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I have an iPod Touch, and it looks almost exactly like an iPhone. Just wondering... is there any way to hack my iPod Touch so it can make phone calls?

How to Make Phone Calls With an iPod Touch

You're right... the iPhone and iPod Touch devices are virtually indistinguishable, except the iPod Touch can't make phone calls. But that can be fixed if you're patient and follow instructions. Even better: you won't have to pay an extra $100 for an iPhone or $60/month to AT&T for phone service!

The solutions described below rely on the iPod Touch's WiFi capability. Once you're connected to the Internet, you can use any of several Voice-over-IP (VoIP) applications to make phone calls without paying carrier fees. You can accomplish this thrifty feat either officially or unofficially as far as Apple is concerned.

Truphone is one official way to make phone calls on an iPod Touch; not for free, but for a fraction of AT&T's cost if you aren't yakking all day. The Truphone application can be downloaded from the Apple iStore directly to your iPod Touch or to your Mac or PC; there's a download link on the Truphone Web site in the iPod Touch category. You also need to buy an iPod headset or a Microphone Adapter for the iPod Touch.Truphone sells those through its Web site.
free calls with ipod touch

Just install the Truphone app and you can import all your friends' contact info from Truphone and Google Talk. Plug in the headset, snuggle up to some WiFi, and call! But whoa, it does cost money! Truphone's non-subscriber rate is 5.1 cents per minute; absurd for domestic calls but favorable for international calls. Sign up for just $4.00 per month and U. S. landline or mobile calls are only 1.8 cents per minute. You can cancel at any time.

Free Calling With Your iPod Touch

Fring is totally free. There's free software to download and no per-minute or monthly charges, other than your cost of WiFi access. It works with the original iPhone, iPhone 3G & the iPhone 3GS or iPod touch, and with some Nokia smartphones. You will need to sign up with Skype or another free VoIP service, and you will get what you pay for. The highest quality VoIP services cost money, though not nearly as much as cellular carrier services.

Then there are unofficial ways to make completely free calls on your iPod Touch. You should understand that "unofficial" means "voids your warranty and may be illegal in some jurisdictions." With low-cost and totally free options like Truphone and Fring available, it's really not worth the trouble to thumb your nose at The Man. If you're curious, do some Googling for extra credit.

So how do AT&T and Apple keep selling those pricey subscription plans and iPhones with these cheaper iPod Touch solutions on the market? First, there's the mobility and convenience factor. WiFi is concentrated in hotspots, and you may want or need to make phone calls on the move; for that, you need cellular service and AT&T is the only game in town. Second, VoIP services like Skype - especially the totally free service levels - may not be up to the sound quality standards you expect. You get what you pay for.

Got something to say about making free phone calls with an iPod Touch? Post your comments and questions below...

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Most recent comments on "Free Phone Calls With iPod Touch"

Posted by:

09 Sep 2009

I take it one cannot receive calls using any of these services? It would have been helpful to have this indicated in the article.

And what about the iPhone itself, can IT be used in this manner? I'm dumping AT&T because it's the WORST game in town around Chicago. I'll be using my iPhone as an "iPod Touch" from now on, no AT&T subscription. Can I still make calls on it? The article didn't say. Or did I miss it?

EDITOR'S NOTE: Yes, you can get free incoming phone calls, but it's a little tricky. Here's a link showing how to route incoming calls to a Google Voice number, which forwards to Gizmo, which forwards to TruPhone:

Apparently you can do something similar with Fring+Skype, but you might need to pay for an incoming "Skype In" phone number.

Posted by:

David W
09 Sep 2009

As for receiving calls, Skype (for example) offers a paid service call "Skype In" where you get a phone number assigned to your Skype account. Provided you have Skype running on the iPod Touch when someone calls you on that number, then yes, you'll receive the call. If Skype isn't running at the time then the call goes to your Skype Voicemail box (I think).

As for making calls on your iPhone without the AT&T (or other carrier) subscription, yes, WiFi is still an option just like the iPod Touch.


Posted by:

11 Sep 2009

I've been using Skype with my iPod touch. It costs me 10 a month for unlimited international calling (not all countries but at least th ones I'm interested in). Cheaper for us calling. I'm considering skype in as I live in Germany and can have a us number that way.

Posted by:

Tom C
15 Sep 2009

We live in Chile and have a Lingo internet phone connection based in South Carolina. Is there a way that I can make calls from my iPod using the Lingo connection?

Posted by:

19 Sep 2009

One advantage of Skype is that there's a great Skype app for the iPod which makes it as easy as using a cell phone. As for Lingo you'd have to see if they have an app or a possibly web interface. A web interface would be quite inconvenient.

Posted by:
21 Oct 2009

Great article!I will like to share with all of you an update i did about this subject in my blog at hope you like it! cheers!

Posted by:

31 Dec 2009

Yea Skype is great calling but whats the point having Skype if you an iPod Touch and your out and about loads. You cannot then connect to any wifi hence no Skype so therefore if you are goin to use skype as a phone then it should be someone who stays in their own home because you have to get wifi to use skype and if theirs no wifi then you will not be able to recieve calls from anyone. it will go straight to voicemail

Posted by:

22 Jan 2010

Anontmouse said "Yea Skype is great calling but whats the point having Skype if you an iPod Touch and your out and about loads."

