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I'm thinking about selling some stuff on eBay to make a little money for the holidays, but my previous attempts to sell on eBay haven't worked out very well. Can you give me some power tips for eBay sellers to help me succeed?

eBay tips for sellers

Tips and Tricks for eBay Sellers

Looking to make some extra cash? eBay provides a number of ways for you to sell products or services quickly. It's become one of the largest online marketplaces for several reasons. First, almost anyone can use it, making it an even playing field for the small, one-person seller as much as it is for a big corporation. Second, eBay helps you promote your items, and you can take advantage of certain eBay features to control and predict your success. Third, it saves on the cost of owning a website, marketing, and much more. You pay only the minimal fees eBay states on the website.

You can take advantage of this great opportunity by doing several key things. You will probably want to sell the item fast, and probably you want to sell the item at the highest price you can get for it. Here are some eBay seller tips to get you started.

Check Your Timing

If you were selling a used car, you'd be more likely to sell it, and get a good selling price, if you parked it on a busy street. Likewise, if you're an eBay seller, you want your auction to end when the greatest number of people are browsing and bidding against each other at eBay. So, to get the highest prices when selling your items at eBay, schedule your auctions so that they appear on the first page of eBay at the busiest times at eBay. There are some exceptions, but in general you'll get the greatest number of bids and the highest selling prices if you schedule your auctions to end during the peak eBay traffic periods on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Research Is Key

Research can come from looking at eBay itself. Don't just look at current products and see what similar products are selling for now. You can check with eBay to see what products have sold for in the past, as this is a more accurate look. Just because something is up for sale, doesn't mean it's selling. Just because someone placed a bid for $10 on a pair of jeans, doesn't mean it sold for that.

Some people wait to bid at the last minute, so you can get a more accurate idea of bidding prices when you use the Completed Listings check box feature in the advanced search features. To learn more about completed listings research, visit: http://pages.ebay.com/help/find/questions/search-completed-listings.html

Sell Quickly

If you need money quickly, you can change the number of days your bids are up. You can place the bid date as low as a couple of days. This encourages bidders to act now. You can also put up a Buy It Now button with a set price. This feature allows you to set an ideal price, and people can purchase the product outright instead of having to wait until the bidding is over.

Photos Are Everything

No matter how beautiful your description is, more products are sold based on pictures. Take plenty, at different angles, close up, and make them clear. Use a white background for dark objects and plenty of light. Use a dark background for a white object, etc. All eBay sellers know that if you want to sell anything, the photo is the most important part of it. Even eBay offers assistance on how to take better pictures on their website.

If you're an seller and you have a slow Internet connection, or if you use a telephone dial up Internet connection, you'll want to check out BidRobot's free auction image hosting. BidRobot Image hosting uses a unique web tool that will compress and resize your images on your computer BEFORE uploading them on the Internet. This saves you time when uploading and the hosting service can save you a dollar or more per listing compared to eBay's image hosting fees.

If you have quite a few items to upload, try the eBay Turbo Lister, a free tool to help you upload or edit items in bulk.

Start Small, Build a Reputation

If you're a new seller, many bidders might not give you their trust yet. Sell a few items at low prices and give your all to quality when you first start out. Offering lower prices on a few of your products at first will encourage bidders to purchase.

Be honest with what you have. It's better to be honest about it in the notes about dents or damages, than to have it come out in the rating and comments section. People reading such things in the review section will be glad you were honest, and they will praise you even more if it was better than described.

Forget the Small Stuff

Don't bother with products that sell for less than a few dollars. Also, do research on every item that you own. If people aren't buying what you're selling, don't bother putting it up for bid. You'll pay a lot in eBay fees when you list items that aren't selling, and you'll lose money on a deal if you sell stuff for only $1.

And finally, be honest about shipping. Accurate shipping rates are often what bidders are looking for. Smart bidders know that it doesn't take $10 to ship a paperback to the next state. Offer alternative, lower cost shipping if possible, offer to let the buyer pick up if local, and get approximate, realistic shipping costs. If you don't know, buy a metered scale from your local post office. This will help you save time and your customers will be happy knowing they aren't getting ripped off on shipping charges. USPS offers a tool to help customers figure out their shipping costs.

Starting out selling on eBay takes research, patience and keeping a cool head. Find out what products are selling for, offer accurate shipping prices and strait line deals, and people will be happy to buy from you.

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Posted by:

26 Nov 2007

Bob, Once again, your insights are right on target! I read both eBay articles, and now feel more confident jumping into the eBay selling pool. Thank you!

Posted by:

26 Nov 2007

IMHO, You may want to check out others. I.E. onlineauction.com, Because unless your items are good sellers you could pay a lot in fees for nothing.

Posted by:

17 Mar 2009

If you're selling, set up a paypal account, and let buyers use it. It costs you a bit more, but you get instant guaranteed payment.

Posted by:

09 Jul 2009

Bob wish I had read these tips before I lost money and time with my first few eBay listings! Was disconcerted at first but after getting a hang of it, it has become the great eBay solution!

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