CD won't start automatically?

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I set my CD drive so it will not start automatically when a CD is loaded. I would now like to reverse that setting, but I can't figure out how to do it. Can you help? Sure, the Autoplay setting for CDROM drives can be easily turned on or off. Here's how...

Changing Autoplay setting for Windows XP

  • From the Windows desktop, Click on My Computer.
  • Right-click on the icon for your CDROM drive, then click Properties.
  • Select the AutoPlay tab, then choose the type of CD (Music, pictures, mixed data, etc.)
  • Select an action to perform, or select Take no action.

    Changing Autoplay setting for Windows 95/98/ME

  • From the Windows desktop, right-click on My Computer.
  • Click on Properties
  • Select the Device Manager tab.
  • Click on the "+" next to CDROM
  • Select the entry for your CDROM drive.
  • Click on Properties, and then select the Settings tab.
  • Enable or disable the Auto-Insert Notification option.
  • Click OK twice.
  • The change will be effective after you restart Windows.

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    Most recent comments on "CD won't start automatically?"

    Posted by:

    17 Nov 2006

    I am trying to run a cd software program on my computer and it won't install. I know that it's not my CD-ROM because my other cd's and software cd programs run fine. It is an older cd-rom as the package it came with has instructions on how to install on Windows 95/Windows 3.1. Please help in trying to get this to install on my pc. I am currently running Windows XP OS.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like the CD may be 10 years old, in which case it may have degraded so as to be unreadable. What error do you get? Can you view the contents of the disk in My Computer?

    Posted by:

    08 Dec 2006

    Is it safe to presume the same is true for a DVD Drive?

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, it should work the same.

    Posted by:

    Gary Grissett
    04 Nov 2007

    DVD's and CD's use to start automatically, or at least ask me which program to use, but now all that happens is the drive opens and shows the folders and files. I have looked at AutoPlay and everything seems to be ok. Any suggestions? Thanks for any and all help!

    EDITOR'S NOTE: This may help:

    Posted by:

    06 Jul 2008

    I recently tried to reformat my hard drive. I tried doing the repair first, during this the pc said it could not find certain files it needed. When it was complete i went to add/remove programs and this showed no files or programs on the pc when there clearly were. So i tried reformat again, pressed any key to boot disk but now all i get is a blue screen headlined "Windows Startup". and says "windows is starting" up at the bottom. it is clearly not because its been like it for 12 hours now. my pc is three months old. is it dead already? any help would be gretly appreciated.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm confused... if you really did a reformat, there would be NOTHING -- not even Windows -- on your hard drive. Are you doing a re-INSTALL or a reFORMAT?

    Posted by:

    03 Jan 2009

    My D:/ is set to have auto play but it still won't open unless I go to My computer and click on it.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Does it prompt you to select an action, or just do nothing when you insert a disk?

    Posted by:

    25 Feb 2009

    just like alex, my D:/ is set for auto play. it will not start manually either. i haven't used it in over 2 years to try to play a movie. plays cd's just fine. put a dvd in and the lights come on for a while and then quit. no prompts or anything. wondering if i deleted some file that i needed or if windows updates did something. sp3? thanks for the help, bob

    Posted by:

    31 Jan 2017

    webroot cd does not start automatically

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