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17 May 2007

Well, there are plenty of "sources" available, but when I try to download, it is "connecting" for a long time, and then it says it needs more sources. I've also noticed that in many of the cases of returned files in the search, I am unable to "browse" the host. For the files I am able to browse the host of, when I try to download, it says I am waiting in line, but at least that seems like I am making some progress?

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20 May 2007

I have installed and uninstalled limewire several times in the last several months. I wound up uninstalling because I noticed my computer performance was poor. The longest I had it on my computer was about 2 weeks at a time.

I recently read an article about a college student being sued for using Limewire. Call me dumb...I do have a Ph.D.....but I did not realize that downloading and listening was piracy. I have since done research and am scared to death. I downloaded about 100 songs..maybe more...maybe less...mostly 70's and 80's stuff that you can't buy. I feel horrible as I would never steal. I immediately emptied my library...accidently deleting non-downloaded files too and uninstalled the program. I also deleted the limewire of all files. There is nothing left of the music I downloaded anywhere. I used the limewire default settings (now I know that was stupid), but never noticed uploading taking place. My question: What are my odds of being sued? I am not a thief and have bought thousands of albums in the past. I feel efforts by the RIAA never reached me...although I am a responsible adult. This all really stinks... I am losing sleep over this. Should I??

EDITOR'S NOTE: I think the odds are extremely small. Have a look here:

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29 May 2007

Hi Bob, I was using LImewire with no problems whatsoever for a year. Then during a ProCare session with an Apple Genius, I was told that Limewire is poorly written software and that it causes hard-drives to crash. So, I let her delete it.

Is she right? Was her advice good? If she is right, can you recommend a different P2P that won't crash my computer?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I've never heard that about LimeWire. Perhaps she's repeating a rumor, or just has a bias against P2P.

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30 May 2007

Hello, I just wanted to know where the files downloaded from Limewire are stored. I cannot find any of the files downloaded when I am not connected to Limewire. Does the program create a folder or am i allowed to access the files downloaded only when I am connected to Limewire?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Go to Tools/Options/Saving and you'll see the folder name.

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03 Jun 2007

hi there!! i just want to know how to use lime wire software.

As it seems to be a bit confusing..

EDITOR'S NOTE: You pretty much download it and then click the icon to launch Limewire. It's a very straightforward interface, with Help built in.

Posted by:

Robert Stephens
04 Jun 2007

Used Limewire for the first time yesterday to download a film trailer, was horrified by the amount of obscene material that is readily available across the internet. I definatly will not be using Limewire again, the filters included do very little to stop this sort of material from being displayed. Why are these files available, isnt anyone held responsible for this?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I agree it's troubling that children can so easily stumble into dark corners of the Internet. But as long as there are no (enforceable) laws to stop the distribution of "adult" materials on the global Internet, it will be there. Tough being a parent these days...

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21 Jun 2007

Hi, I would like to use Limewire through my PC in my office with of course the fast connection. My question is will our IT department detect that I was transferring a file? I know downloading from a Web site can be detected since I am transferring, is this different?

EDITOR'S NOTE: It's not so different, data is moving over the network in either case. Your IT department probably knows a LOT more about your computer than you think. I'm sure it's trivial for them to scan your hard drive nightly for programs or files.

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03 Jul 2007

limewire keeps on saying that im not connected to the network what do i do?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Perhaps your firewall is blocking access?

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06 Jul 2007

I have downloaded files in Limewire and then deleted them shortly after. When I look in my recent events folder all of the files are listed there. When I try to delete them I get a message saying the files could not be found. When I click on them nothing happens. What should I do?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Nothing, they are gone. (You might need to empty the Recycle Bin, if Limewire dumps deleted files there.)

Posted by:

11 Jul 2007

When I click on the library tab in my Limewire, usually the files that I download are in the shared folder, but now I have two folders "Shared" and "Individually Shared". I think I might have click something to make it that way, but I am not sure. Now all the files I download are going into that Individually Shared" folder. How do I get the files in the "Individually Shared" folder back into the Shared folder and make sure that in future my files go into the Shared folder.

