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Anyone can plug in a computer and attach a printer. But that's not all there is to being a serious computer jockey these days. Are you ready to get your geek on? Check out these five must-have gadgets to enhance your computing experience or find a great Father's Day gift...

Computer Gadgets for Fun and Profit

Well, maybe not profit. But anyway, here's my list of the top five computer-related gadgets that no true geek should be without. And if you're looking for a great gift for a computer-savvy Dad, I think you'll find something in my list below.

  1. Logitech QuickCam for SkypeIf you haven't started Skyping, get with the 90's already! After all, who wouldn't want free long distance? Even better, you can now be seen online with Logitech's Quick Cam Chat. At a size of 226 x 142 x 88mm, and a weight of merely 365g, the camera captures both video and still images at 640 x 480p with its enhanced software. Attachable by USB and compatible with Windows 2000/XP/Vista, it comes with headset and cable. The monitor clip is good for any desktop, notebook or flatscreen monitor. Also included is HP PhotoSmart Essential for capturing, editing and printing. You can find one for an economical $29.99. Learn more about making Free Calls with Skype and then you'll be ready for Skype: Beyond the Basics.
  2. Koss headphonesYou're going to need a decent pair of earphones to not only keep your other family members from going crazy, but to block out extraneous sound. Koss has always been a favorite of mine and they have a variety of models to choose from. Mid-range priced yet still an excellent deal, is their JR170 Wireless Stereophone System. Operating on a 900 mHz RF, it comes with its own transmitter and AC adapter so you can tool around the house, even through walls, while you listen to your tunes. At the same time, the 2-channel stereo uses a microprocessor to choose if there is signal interference. It's connectable with its 3.5 headphone jack or RCA outputs so that you can use it with your computer, MP3 player or TV. With a lifetime warranty, it's definitely worth the $179.99 price tag.
  3. Sony ReaderDead-tree media is out. E-books are in. And while the Amazon Kindle has to be the most hyped up e-book reader around, there are others that are just as useful at a less expensive price. Sony's Special Edition Reader Digital Book is a must-have, especially if you are into the tomes of James Patterson. Now at a sale price of $299.99, it comes bundled with a coupon code for six of his books, an autographed cover, and a skin. The book can hold up to 160 books or more with optional memory cards. The Reader is compatible with Adobe PDF10, RTF, TXT, BBeB and Microsoft Word. It claims a battery life span of 7,500 page turns.
  4. Mimobot USB flash driveIt's imperative to back up your most important files, especially if you travel. There are plenty of USB flash drives available, from the very plain to the most ornate. If you haven't seen some of the most creative ones, head over to Mimoco to catch their mimobots. These Limited Edition drives come in about a hundred designs, including a Star Wars collection, a Halo Series, and the irrepressible Happy Tree Friends. Choose between 1, 2, 4, and 8GB at prices ranging from $39.95 to $139.95.
  5. Dual monitor armYou DO have dual monitors, right? So check out this clever Ergotron X Dual Desk Mount Arm. You can hook up two LCDs or your regular desk top LCD and notebook. It's simple to install and comes with a desk clamp and grommet mount, pole, two LCD arms, one notebook tray, a notebook fastening kit, and two 75 mm to 100 mm VESA adapter plates. This is no cheesy gadget. At a price of $299.99, it will hold up to 200 lbs. of display.

And here's a Bonus Gadget: Every computer needs a pet. I suggest the USB-connected Tengu, a clever gadget created by Crispin Jones. You'll love the way he reacts with his entire face to any noise, including music, keys typing, and your cat. When idle, he falls asleep, but awakens when he hears more noise. Blow on him to get him started, and when you tire of one of his faces, blow on him again for several different ones. The Tengu doesn't need any software and hooks up via your USB port. He carries a price tag of about $50.

What's your favorite geeky gadget? Post a comment below...

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