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Steve Morehead
08 Apr 2019

Amazon. Wow. They recently informed me in a left handed fashion that I have spent over 20k through their Smile program. Lol the Prime truck just pulled up in the driveway.

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Clive McCloughan
09 Apr 2019

I just saw that there has been a price rise on Amazon. The annual fee is $119.00 (US I suppose) and I think it was $12.99/month. Check it out. I think you are closer to the action then I am and I do wonder (yeah, I'm the wondering kind) why when companies such as Amazon advertise memberships or articles for sale in Australia, why there is no currency conversion.
Computers must be good for something and currency conversions would be very easy to do.

Posted by:

09 Apr 2019

Hmmm...I sense this article is a wee outdated...yes,Amazon is
$119/yr...this is 2019, right? LOL

Posted by:

Mike in Colorado
09 Apr 2019

Great article, Bob! I'll have to check out again. I've looked at them in the past but never saw very good prices.
I'm also a subscriber to Prime, but I joined a few years ago because there was a TV show I wanted to watch. The cost was about the same as Netflix and they had a pretty good selection of movies and shows. Since then, I've become pretty much addicted to shopping there. Every once in a while, I find another online retailer selling something cheaper, but it's rare. I take advantage of their Subscribe & Save program, online music streaming, Twitch, they save my photos and, of course, their two-day shipping. I also shop through their Smile program so my favorite charity gets some money. We have something coming from Amazon twice a week at least. Prime is an awesome value!
I've also been shopping more often at They will match Newegg's and Amazon's tech prices and sometimes they preemptively do it. It's nice to just go in and pick it up at the counter and have it the same day. has been very competitive with Amazon over the past year or so and we've been ordering from them more often as well as Bed Bath & Beyond thanks to their $29.99 Beyond Perks program that gives two-day shipping and a 20% discount.

Posted by:

Jim Swan
09 Apr 2019

Rakuten is a company that long pre-dates on-line shopping.

Posted by:

Bev C
09 Apr 2019

Appreciate ability to shop on line and have it delivered now that age & condition make in-store browsing often a real problem. BUT paying membership not my idea of smart when I price compare many sites and use Duck Duck Go to help. Use Walmart a lot - usually good source and best price, store is major source in our area and their system gets orders to my back door very promptly and the minimum for free shipping is low enough to be easy to meet. Seldom find Amazon a good source any more.

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10 Apr 2019

Check out Somewhat similar to Amazaon smile. This site does not sell items, but if you "use" their site, many/most web sites / seller will donate various percentage amounts to a charity of your choice. They provide a list of the stores and the percentage each store/site offers. Many are MORE than the .5% that Amazon gives. Check it out.

Posted by:

Coco the Cat
10 Apr 2019

Bought some items from Jet back about a month ago. Found it was a better price than Amazon. I bought 6 of them. Jet had a better price on another item I buy from Walmart, however it would only let me buy 1 of them. I responded to a survey email they sent me and gave them a low rating and questioned why I could only buy 1 of an item. They wrote back and told me they were not a bulk seller of any of there items. I don't think buying 2 or 3 items is certainly not buying in bulk. Sure different from any other online store I've purchased from!

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13 Apr 2019

Bob: Free 2-day shipping is NOT free. It costs $119.00 per year. Talk about a marketing genius. Yes, if you buy $100,000.00 of stuff per year, it's 'almost' free. And, yes, the genius also extends to getting shoppers to buy things they really don't need "just because they think the shipping is 'free'". But even if you buy $1,000. per year, that's still a of shipping charges.

Posted by:

25 Jun 2019

Rakuten can suck it. They offer NO buyer protections at all - something you expect from something like craigslist, but when a company is charging to be a marketplace, they should make some attempt to protect consumers. Rakuten Buyers Beware! - you're on your own if a seller scams you.

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