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10 Nov 2016

I also am on a metered connection so I hope there will soon be a way to stop the loading of these videos. Now if we can get youtube (when I'm not on my metered connection) to quit cranking the ad volume up to 3000dB!

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10 Nov 2016

Bob - I have Chrome (up to date) and have not been able to locate 'disable html5 autoplay'
Also, on facebook, I tried performing dropdown,settings, videos and autoplayvideos=off is not found.
Any more help on this, Bob, is very much appreciated.

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14 Nov 2016


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18 Nov 2016

There is currently no option to adjust "Auto-Play Videos" in the "Video">"Settings" in Facebook for Desktops. Maybe FB advertisers demanded that the option be removed?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I still see it, by going to Settings, then Videos.

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Oliver Fleming
20 Nov 2016

When I type "aboutconfig" in the location bar it just goes to google. I cannot get to the window and options shown. How can I do this?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Make sure you include the colon, as in "about:config"

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20 Nov 2016

Thanks for this timely as I have just been thinking this last week of needing to find a way to stop this happening......also on a news site I use. Just tried it, works perfectly. I hope it also works on as they are the worst offenders of all I have found, so bad, that I stopped clicking on any links on google search that went to them

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20 Nov 2016

Great article Bob. I use Adblocker which works great but now they throw up (as in vomit) a popup that nearly covers the entire window saying to turn off Adblocker. I click them off.
The worst sites are news sites with the auto run video's and turning off the sound doesn't help when a bit later you start hearing another video blabbing away further down the page. Some video's don't have a mute sound.
Now Bob if you can find a way to stop pinterest from the dark scrolling cover that demands you log in or sign up. I just don't use pinterest anymore and won't go to a link from them anymore. Please find a way to stop this annoyance. I resent sites demanding I log in or sign up.

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07 Jan 2017

Nothing has worked in Chrome for Fox News as an example. I installed AdBlock, FlashControl and "Disable HTML5" as mentioned in this article. Nothing worked

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30 Jan 2017

The Firefox's media.autoplay.enabled preference is totally useless because the videos are still downloading. It just prevents the auto play, but it does not prevent the auto downloading of HTML5 media.

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17 Apr 2017

Thanks for the link to that extension. I tried it now and it stops videos on Facebook under 30 seconds of duration to stop auto-repeating (while the Facebook setting stops autoplay when the vid appears in your browser port, it still does not stop Facebook's latest annoyance: auto-repeat of videos under 30 seconds you have viewed).

I use Vivaldi browser, it has a little loudspeaker icon on each tab, whenever something is blaring out of sight (or in sight), you can just click on the little loudspeaker icon and that will shut up, whatever was blaring. Works in Firefox too and also in Opera. In Chrome it IS present but appears not to be clickable.

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Papa Copper
25 Jul 2017

I would just like to say that you ROCK sir. I have searched for this answer for the last 15-20 minutes, trying every solution offered. I use Firefox (currently 54.0.1), and here are a few of the things I tried. I tightened up my settings in Ad Blocker Plus, changed Shockwave Flash to "Ask to Activate", and a couple of even more outlandish suggestions just trying to find something that would work. Then I finally stumble onto this page, tweak one config setting, and voila, no more autoplay on CNET Downloads. Your site is now bookmarked for my inevitable future searches. Thank you very much.

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