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06 Nov 2013

Thanks to all those who commented. It gives me extra insight to the discussion, which I thoroughly enjoy. Cheers! And best regards. john.

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06 Nov 2013

I know this will go down like a lead balloon but why anyone feels the need to use Facebook I just do not understand, there are other, better, ways to communicate with family and friends. The more I read about it the more I'm glad I have nothing to do with it, or any other "social" networking site for that matter. Yes, the gullible can do what they wish and that's fair in a fair world. But this world is far from being fair, sadly. Play with fire by all means, but don't complain when you get your fingers burnt folks.

All this information you give to these sites will no doubt end up in the archives of the national security services of whichever country you are in. I'm 71 years old and been around the world a bit and I'm genuinely worried about the way people are giving away their freedom willingly. It's good to point this 'tagging' problem Bob. Keep this sort of info coming, you may actually get through one day!

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06 Nov 2013

Thanks so much for this Bob. Is there a way for me to "like" this so that it will appear on my Facebook page? I'd really like to let friends and family know how to do this as well, if they so choose. Thanks for your great newsletter. I learn so much from you.

EDITOR'S NOTE: YES! Click the green ShareThis button at the top right of the page. OR, you can copy the URL of the page, and post it as a link on your FB wall.

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06 Nov 2013

Good information - as usual. I got an unavailable for "Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded?" - the same as Constantin. I get announcements for events that are thinly disguised ads. I'm not friends with the ad poster. How does that work? Can I shut it off?
Sigh - FB is a pain. However it is the only way I can hear much about grandkids from half way around the world. Wish someone would figure out a way to condense all those posts legally.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Sounds like the difference is your location. Some Facebook features are different outside of the USA. Hopefully this will roll out globally soon.

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Bill Hebert
07 Nov 2013

Hi Bob,
I don't tag on face book, but my wife does so I let her read this, so she will see what she is really doing. Thanks for the info.


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09 Nov 2013

Very Nice "Public Service Announcement", Mr. Bob Rankin.
Under the "note" section of my facebook page, I wrote:
Facebook Manifesto (March 27, 2013 at 4:12pm)
*I don't want to be your friend nor do I want to befriend you.
*I don't care if you follow me or like my posts!
*Conversely, I promise to not follow you nor like your posts either.
*I have no grandeur visions to leave an indelible mark on social networks.
*The only suggestion I can provide you is to be careful diving in the shallow side of this pool!
*Unfortunately, I am not certain if there is deeper side!
I use facebook as a blog of things I don't want to forget and it is ALL public. Of course, NOT using a real name, I don't feel as paranoid nor do I feel like I am being PeepingTom'ed by whomever!

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11 Nov 2013

I set up the levels as in the article and then I posted a photo of my but did not identify him except by first name. He attempted to tag his photo and then of course it notified me. I messaged him and sent him a link to this article. But he still wanted to tag it (he said, to let his buddies from his former Army unit to see the photos). Sigh. ;-( You can lead a horse to water.....

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