Geez, do you spend much time thinking at all? There are a gazillion different situations that people have with regard to telephone usage. You seem to have limited it all down to there only being one!!!!!

Posted by:

22 Jan 2010

The iPod touch is great! It's only drawback is it's reliance on wifi signals. Definately not a replacement for an out n about cellphone... But pair it up with a Tracfone and you're never too far away from having smartphone functinality for a fraction of the price...with no expensive contracts. I have the Skype app & find that it's great for free calls between 2 skype users. The only drawback being that both parties have to pre arrange a time to be logged into skype. This is something that Skype is working on a solution for in the form of push notifications. It has been rumored also that when apple release their next iPhone os update 4.0 it will include multiple app running (multiple tasking capabilities) which if extended as a downloadable update to ipod touch 3rd gen owners, might make skype a little more convenient and practical. There are of course wifi hotspots that are free to access at most mcdonalds across the USA ...and we all know that there's a mc d's close by for most of us. Starbucks also offers free well as more and more public places...I think airports being another. Not all apps require you to be online and are very helpful to have with you...whether it be a calculator, converter, address book, etc. There are also apps that will let u save the information you access for offline viewing. If I plan on going somewhere new, I bring up the relevant map and directions at home before I leave and I take a snapshot of them... On the iPod touch 3rd gens you just have to momentarily click the home button and the sleep button simultaneously... You will hear a camera shutter sound and see a white flash indicating that it is now in your photos app for offline viewing. I'm using the Vonage app to make most of my's free for outbound calls within the USA... This includes free calls to u.s. cellphones. I believe I can put some credit on the account to receive a phone number so people can call me but thus far haven't done that. Call quality is pretty damn good for free! I also use text plus for sending and receiving SMS text messages for fantastic and also available on app store. So, 2 way calling is definately possible. My eyes are on skype...hoping the notifications come to light as well as apples multi tasking abilities. This really is an iPhone without the wireless phone! It will never substitute the iPhone as a cellphone because of lack of that ability but for those who are close enough to wifi hotspots... It's great. I hope someone is able to make the 3g iPod touch become like a Bluetooth headset for the cellphone that resides in the other pocket so that the cellphone can host the signal for the touch ...coupled up with an app with nice user interface... I don't know for sure what the capabilities are of the 3rd gen Bluetooth inside the touch...I know that previous gens of touch had like a stripped down version of Bluetooth for the Nike plus thing. Anyway... Bottom line... great device that might suit the need of people who don't need to be constantly online, and maybe have a basic cellphone already and want to save thousands of dollars for the price of a little inconvenience.

Posted by:

30 Mar 2010

i thought yuh where gonnah teach me to make mii ipod touch a cell phone to make calls?

Posted by:

Free Calls Hub
15 Jul 2010

Simple ways to use your iPod as a Phone. We have included Fring as well as 3 other ways. Please comment how do you like it.

Posted by:

06 Aug 2010

hey guys, have u heard that? now it is possible to convert or turn your iPod touch to an iPhone? not believing? Yosion Apple Peel 520 is an iPod touch case, that make this magic work. Check your self about Apple Peel 520 case.

Posted by:

03 Dec 2010

i might get an ipod touch but i need phonecalls on it

Posted by:

jennifer kinsay
10 Jan 2011

My daughter came across an app called text free she can not only text her boyfriends cell phone by you can make calls too!! They start u out with 500 mins and then u have to pay but its cheap like 2 cents a min heck u can't beat that!! Nowu if I could only find a similar free app for my Droid Incredible its never been hooked up these R the best freakin phones!! U can do reverting but talk on it without being hooked up! Any ideas?

Posted by:

28 Jan 2011

I found some free apps you can use to make free calls to landlines or cell phones. Unlike Skype where the reciever of the call needs skype also or you need credits these programs are free. Check them out here

Posted by:

17 Feb 2011

Why doesn't Apple make an app thats FREE WITHOUT needing WI-FI !!! I would totaly recomend Apple if they did have an app that is free for CALLING AND TEXTING WITHOUT needing WI-FI at all !!! If they are that smart they why haven't they done it yet!!@

Posted by:

09 Mar 2011

Jennifer- If Apple made an ipod touch where you didn't need wifi to make phone calls, then you would pretty much have an iphone in your hands. Apple has to make money somehow and this is their scheme.

Posted by:

11 Mar 2011

Fring is only free is you are calling somebody else who uses fring, which is nobody. Also it doesn't support Skype. Way to do your homework Brian.

Posted by:

05 Jan 2012

theres a app for this its called Pinger it gives you a phone number but again you have to buy your mins, not paid price 1,000 mins for 14$ you can call cell and landlines, you can also text as well, ping to ping calls are free, but again the downfall you must have a WI-FI to make a call

Posted by:

joel torres
23 Mar 2013


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