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Has Star Trek's transporter beam technology finally come to real life? What new gadget will your cat be attacking in 2022? Should you be concerned about Wandering Meatloaf in your neighborhood? And are rocket scientists really smarter than everyone else? Get answers in today's Geekly Update... it's jam-packed with the latest tech news. This issue is guaranteed to make you 146% smarter -- you'll see why. Read, think, and, comment!

The AskBobRankin Geekly Update

Hologram tech may soon replace video calls. Portl's life-size 3D hologram lets a person "beam down" into a remote glass portal where they can see, hear, and talk to people in the room. The portals cost about $60,000 but they can be rented for "considerably less."

IBM and Samsung say their new VTFET chips are twice as fast and use 85 percent less energy compared to existing FinFET designs. The VTFET chips could enable a mobile phone to last a week on a single charge.

This just in from the "I Can't Wait For the Cat To Knock This Thing Over" Department: LG's new “StanbyME” is a battery-powered TV perched on a stand. The 27-inch wireless TV has about 3 hours of battery life, and can be wheeled around on its height-adjustable stand.

A vulnerability has been found in Log4j, a widely-used open-source software module in corporate environments. Security experts say the flaw could enable devastating cyberattacks and millions of devices are at risk. So what else is new?

Geekly Update 12-15-2021

The first episode of HBO's new "Sex and the City" reboot, "And Just Like That" portrays the death of Mr. Big after working out on a Peloton. And just like that, Peloton stock price plummeted.

"Alexa, what did she get me for Christmas?" Amazon's Alexa-enabled Echo smart speakers can tell you when a package has been delivered, as well as revealing the contents. To stop the digital tattletale from ruining holiday gift surprises, you can turn off package notifications on Alexa.

The James Webb Space Telescope set to launch soon this month is equipped with an array of high-tech cameras and sensors that will shed light on some of the mysteries of our solar system. It can look far beyond the reach of the Hubble space telescope, to probe into black holes and other mysterious structures that will help scientists better understand the origins of our universe.

The popular phrase “It’s not rocket science” implies that rocket scientists are the smartest of all professions. But a study by the University College London research ethics committee has called into question whether aerospace engineers really are smarter than neurosurgeons. The result of the study is good news for the rest of us: "Both specialties might be unnecessarily placed on a pedestal."

Artificial intelligence software has used photographs of five murdered women and generated animations designed to warn others about abusive relationships. The videos portray the women telling their story with voices being provided by actresses.

And finally, we're Just Here For the Headline: "The Teeth Of Wandering Meatloaf Contain a Rare Mineral Found Only In Rocks"

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Most recent comments on "Geekly Update - 15 December 2021"

Posted by:

15 Dec 2021

No, rocket scientists are not smarter than everyone else, at least not smarter than Ask Bob readers who increase their smarts by 146% with each reading of a Geekly Update.

Like compounded interest, my compounded smarts, increasing since Tour Bus days, must be off the charts.

Posted by:

Karl Gregg
15 Dec 2021

Sorry Bob, here's one that slipped your eagle-eye!

the reach of teh Hubble

Posted by:

Michael McQuown
15 Dec 2021

On the morning's CBS news, it was reported that while rocket scientists had no special smarts, neurosurgeons had the edge in speed of thought. Nice to know when you're in the hospital.

Posted by:

Sharon C Scian
15 Dec 2021


EDITOR'S NOTE: Sure, it's a combination of enable and finagle. :-)

Posted by:

Peter Oh
15 Dec 2021

"look into black holes"
No not possible, nothing including light can escape a black hole.
More likely the JW telescope can can capture light from jut outside the event horizon.
And rocket scientists are smart if you compare with the population average. I'd guess both neurosurgeons & rocket scientists are in the top 2.5%.

Posted by:

William Weaver
16 Dec 2021

Anyone have a spare $60,000 can send me a box!!!!

Posted by:

Ruth C
16 Dec 2021

"HBO's new "Sex and the City" reboot, "And Just Like That" portrays the death of Mr. Big after working out on a Peloton."

Thanks for the spoiler Bob! Haha. I hadn't watched it yet. Oh well. :-)

Posted by:

Tony Hackett
16 Dec 2021

Hi Bob
Have just put a 480Gb ssd drive costing 37 pounds into my Dell Vostro which originally came with MS Vista os with 4Gb memory back in 2007. The Win 10 came from the Microsoft you recommended a while ago and appears to be free and without conditions. This now goes faster than when new! Boots in about 20 seconds and is lightning quick - wow! Will be doing the same on my other computers. All made possible by following your advice over the years. Please let me know how I can buy you a drink!
With much apreciation, Tony Hackett, Worcestershire UK

Posted by:

17 Dec 2021

Regarding the "Wandering Meatloaf" in my neighborhood ... I'll do anything for love (but I won't do that).

EDITOR'S NOTE: Good one! :-)

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