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Are you worrying enough about all the online threats you may be facing? Is a 3D-bioprinted rotator cuff in your future? And will robots soon deliver your yogurt, open the container and feed it to you? Get answers in today's Geekly Update... it's jam-packed with the latest tech news. This issue is guaranteed to make you 146% smarter -- you'll see why. Read, think, and, comment!

The AskBobRankin Geekly Update

Microsoft is warning netizens to watch out for toll fraud malware. The company calls it a prevalent and evolving threat affecting Android mobile devices. Toll fraud works by disabling the user's wifi connection, then tricks victims into calling or sending a text message to a premium (fee-based) number.

Some hope is on the horizon for people with painful, damaged rotator cuffs. Harvard scientists have developed a way to restore damaged tendons and muscles, using 3D-bioprinted tissue. Testing done on rats shows that the technique can actually regenerate rotator cuffs.

Phishing and ransomware are so last year. ZDNet editors want you to start thinking about the cybersecurity threats of tomorrow, which include quantum computing risks, deepfakes, the Internet of Things.

USA Today has some tips on tech privacy. Learn how you’re being tracked by cookies, emails, apps, your TV, and how to stop it. Thanks, guys - I needed a few more things to worry about.

Geekly Update 07-07-2022

One seasoned tech writer explains how the digital footprints of his online travels enabled a security researcher to easily dig up his passwords and other personal details. He thought he was being careful.

One if by air, two if by sea. Drones are not limited to the skies, as Spanish police discovered. They recently seized three underwater drones built to smuggle drugs across the sea from Morocco. Each of the unmanned submersibles are capable of carrying up to 200kg (441lbs) of cargo.

The FCC has given Starlink approval to offer satellite internet service on moving cars, boats, and planes. Previously, Starlink was only available to users in fixed locations.

Okay, I can understand why some people might be too busy to do their own grocery shopping. But would you let a WalMart employee inside your home, to provide direct-to-fridge deliveries? InHome is a new, optional perk of Walmart Plus that will cost subscribers an extra $7 each month. "Someone's been eating my porridge," growled the Papa bear.

Not to be outdone, Amazon Prime members will get a new perk, too. Prime now comes with a free, one-year Grubhub+ membership, for deliveries from your favorite local restaurants. Yes, but will they cut my steak and feed it to me?

And finally, this week's Just Here For The Headline entry: Japan To Start Jailing People For Online Insults

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Most recent comments on "Geekly Update - 07 July 2022"

Posted by:

Kenneth H
07 Jul 2022

Now if Starlink would just get enough satellites up to get service to me in the woods. Typically of Elon's companies they keep extending the estimate for delivery.

Posted by:

Russ Baldwin
07 Jul 2022

Bob; I loves these Geekly updates... I find them enlightening, and humorous. I love your personal quips! Sometimes, and I'm sure I'm not the only one, I find myself thinking the same silly questions you intersperse with the info... Keep up the fun infotainment that educates us! Besides, it lets me know your NOT an AI... :)

Posted by:

Brian B
07 Jul 2022

Hi Bob, Re toll fraud malware, I found the blog from MS to be intellectually vague. For instance, I formed the opinion that Apple iOS, by no mention, was not affected. Is that correct? In addition, I am in the dark as to how exactly this malware is introduced to a mobile phone. I can see how it works to cause it's chaos, but how does it get access in the first place? Would a whitelist of numbers and addresses eliminate this problem?

I have got as far as not clicking any links on mobile phone or online computer activity, but reading this article, I get the distinct impression that this malware doesn't need those actions, and attacks silently without giving any clues to the victim.

Posted by:

Wild Bill
08 Jul 2022

The problem with "hope on the horizon" for some of us age-challenged individuals is the temporal distance between R&D and consumer access. A recent article described some serendipitous discovery that could lead to a reversal of my COPD but I will likely be gone before it clears the lab, let alone regulatory hurdles. C'est la vie.

Posted by:

10 Jul 2022

My 55”Kogan smart tv is showing “no signal”.I can’t get any tv channels.’auto tune doesn’t pick up any channels

Posted by:

11 Jul 2022

Chris; What do you use to receive your channels? Antenna? Internet? Satellite? You submitted a post so you have an internet provider.
Check your tv inputs. Maybe you have a bad connection cable. Bad antenna connection. Or need to reconfigure your internet connection. No internet? Does your smartphone have a data plan? And allows you to connect your phone to your smart tv by tethering? Note that not all data plans allow tethering. Don't understand terms or procedures? Perform a search on the internet.

Posted by:

19 Jul 2022

Grubhub has actually found that the most efficient way for them to deliver a service is for them to eat the steak and send you an email describing how it tasted.

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