Black Friday Ad Leaks

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Have you made your holiday shopping list and checked it twice? Are you chomping at the bit to hit the stores (online and off) come Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year? Wondering where to go first; who’s open earliest, including Thanksgiving Day? Well, here’s some help planning your expenditure adventure…

Where to Find Black Friday Deals and Sales

Retailers plan their Black Friday sales months in advance, creating ad layouts, flyers, bulletins, etc. Those top-secret digital assets leak out onto the Internet, inevitably, and sometimes intentionally.

The official date of Black Friday, the day that marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season, is the day after Thanksgiving. But the people who track Thanksgiving sales tell us that the biggest savings – 24% on average - are actually available Monday through Wednesday of Thanksgiving week; that is, November 24 through 26 of this year.

Here are some of the juicier electronic and tech specials that will be available, along with sources of future leaks and last-minute bargains.

Black Friday Deals

Merchants strive to get the jump on each other, it seems, and to snag the early-bird shopper’s dollar. You'll see various other sales gimmicks, such as Black Friday sales that last for five days, Cyber Monday, and Cyber Week. But Black Friday is the day when everyone has everything on sale at discounts averaging between 20 and 25 percent.

A host of Web sites spring up each November just to help shoppers get an early start on their campaigns, and to reap the bounty of revenue-generating page clicks that result from searches for “Black Friday sale ads…” is a legit source of leaked ads, news about store hours and special offers, shopping tips, and other info pertinent to Black Friday fans’ interests. As of this writing, the site hosts leaked Black Friday advertising supplements from about two dozen retail chains including Walmart, Target, Amazon, Sears, Kohl’s, Macy’s, and Dell. You can search for specific product names to find the best deals that will be available, create wish lists, read trends and predictions, and sign up for email news alerts about freshly uncovered Black Friday deals.

More Black Friday Deal Sites

Beware: Rogue sites that infect visitors with malware are also plentiful during this bargain hunting season. Don’t become the prey yourself; check your malware defenses before shopping, and be alert for phishing attempts in your inbox. See Free Anti-Virus Programs and Would You Click on This? stands for “Black Friday Ads” network. On November 11, it posted Walmart’s massive 40-page Black Friday sales catalog, and provides expert shopping tips. For instance, some items have a one-hour price and availability guarantee, but you can get a raincheck. Also, Walmart’s Black Friday extravaganza lasts through Sunday, November 30. Examples of Wally World’s Black Friday specials include:

  • $199 16GB iPad mini and free $30 Walmart gift card ($40 off)
  • $398 16GB iPad Air and free $100 Walmart gift card
  • $79 16GB iPhone 5s with two-year contract and $0 down on AT&T Next and Verizon Edge
  • $179 16GB iPhone 6 with two-year contract and $0 down on AT&T Next and Verizon Edge

Best Buy “leaked” its own Black Friday ad early. Brad’s Black Friday Deals seems to have a useful amount of editorial curation, as opposed to fly-by-night sites that just post PDF copies of leaked ads. “Brad” actually compares offers on similar items and recommends the best value. For instance, the HP 15-R011DX laptop bundle offered by Best Buy beats the price of the laptop alone elsewhere by $12.

Of course, Black Friday and related sales are not your only opportunity to save on holiday gifts. You'll see deals popping up now through the end of the year. But buying early doesn't always save you money. I have a friend in Denver who says he saves 50% every year by shopping on Christmas Eve. He says if he buys early he just can’t resist giving early, so he ends up spending double to have “something to put under the tree.”

Your thoughts on this topic are welcome. Post your comment, question, or awesome holiday shopping tips below...

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Most recent comments on "Black Friday Ad Leaks"

Posted by:

13 Nov 2014

I have been receiving data from these folks for several years. It has helped me to prioritize the tool deals that appealed to me. It gives me comfort knowing that it has your stamp of approval.

Posted by:

13 Nov 2014

One can also save big by shopping on 12/26 most years. Just stash the gifts in the closet, and enjoy the savings.

Posted by:

Mark Madere
13 Nov 2014

I use to join the insanity in the early hours of the morning on Black Fridays in northeast Ohio. Stood through some pretty rough weather over the years but I scored huge savings that made it worthwhile on all the computer and electronics I bought.

The last 2 years I've been doing most of my shopping online on Thanksgiving Day when many of the same deals are available. The only problem has been the occasional website crash during the checkout process where I then had to run out and hope I could still get the deals in the stores.

Posted by:

13 Nov 2014

I used to go to brick-and-mortar stores, but now I prefer online shopping. Also the Black Friday not necessary the best offers' day. A couple of years ago in Dell online store I've got $400 price for brand new Dell 660 with i5, 8Gb RAM and 2Tb HDD way before Black Friday and have never seen any price close to that in around 2 years. Also around 2013 summer I've got refurbished by manufacturer ASUS Q400 laptop with i7, 8Gb RAM, 750Gb HDD for $500 after rebate. So, you can see, instead of shopping postal in brick-and-mortar stores in Black Friday, you can catch good deals keeping eye at offers all year around. Market is always volatile, so you can be in right time at right place.

