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My boss is using Outlook 2000 and sometimes he receives his emails from other employees as plain text email attachments. For example I send him an HTML email in Outlook 2000. He receives a totally blank email and my text has been converted to a plain text attachment. He swears he has not changed anything. He says we must have changed something on the MS Exchange email server. We have not changed anything. He is the only user affected. What causes this? How do I fix this?

There are two easy solutions to this problem...

  • Stop sending HTML emails. Do you *really* need fancy fonts and formatting to get your message across? When Algore invented email, he intended it to be forever a plain-text medium. Attachments and HTML make him sad. Please limit the use of such things to an absolute minimum.

  • Since your boss is the only person who is affected, you can reasonably assume the fault is his. Just explain to him in a calm rational manner that he is an idiot, and suggest that he find another line of work that doesn't involve technology.

    It that doesn't get the desired result, you'll need to figure out if the attachment-izing is happening on the sending or the receiving end. Try sending your boss an HTML-formatted email from home, or from a web-based email service. Then send the same message to a colleague at work.

    If it still comes through as a blank message with an attachment for the boss, and NOT for your colleague, then obviously it's got something to do with the boss's computer. A careful check of all the Outlook settings and the Internet Explorer security settings may turn up a solution.

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    Most recent comments on "Emails converted to attachments"

    Posted by:

    26 Jun 2009

    I have this problem with a PC I'm working on right now.

    Any incoming e-mails from any sender; the text (body) of the e-mail is somehow converted to both ATT00xxx.txt and an ATT00xxx.htm files, both of which contain the same e-mail body and are shown as attachments to the e-mail in question.

    When you click on a mail message in Windows Mail, there's a 5-10 second pause (during this pause, Windows Mail doesn't respond to anything) after which the preview pane "wakes up" and displays a blank. You can only read mails by downloading the attachments to the PC first.

    I hope this isn't something stupid and easy, I've been working on this for hours now.

    I've tried uninstalling / re-installing AVG Free v8.5 both with and without the e-mail scanner component (the problem persists even with no security or anti-virus software of any kind installed), I've tried uninstalling and re-installing IE8 (this was suggested in a forum somewhere) without any luck. The problem persists with IE7 and with IE8 re-installed.

    I tried setting Windows Mail to display all incoming mail as plain text, same problem.

    I tried resetting all IE settings back to default (including security and advanced settings for internet) with no luck.

    Hopefully someone has a meaningful answer...

    EDITOR'S NOTE: I've seen that happen when anti-virus software is trying to be helpful, but you seem to have ruled that out. Maybe a System Restore would help. See

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