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Ever since the Web went graphical in the early 1990's, there have been people motivated to create websites that exist only to be amusing, annoying or completely useless. And like a car wreck, we just can't keep ourselves from looking at these things... and telling all our friends. Consider these Internet Classics required viewing. They're part of Internet lore and legend, and everyone should see all of them at least once.

Internet Classics

  • Go ahead... press The Really Big Button That Doesn't Do Anything. Useless since 1994, the RBBTDDA is one of the first websites to go viral, meaning that it quickly became well-known by word of mouth.

  • You decide... is Samorost an adventure game or interactive art? When I first discovered this game, it was cleverly concealed in a deodorant website.

  • Evil Conspiracy Unmasked! All Your Base Are Belong To Us reveals photographic proof of a conspiracy so large and so complicated that well... you know. Zero Wing, a poorly translated Japanese video game for the old Sega Genesis console, served as the inspiration for this phenomenon.

  • Pick the Music, the Jiggy and the Booty -- and watch Paul dance! Dancing Paul will keep small minds occupied for minutes on end.

  • Singing, dancing, and a floating hat -- it's Hatt Baby! It's annoying, badly animated, and incomprehensible. But you will be drawn against your will to watch until the very end. One of the Net's most enduring memes.

  • It's just Good Science... the Traffic Cone Preservation Society seeks to ensure that future generations will have the opportunity to enjoy these orange pointy-headed critters.

  • If you scratched that itch a little too hard, then 75 years of Band-Aid may be just the cure. A featured site on the Unusual Museums of the Internet tour, along with Becky's Banana Sticker Bonanza.

  • Is it a word, a number, or something else entirely? Shfifty Five is one thing for sure -- proof positive that anyone with rudimentary art skills, a microphone and the Macromedia Flash authoring software can become famous overnight.

  • Yet Another Flash Abomination: The Kitty Kat Dance takes Bad Art to new heights. But for some strange reason, it's fun to watch.

  • If you've ever had a bad experience with online shopping, you'll find REEMCO: The Way E-Commerce Should Be absolutely hilarious. Be sure to go through the entire checkout process...

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    Most recent comments on "Going Viral - Internet Classics"

    Posted by:

    01 Mar 2006

    Bob, You forgot the "End of the Internet"


    Its been copied many many times.

    And you may want to mention the WayBackMachine.


    Posted by:

    01 Mar 2006

    How could you leave out Zombo.com?

    Posted by:

    03 Mar 2006

    You forgot www.hamsterdance.com

    Posted by:

    03 Mar 2006

    Unlike the unlimited possibilities of zombo.com joecartoon.com pretty much goes as far as it wants.

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