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I'm looking for free online storage recommendations. I need to share some large files with a work group, and emailing files back and forth is a big hassle. We're dealing with videos, Word documents and presentations, so a collaboration feature would be ideal. Is a good solution, or should I look at others? - Online Storage Options

There are many options for storing your data in the cloud. is one of the leading solutions for business and enterprise customers. The company boasts that 82 percent of the Fortune 500 (over 100,000 companies) use But the business-oriented Box also offers free online storage and paid services for individuals as well.

A basic free account for one user comes with 5 GB of storage space, and an individual file size limit of 25 MB. You can think of online storage as a hard drive in the cloud. If you travel, and need access to important files while you're away from home or office, a service like Box saves you the hassle of loading your stuff to a flash drive, CD, or a laptop - all of which can be lost or stolen.

You can securely store and sync files on Box with any type of device: desktop or laptop computer, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet, Blackberry, etc. Share a file with someone else by emailing a link to its location. You can also give friends, family, or co-workers access to your Box folders. Free Online Storage

If collaborating with a group of people is important to you, Box has the ability to send real-time updates that will let you know when someone else has viewed, edited or commented on your file. The latest version of the file will always be there in your folder, eliminating one of the biggest hassles of workgroup collaboration.

Upgrades for Personal and Business Users

If you need more space and more generous file size limits, offers two options. For $9.99 per month, you get 25 GB of space with up to 1 GB per file. $19.99 gets you 50 GB and 1 GB per file. But even paid personal accounts don't include features aimed at business users.

Advanced features include things like password-protected sharing, accelerated uploading, full-text search of stored files, document version history, and Google Apps integration. has plans designed for small businesses and enterprises.

The small business plan costs $15 per user per month, and supports 3 to 500 users. Each account gets 1 TB (that's 1000 GB) of storage space with a 2 GB limit per file. Enterprise plans are negotiable; they come with enhanced administration features and unlimited storage and file sizes.

Enterprise-oriented features include an administrative console that provides very fine control over permissions and sharing privileges, detailed auditing, and lots of reporting options. Encrypted storage is also part of the enterprise package, as is telephone support.

No matter which you choose, a free account or the upgraded commercial options, Box is a secure online storage solution. SSL with 256-bit encryption is used when files are transmitted between your computer and the cloud, and files are stored with 256-bit AES encryption. Box monitors their servers and network with constant intrusion detection and penetration testing, to prevent any unauthorized access.

Not The Only Whale in the Fish Tank

Other free online storage services include DropBox, Google Docs, SkyDrive and Mozy. See my related articles Should I Use Free Online Storage? and Free Online File Sharing With Dropbox to learn more about these options. is popular among the Fortune 500, but it's not the largest cloud storage service in terms of user accounts. Microsoft's Sharepoint boasts over 100 million users. DropBox claims 45 million users, while says it has about 8 million. But has attracted over $168 million in venture capital, and a lot of buzz in the trade press.

For consumers seeking free online storage, has little to offer that other cloud storage companies don't. But in the business and enterprise markets, is an up-and-coming contender you should consider.

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Most recent comments on "Free Online Storage With"

Posted by:

15 Dec 2011

I haven't used the file sharing feature so I don't know how well that works, but's Basic Plan (free for individuals) allows up to 50GB of file storage. There are two other plans available with up to 10TB of storage space, and custom options for those who want more space.

Posted by:

15 Dec 2011

Another online storage site that has sharing features is The free account allows up to 7GB of space.

Posted by:

16 Dec 2011

Another tech support site indicated Digital Lifeboat as one of the free "storage in the sky" sites. I have been using it for about 3 weeks now and no problems. It does automatic back up of your files and you can exclude or include what ever files you like. Plus, as a beta user, one gets lifetime unlimited storage. Their manner of back up is quite unique.

Posted by:

Bob Deloyd
17 Dec 2011

Bob, I'd like to see a review of these Online Storage sites. The one's that JP and Jerry mentioned looked mighty fine. I like the Digital Lifeboat's $29.99 a year plan. ADrive's free 50GB is hard to beat. And then there is MiMedia with 250GB for 9.99 a month! Yikes, which one?
I am happy with right now :)

Posted by:

Andrew Young
18 Dec 2011

Absalon upload is a good online storage space site it is easy to start up your account and it is easy to use.

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