Fiddling While Your Hard Drive Crashes

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After reading about the sounds that a dying hard drive makes in Click of Doom, long-time reader MmeMoxie sent me a link to something absolutely hilarious. It's music based on the sounds of hard drive failures...

I'll let MmeMoxie set this up in her own words. From her first note about the Hitachi website with the "dying hard drive" sound clips:

Here is a website, that has 6 different .wav sounds, for those who would like to hear what a dying hard drive sounds like. The first four sounds are different types of "head damage", the fifth is a "slow spindle motor" and the sixth and last one, my personal favorite, the "head stuck to the platter - Phaser Noise".

The next day she wrote back about a contest to create music based on these sounds:

I wanted to share something else with you, that I found extremely interesting, when I was searching for the Hitachi webpage. One of the Google listings on the results listings, was this page:

Hard Drive Dying Dance Track Winner - Gizmodo

Now, this title alone, simply intrigued me, "Dying Dance Track Winner"???!!! I just HAD to click on it and boy, am I glad that I did. Leave it to the geeks, to come up with something very innovating and pleasant to the ears.

Check out this page and see if, it isn't one of the best "geeky" accomplishments, that you have ever heard. Please, pass this page on to the rest of the members of the Tourbus, if, you think they might be interested. I personally think, that the real geeks will appreciate the time and effort it took all of these individuals, to create the sound tracks.

Hey, I realize that this is not important computer information. However, it is pure fun, interesting and shows just how a true geek's mind can and does work. Geeks need to just play, once in awhile, don't they? }:O)

You should really listen to the six sound clips on the Hitachi site first, then check out the music that was derived from those clips. And when you go to the Gizmodo page, note that the winner of the contest is the very LAST entry on the page. I almost missed it. Some of the lyrics are a little "edgy" but it really is all in good fun.

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Most recent comments on "Fiddling While Your Hard Drive Crashes"

Posted by:

Shadoe McClure
27 May 2006

Just an fyi, the site is no longer hosting the files.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, I wrote to the Gizmodo guy and he didn't seem to care. Too bad... I find Crizzash (my favorite) at

Posted by:

10 Jun 2006

Just a heads up: Crizzash is downloadable at if you want a copy.

Posted by:

12 Jun 2007

Bob, Thanks for your newsletter. I apreciate it very much. My question is this:: Are 2 40GB hard drives working together or even seperately the same as 1 80GB? I don't they are but I'm not at all sure. I don't think they are though. One must boot from the C drive I think but when that drive is full does the 2nd hard drive take over?

EDITOR'S NOTE: You are correct in thinking that the 2nd drive will not take over when the first is full. They are like two buckets that must be filled independently. If the C: drive is near full, you'll have to start putting programs and files on the D: drive.

Posted by:

Rajen Rajput
30 Aug 2007

I came across this page as I'm tring to revive my dead HDD. I heard freezing them in a zip bag for 1 hour and then re-attaching may help. Strange. With regard to the music, I found a site which hosts the tune that won the watch --

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