EDITOR'S NOTE: This may help:

Posted by:

29 Jul 2007

So if I deleted all music of my computer and got rid of limewire should i be in good shape as far as the riaa. What else should i be doing? Any more information would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by:

22 Aug 2007

This isn't technically about Limewire, but more with Bitlord.

I noticed that, yes, it wasn't legal, and I feel bad. I'm going to delete it and all the files, but there are some that were on a demo tape for a certain band, that NEVER was used for money, and a bunch of other songs you can't buy anywhere.

Can I keep those, since I'm not selling them? And because I don't think they were ever really copyrighted?

If I burn them onto a cd, will they carry an encryption identifying my IP address still, or..?

And also, if I delete bitlord, removing it from my system, will that automatically stop file shares from uploading them from my computer?

EDITOR'S NOTE: There's nothing wrong with downloading public domain (non copyrighted) materials. There will be no personally identifying info in the files. And yes, if you delete Bitlord (and any other P2P software) you will stop any file sharing activity on your PC.

Posted by:

04 Oct 2007

I have some pictures and videos i would like to put on limewire, how do i get them on there?

EDITOR'S NOTE: If I understand it correctly, you just put them in your Limewire sharing folder.

Posted by:

13 Oct 2007

Seeing as this topic seems to be still active, I'll add in that I just installed iTunes and found a file sharing link on my desktop, full of "Josh's Limewire Songs." The thing is, I'm not exactly using a networked computer. I'm using a laptop in a hotel room, connected to hotel wireless. I suppose Josh is another guest.

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you are connected via wireless, then you ARE on a network. Be sure you're not sharing more than you want to! See

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18 Oct 2007

I have recently bought a new PC and copied my music library from the old HDD and downloaded the latest I-Tunes. Some of my songs show an ! mark and state that the file could not be found as it is (believed to be) on Limewire. How do I find and migrate my Limewire tunes to my new PC from my old HDD? I have not yet downloaded Limewire to my new PC. Should I do this or can I copy from my old HDD?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, install a fresh copy of Limewire on the new drive, don't try to copy a program like that. To import Limewire songs into iTunes, you should be able to go into ITunes, click on File, then use the "Add folder/file to library" option. Navigate to the Limewire music folder and it should work.

Posted by:

19 Oct 2007

All successfully downloaded re your last advice -thanks. However... I cannot find the L/Wire music file anywhere. I have my old HDD connected thro' an IDE connection as a 'slave'. I assume the songs must be there somewhere. Can you tell me what file ext it is likely to be under and where it may be? I can see no files over 1GB but know i have over 6K songs somewhere at a lot more than 1GB!

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'd look for a folder called Limewire, and drill down from there. Failing that, search for MP3 or WMA files.

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26 Nov 2007

I am just using Limewire for my personal use. I have songs that I want to put on myspace that are on CD's that I bought. I am creating my own playlist. That is the only reason that I am using Limewire.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Using Limewire as a music manager for one's personal collection is a fine idea. However, uploading copyrighted songs to the Web does run afoul of the law -- be careful of that.

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06 Dec 2007

very informative article.and thank you about the warning about how the "RIAA" can use "free music"to track people down..but theres one thing id like to know..i use limewire and i wanted to know if anybody can see my ip thru limewire>if so how do i overcome it.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I wonder why you would care? Maybe try if it concerns you.

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08 Jan 2008

I'm using Limewire on the Windows Vista OS. There are 2 users on my computer, is there anyway to share one Library with the other user? All the files saved are not accessable to the other user how do i fix this?... please help, thanks

EDITOR'S NOTE: I'm pretty sure the Limewire settings allow you to change the library folder name.

Posted by:

15 Jan 2008

My friend downloaded a mpg file and it will not delete said it is running in another program. Yet, I am unable to find it. How do I delete it?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Perhaps restarting your computer will free up the file.

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