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Rising oil prices and increasing travel demand spell higher costs for your summer vacation. But online travel booking services still offer good deals; you just have to search harder, or use an online travel service to find that flight, hotel or rental car at the best possible price...

Book Your Vacation Online and Save

The big four online travel booking services are Orbitz, Travelocity, Expedia, and Priceline. Star Trek fans know Priceline as the place where you "name your own price" with encouragement from "The Negotiator," William Shatner. The other three booking services follow the more traditional take-it-or-leave it pricing scheme.

The catch with Priceline is that you don't know exactly what you are buying until the price you name is accepted. You can specify the dates between which you are willing to travel and the general areas of your origin and destination. Then you place your bid. If it's accepted, you pay the price and then learn which airline, what time, and what airports are involved. Flexibility is a must, obviously.

The other three major online booking services let you specify airport, dates, and times. Then you get a number of flights that meet your criteria, ranked from lowest to highest fare. However, not all fees are included in the fares, so the differences between them are only approximate. Airlines are not the only travel option you can book online. Cars and RVs can be rented at the same sites mentioned. Ocean cruises and European train tours are available, too. Tips that can save you money when booking travel include:
Online Travel Booking

  • Booking three weeks in advance to get the lowest fare
  • Flying during the middle of the week rather than on weekends
  • Considering multiple-stop flights, not just non-stops
  • Exploring bundled travel packages that include rental cars, hotel rooms, attraction tickets, and other features.
  • Check all of the major travel sites, not just one. They often offer different prices on the same flight.

More Tips For Savvy Vacationers

In addition to sites that let you book travel directly, there are many search engines which specialize in finding the best deals on multiple booking sites, such as Others specialize in packages to meet various tastes. will help you get the best deal on air travel in a foreign country, by searching local airlines you may never have heard of.

Check the price of your flight even after you book it. Sometimes, the price will drop, and then you may be eligible for a refund of the difference, always in the form of vouchers for future travel. However, most airlines charge a re-booking fee, so you will have to weigh that against the potential savings. will track a flight that you've already purchased and sent you an email alert if the price drops. is your gateway to over 130,000 hotels around the world. Frequent travelers can earn a free night's stay after booking ten nights through this site. Recently, I was traveling with my family from New York to South Carolina, and by the time we hit Richmond, Virginia, we were ready to stop for the night. The exit was 5 miles ahead, so I logged into on my Droid, and quickly found a great deal that saved me about $75. (Just in case you're wondering, I was in the passenger seat.) specializes in small B&B accommodations. connects you with homeowners willing to rent their homes for weeks or months at a time. lets you find and book a bunk in a hostel.

Do you have any money-saving travel tips? Post your comment or question below...

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Most recent comments on "Save Money With Online Travel Booking"

Posted by:

20 Jul 2011

If comparing prices of travel or hotels, on several different sites before returning to book the cheapest or best deal, always clear your cookies otherwise the site will know you have been checking previously and will automatically add a % to the previous price.
We checked prices from UK to Canada via Holland and when we went back to book the best price it had gone up £25 per ticket. I cleared all the cookies and started again and got the tickets at the original price.
This has also happened with motor insurance, too.


Posted by:

20 Jul 2011

I have had bad luck with - While traveling with business colleagues,our reservation at a hotel booked through by another colleague was not honored because they claimed a credit card had been declined. I re-booked the rooms on my card directly with the hotel(at a lower rate than the rate). Later we learned had charged my colleague's card and we were double billed for the rooms. never refunded the charges. I will not use their service again.

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