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My screen flickers - messages jump up and down. I checked with the AOL techs and they told me to increase my art capacity (or something like that) so I did. That corrected the problem. Then I signed on to a newsletter service and I was required to permit cookies and the fluttering began again. What is causing this?


I'm sure the problem has nothing to do with your AOL software, and there's no way browser cookies could be involved. Most likely your monitor is going bad. Flickering and discolorations on the screen are tell-tale signs that you're going to need a new monitor very soon. If you want to be sure, borrow a monitor and try it on your system. If the flickering stops, your monitor needs to be replaced.

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10 Aug 2005

This could also be your video card not putting out a sync signal your monitor likes. If you have a friend with another computer, try testing the monitor on that.

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10 Aug 2005

Hmmm...this might sound crazy to the techies out there. But is your A/C or some other power hungry "not normally on" appliance running on the same circut. Even Central Air cycling the heat exchanger or compressor might cause a voltage drop that might make a screen wiggle or jump.

Posted by:

19 Aug 2005

How about the refresh rate? I had a new monitor once that couldn't tolerate anything above 60 and it was set to 70 if I remember correctly... flickered like crazy until I changed the rate. Just a thought - you may still need a new monitor.

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26 Jan 2008

My screen has been doing the same thing on the internet only and I can not shut the internet down. I emailed Logitech because I think it has something to do with my mouse. My email in outlook does not work when this happens and it will not let me click on anything to highlight it. I have a brand new monitor so I know its not that. If you get an answer I would love to know why..

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17 Jul 2009

In all likelihood, this has nothing to do with any hardware issues. I too have AOL flicker (after being signed on for a while) w/ IE8 and it only affects the AOL tab, none others that are opened. This didn't happen with AOL 7. I'd sure to know exactly what changes she made to initially solve the problem.

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