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There's so much happening with computers and technology. How do you keep up with all the latest cool stuff without getting information overload?

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I understand your dilemma... With the ever quickening pace of new technology and online trends, it can be an overwhelming task to stay current. Did you hear about the sunglasses with a built-in video recorder? How about that service that converts your incoming voicemails to text and forwards them to your email? What's the latest in the Blu-Ray versus HD saga? And is there a way to get automatic deliveries of toilet paper and dog food?

As you might imagine, there are quite a few websites devoted to technology, gadgets, and the future of computing. But I've found that by focusing on a select handful, I'm able to stay up to date and keep an eye on future trends that relate to computers and the Web. Here's my list of the top technology sites... read on and get your tech fix!

TechCrunch - If you want to get the latest and the craziest news about new products, this is the place to be. is a blog which profiles and reviews new internet products and services. You'll also find news about existing companies that are making a significant commercial or cultural impact on the Web. There are numerous busy forums and a Company Index listing the companies that have been profiled.

Lifehacker - Want to know how to keep your computer running and functioning beautifully? Want free tips on accessing banned sites? Then Lifehacker is for you! Lifehacker is not about breaking into top secret government computers. A "hack" is simply a clever way of solving a problem, so life hacks are all about personal productivity, solving problems in non-obvious ways, and organizing your life, your data, and the information that flows all around you. Whether you're into Windows, Mac or Linux, you'll find interesting tips, tricks and time savers at Lifehacker. The site is updated numerous times every day, so visit often (or use the RSS feed) to catch it all.

Boing Boing - The website describes itself as a "Directory of wonderful things." Boing Boing serves up interesting articles on technology, science fiction, gadgets, futurism, intellectual property, and politics. Boing Boing was founded by Mark Frauenfelder, a technology journalist and ukulele player. It started as a print magazine in 1988, evolved into a website in 1995, and moved to a blog format in 2000. According to various sources, Boing Boing is one of the top ten blogs, as measured by readership.

Engadget - If you want to know what's new in gadgets and consumer electronics, Engadget is the place to visit. This award winning site covers major news about consumer electronic goods and the latest gadgets in the market. You'll also see comments on rumors floating about in the technological world, such as speculation as to when a new version of software will be released, or what nifty features will be in the next personal portable mobile digital phonecamera thingy. Engadget launched in 2004 and is published in both blog and podcast formats.

Gizmodo - Here's another site for the gadget geeks. A recent post featured the Microsoft Mobile Memory Mouse which has 1 gigabyte of storage inside. For some reason, this brings to mind a scene from the movie Zoolander... If this site seems somewhat similar to Engadget, you're not imagining it. was a started in 2002 and was edited by Peter Rojas at that time. Later, Rojas was hired to work for So there's a healthy professional rivalry between the two sites.

Slashdot - It's a technology related news site with a not-so-subtle nerdy flavor. In contrast to the other sites I've mentioned, which have their own staff of writers, Slashdot relies on its readers to submit news. The editors then accept or reject stories, and readers post comments which are moderated to prevent abuse and spamming. Items are awarded points, which controls whether articles move to more prominent places on the site. Subject areas include Apple, Books, Developers, Games, Hardware, Interviews, Linux, Politics, and Science.

Ars Technica - is latin for the "art of technology", and the editors believe that technology is the art at the forefront of our changing world. They specialize in analysis of technology trends, and provide expert advice on topics ranging from business to gaming, hardware & gadgets, and "law & disorder." If you're passionate about technology, and enjoy becoming a part of the story, you'll enjoy the Ars Technica community.

Do you have a favorite technology-focused site? Tell me about it, and why you think it's noteworthy.

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Most recent comments on "Get Your Tech Fix"

Posted by:

Bill Hunter
12 Sep 2007

What about Digg? I sometimes find it useful for finding tech news and quirky sites.

Posted by:

Chris T
12 Sep 2007

I've spent a little time on Digg, but I've always come away with the feeling that most of the people visiting the site are teenagers with too much time on their hands, or spammers who are trying to game the system.

Posted by:

Bob Deloyd
14 Sep 2007

I visit Digg almost every other day but have to wade through all the garbage to get anything useful. Way too much iPod this and iPhone that; if ya know what I mean. But still I come away with something most of the time.
Engadget is about the same.
Lifehacker is the best overall I think! It is a great site!
Boing Boing kills my dialup, so I go there maybe once a week.
I get Slashdot by email. I used to read the replies to the posts, but they started getting stupid and too large to get anything useful with the time involved to go through them. is a Do-It-Yourself Blog that really kills my dialup, but is well worth the wait for it to load!!!

Posted by:

14 Sep 2007 which is an aggregrator of news from popular websites including social networking/web2.0 sites

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