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I've read your articles about the best sites for public school students. But my children are young and I'm considering home schooling for them. Can you recommend any sites with good resources for homeschooling families?

Home Schooling

Best Sites for Homeschoolers

Yes, my own children were home schooled for the first few years, so this is a topic in which I have some interest. According to the National Home Education Research Institute, there are over two million homeschooled children in the USA, and this number is growing by 7 percent per year. If you are currently homeschooling or are considering it, here are some resources that you'll find useful:

  1. Is Homeschool for You? - This article on can help you make the decision as to whether homeschooling is the right choice for your family. It discusses the time commitment, financial issues, socialization concerns and other factors.
  2. New to Homeschooling? - The venerable site has an article that addresses this question, a Frequently Asked Questions section, and a Quick Start eKit with information and materials that will help you decide on a homeschooling approach. Worth a read for those considering home education.
  3. Homeschool World - The official site of Practical Homeschooling magazine offers articles, homeschool forums, links to homeschooling support groups all over the world, and a Homeschool Mall with curricula, software, books and training materials.
  4. Homeschooling Supply - offers over 20,000 discounted items in every subject. There are also books, music, and learning-videos for parents who want to teach but are not well versed in particular areas. Also included in their inventory are electronics that are not only fun but educational as well. And if you are not quite sure you want something in particular, there is always a suggestion or two in the same category.
  5. Homeschooling - This site was founded by a couple in Australia who have 5 children, all of whom they taught in their own house. With 20 years of experience behind them, their manuals and lessons on phonics, math, English, spelling, society and environment are right on target. Designed for preschoolers up to high school, they also provide testing materials and curriculum guides.
  6. HSLDA - The Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit organization which defends the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children. The HSLDA site provides links to organizations, legislation, forms, with both state and federal information. The site also provides legal options and invites users to register in case there is ever a problem with local authorities. You can find information on how to legally home school in any state in the USA, and links to connect with national, state, and local support groups.
  7. Discovery Education - is one of the best sites we know that is geared towards your children’s minds. With lots to do for any age group, it features free brain boosters, learning adventures in the form of games, science projects, and a huge animated clip art gallery. This site also sells software for parents who want to create their own puzzles and has a myriad of links for homeschool sources.
  8. Dr. Shawn - is practically the king of the Science Fair. He not only offers free projects for public schools students that are often award winners at local and state fairs, he also has those for homeschooled. He also has tips and tricks to keep your child’s scientific undertaking from blowing up in his, her, or your face.
  9. Teachnology's Lesson Plans Center has over 30,000 free lesson plans for teachers and home schoolers.

  10. Allied High School - Finally, when your teens get to the point that their knowledge is beyond yours, online institutions such as Allied High School offers homeschool custom curriculum, and promises self-pacing whether slow or fast, flexible scheduling, and personal attention for your child with counselors and instructors available.

Home schooling is not for everyone, but Moms and Dads with the desire, patience and fortitude to homeschool are to be commended.

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Most recent comments on "Top Ten Sites for Homeschoolers"

Posted by:

14 Sep 2007


I commend you for giving a nod to homeschoolers in your Back To School section of the latest TOURBUS. You have an interesting collection of sites for homeschoolers, but most of them seem to be commercial. I recommend the National Home Education Network (, Anne Zeise's site (which is commercial, but she is on top of her game and she includes information about all types of homeschooling), and Home Education magazine These sites give people a broader view of homeschooling and provide links to support groups for homeschoolers of all stripes.

Posted by:

07 Apr 2011

Really nice bob. Your information have really assisted my research. A new homeschooling will be launched its Ahsan American High School:

Our tuition will be negotiable because the purpose of the school is to make a difference. I really found HSDLA interesting. But I don't think they partner with home schools do they?

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