the selfie..... :-)

Posted by:

Anthony Edwards
15 Sep 2017

I was interested to read the article about monkey rights. In the joint statement by David Slater and PETA, they referred to "non-human animals". Are there human animals also then? (Don't answer that question - I'm sure we all know some!)

Posted by:

15 Sep 2017

Donating to PETA is an intelligence test. If you donated you failed.

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