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Can you teach a classroom of kids how to use Microsoft Word, using only a chalkboard? What should you do if your Amazon Echo is bursting into laughter at inappropriate moments? And is the government using implanted microchips to track, control and torment ordinary citizens? Get answers in today's Geekly Update -- it's jam-packed with the latest tech news. This issue is guaranteed to make you 146% smarter -- you'll see why. Read, think, and, comment!

The AskBobRankin Geekly Update

A teacher in the African country of Ghana taught his classes all about Microsoft products without having any computers. He drew the software’s user interface on his blackboard with chalk. His incredible presentations went viral and Microsoft got wind of it. That classroom now has computers stacked up higher than Waffle House’s namesake breakfast.

A toddler in China managed to lock his mother's iPhone for 47 years by repeatedly entering the wrong password. Mrs. Lu was told by a technician at the Apple Store that she could wait 47 years for the phone to unlock, or reboot and wipe all data from the phone.

This just in from the "Keep Your Day Job" department: If your Amazon Echo is laughing at you, it's not because you're so funny. Amazon is investigating a software bug that causes the device to emit sounds of unbidden hilarity.

Geekly Update 03-08-2018

Restaurant workers' demands for higher wages may backfire, if Flippy the burger-flipping robot has anything to say about it. A Caliburger restaurant in Pasadena, California "employs" Flippy, who uses artificial intelligence, thermal imaging, and 3D vision to determine the optimal time to flip or remove a burger from the grill.

Slashdot, one of the oldest and geekiest forums online, was knocked offline by a Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) attack on Thursday, March 1. The downtime lasted into the weekend.

Github, the massive open-source software repository, fared better than Slashdot on Wednesday, February 28, 2018, when it fended off the largest DDOS attack ever recorded - a super-tsunami of bogus traffic that reached 1.35 terabits per second. For reference, a data flow of that magnitude would consume your 2-terabyte hard drive in 12 seconds.

There are people who think they are “targeted individuals” being tormented by mysterious government agents who drug their targets, implant chips, and control the poor devils’ bodies and minds. Wired magazine has in-depth looks into the tormented minds of these delusional souls. (Aren't we already being tracked, controlled and tormented by our smartphones?)

Renowned physicist and champion no-hands wheelchair racer Stephen Hawkings believes he knows how Time behaved before the Big Bang. His theory will bend your mind.

A 13-foot robot that cost $100 million to build is something I’d like to see under my 500-foot tall Christmas tree.

Ordinary citizens who donated their unused CPU cycles to the Einstein@Home distributed “big data” processing project have been rewarded with the discovery of radio frequency pulsations from a Millisecond pulsar. So, SETI@Home, why is it taking so long to find E.T.?

Meanwhile, in Iceland, daring thieves have absconded with 600 powerful cryptocurrency “mining” computers valued at $60 mill- no wait, $30 mi- er, now it’s $113… oh let’s just go with the unit count of 600 really powerful computers.

The “Worst Choice of Sponsors for Your App” award goes to the developer of “NRA: Practice Range,” an iOS app that was pulled from the Apple Store following the Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida that left 17 dead and ignited a nova-like firestorm of backlash against the gun lobby. The developer of the app wants it known that he is no longer affiliated with the NRA; he also wants his name and whereabouts unknown, for some reason.

Have you ever wondered what happens to your body when you donate it to science? If you don’t want to know, don’t click this link. But it’s pretty interesting.

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Most recent comments on "Geekly Update - 08 March 2018"

Posted by:

08 Mar 2018

"he also wants his name and whereabouts unknown, for some reason"
Because of death threats from the open minded, peace lovers, that hate the NRA?

Posted by:

Frank *
08 Mar 2018

According to a recent article I read online, a lot of people who “donate their body to science“ after they die and up having the body sold on the “spare parts market“ to hospitals who want the parts for transplants. So rather than having your body benefit those who may be trying to cure cancer or other incurable diseases, it just goes in too many cases to greedy profiteers, while your state/survivors get nada.

Posted by:

08 Mar 2018

Perhaps some don't like donating parts, but I am a registered organ donor. Any of my parts they can use to help someone else are well used. I also doubt that "a lot" of people donating their body to science are having their parts diverted to greedy profiteers. It probably has happened, but most likely very rarely.

Posted by:

Jay R
08 Mar 2018

Hawkins get weirder and weirder. Maybe he and Lauper need to get together and sing Time After Time Only Happened After Time Before Time. All praise be to Alice.

Posted by:

Jay R
08 Mar 2018

I wonder if the Russian burger flipping robot is named Fliperov.

Posted by:

Top Squirrel
09 Mar 2018

Re Bill's comment: About the guy who wants to distance himself from the death threats from the peace-lovers who hate the NRA -- would these be the same people who harassed, desecrated the home of and beat up the kids of the lady who won her case before the supreme court outlawing prayer in public schools becauise she was ungodly and unchristian?

Re Frank's comment: The federal law against selling body parts removes the incentive to allow one's body to be used for good purposes. Instead, the hospital profits, the surgeon profits, the brokers profit and the relatives of the poor deceased? They'd be ecstatic to get nada. Instead they're left with a big bill from those same hospitala and surgeons who hosted the last illness of the dear departed. Makes you want to live after all, doesn't it?
I wonder if it may put a crimp on some old guy's willingness to give his body "to science" if it winds up in a medical school gross anatomy lab, where it is cut up by the old guy's granddaughter and her fellow med school girlfriends. ("Wow, I never knew Grandpa had such an impressive pecker in his pants! I can hardly wait to do my father!") And when there's nothing left but an indistinguishable mess of bone and squishy tissue, it all gets shoveled into a furnace.
There is the argument that after you're dead, it doesn't matter what happens to your body. That may be, but there is a long tradition of respect for the remains of the dead that must count for something.

Posted by:

09 Mar 2018

Demands for higher wages may backfire?


They started years ago. A few Mickey D's by me eliminated at least one and sometimes two cashiers by the use of kiosks. There are 4 in each one and they don't demand pay raises... yet.

Posted by:

Ron Beckett
09 Mar 2018

Both my wife and I have arranged to be body donors with the University of Technology Sydney (Australia). We can be cut up or left to rot in a body farm.
We both carry, in addition to our organ donor card, a body donation program card.
Fewer trainee doctors are doing dissection at Med School (although our Dr. daughter did).

Posted by:

11 Mar 2018

The Kiosks don't demand pay raises. They also don't give you attitude!

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