It was pretty good time to buy a laptop in the middle of 2013, since that was time when everybody were crazy about tablets and laptop sales declined considerably. Manufacturers tried to get rid of surplus and prices went down. I just got this trend and paid more attention to that niche. Same things could be anywhere. Expecting a new technology always sends prices of previous tech generation down. By the way, not necessary new gen is better, like it happened with tablets vs laptops, so you can get something for really cheap that after a while returns to its old price level. So, the best Black Friday is your own brain. If you can predict what happen with some class of devices, you can gamble like at stock exchange or poker and get best deals any time of a year. Yeah, it takes some time to analyze, but you know - time is money.

And remember, Black Friday deals usually offer you cheap models in limited quantities, since retailers know that if you are in store, you'll buy something anyway. So, don't be decieved. Take the best offers for yourself, not for someone else.

Posted by:

13 Nov 2014

In related news, Reuters has a report that Walmart managers can now start price-matching online retailers. It is unclear whether this is a change in policy because the article said "Managers... can..." Plus, it has not been changed on their official policy page. But, it is a step in the right direction to be able to go into Walmart with the Amazon price pulled up and walk out with your product.
Reuters link:

Add Match from WalMart:

Posted by:

14 Nov 2014

Shame on you for promoting the "Black Friday" madness! You are supporting corporate slavery - those employeess should be at home with their families enjoying a well-deserved holiday instead of slaving for greedy trashy consumers who want to save a buck on some foreign made crap that they 99% likely don't even need or really want!

EDITOR'S NOTE: Wow... thanks for sharing!

Posted by:

14 Nov 2014

I will never venture out on black ( stampede, push, curse at, hit) Friday..there is NOTHING I need bad enough to treat another person the way those BF sheeple is a disgusting disgrace of human behavior and I, for one, refuse to be a part of that mess. Critical blacklash in....3

Posted by:

14 Nov 2014

Only once, in my 71 years, did I ever stand in line, early (like 4 am) in the morning, for the Black Friday sale. It was for a artificial Christmas Tree, because my old one, finally died. Yes, I got a good deal, but, I never did it again and I won't ever do it.

For me, it just wasn't worth it. Mind you, I have extremely bad knees and to stand for over 3 hours, was totally misery, for me. There were some, who honestly "camped out", that year, trying to get the "great bargains", that Walmart had to offer. I was greatly disappointed, in the fact that, the quantities of each product being sold, was extremely small in numbers ... In my mind, I said, Where is the deal, in only 10 or so items of the same product, being sold???

Anyway, I have found that Online shopping works just fine, for me and has for over 12 years, now. In the beginning, I only looked for computer components, that started back in 1998 or so, then I realized that more and more brick and mortar stores were beginning to sell Online. I jumped on the bandwagon and haven't looked back!

I have purchased, many, many things Online, from bed mattresses to printer ink. The mattresses that my Hubby and I sleep on, were purchased Online, sight unseen and we LOVE them!!! I do, read the reviews, by other customers. Sometimes, the majority are very wrong, because, they don't know how to "work" the product, especially if, it is an Electronic or Computer product. But, for Furniture, Bedroom Sets or Living Room sets, the reviews work very well, for me to make a good decision.

I bought my Living Room Furniture Online, through Walmart. Is it a fancy-dancy set ... No, and I honestly, did not want that. I just wanted a Couch and 2 Recliners, for a small Living Room. It looks great and sits comfortably. I also, bought my Hubby's 60" LED TV Online, at a great bargain. I would say, saving about $600 on the TV, was a GREAT bargain and it was NOT Refurbished! Plus, it wasn't even the Black Friday Season!!!

Posted by:

Dave S
14 Nov 2014

In your comment: "Those top-secret digital assets leak out onto the Internet, inevitably, and sometimes intentionally." I think "intentionally" is probably the key word these days.

Aren't companies purposely publishing these ads to 'prime' the public?

Also, I don't remember where I read this but I thought that there's another time of the year when sales are actually better than "Black Friday" or "Cyber Monday". Any comments on that (other than one which mentioned 12/26)?

Posted by:

14 Nov 2014

Maybe it's ex-USSR experience, but I've never stood in Black Friday lines more, than 10 minutes - I've always found a way to sneak inside together with first couple of dozen people. I know, it's a shame, but c'mon, it's a free competitive world! The only real competition is from Chinese people - they are crazy organized, come in groups and spread all over the store to reserve all deals for everybody in their group. It's amazing and hard to beat.

About the alternative days of crazy deals, I'd say, it depends of how successfully was previous date. For example, if Thanksgiving sale had excellent prices, the Christmas sale would be way less sweet. I think, it depends on the profit that retailers get from sale and if they get everything they wanted, they don't need to cut prices for the next sale event. Or opposite - get revanche after a some kind of a failure in previous event.

Posted by:

Alen Morgan
27 Oct 2021

I am really happy to say it’s an interesting post to read. I learn new information from your article , you are doing a great job.

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