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Are you having a problem using or understanding certain Windows features? Are you getting error messages you don't understand? Having trouble with audio, video, printing, or getting connected to a network? Maybe you're concerned about privacy, security or performance. If so, the Microsoft Fix It Solution Center might be able to solve the problem with just a few clicks…

What Kind of Problems can "Fix It" Fix?

Most of the time Windows works just fine. You point, click, and your program opens; your document prints; your music and videos play. But occasionally, things get fouled up -- it could be due to malware, poorly written application software, hardware glitches, or obscure bugs in the operating system.

Perhaps your Word document won't open… you can't install a new printer… a certain file can't be deleted… or maybe your system is freezing up, crashing or displaying error messages that are laden with geeky jargon and hexidecimal codes. The Microsoft Fix It Solution Center can help with these and many other common problems.

There are over 270 solutions in the Fix It Center as of this writing. That’s a large number but they’re organized well and clearly labeled. In the first step of using the Fix It Center, you can narrow down the scope of your search by specifying what you’re having problems with. Step 1 asks you to select a problem area, such as Top Solutions, WIndows, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Entertainment, Office or Other.
Microsoft Fix It Solution Center

If you're not sure which problem area to start with, try Top Solutions. Step 2 asks: “What are you trying to do?” and offers several options:

  • Use Desktop features, or open programs & files
  • Play games, music, or sounds, pictures or video
  • Connect to the Internet or networks
  • Install or upgrade hardware or software
  • Print, fax, scan, share, or save
  • Fix performance, errors, or crashes
  • Fix security, privacy, or user accounts

I’m not sure these choices cover all the bases, but they seem pretty comprehensive. After selecting one of the above categories, a list of solutions will appear in the Step 3. You can further narrow your search with keywords, using the Filter Solutions box. For example, if you selected "Install or upgrade software or hardware", you might enter "USB" as a keyword to narrow the list of solutions.

Run Now or Learn More?

If you don't get the help you need from the Fixit Solution Center, try these links to find other free tools that I recommend:
Free Troubleshooting Tools for Windows
Free Anti-Virus Programs
HOWTO: Clean Up Your Hard Drive
Fix Windows Problems With System Restore

Search results are displayed 10 at a time by default. Each result consists of a clear “statement of symptoms” such as, “Windows Aero Glass visual effects are not working or displayed.”

Well, of course they aren’t; most people have disabled Aero Glass and don’t recall how turn it on again. But for those rare users who want to re-enable Aero Glass, there’s a Fix It Solution; just click the green “Run Now” button to the left of the search result, and you will get the option to run the Fix without saving it to your hard drive or to download a copy to your drive.

If you want details of what the Fix It program will do before you click “Run Now,” click on “learn more” under the “Run Now” button. Each Fix It program gives you the option to let it run automatically and apply all of its fixes, or to review the problems it finds and decide for yourself which fix(es) you wish to apply.

Microsoft Fix It Solutions may not always be the best of their breeds. For instance, one Solution promises to “Fix Windows system performance problems on slow Windows computers… Automatically troubleshoot and repair Windows performance problems. Improve, optimize and speed up Windows computers and make slow running PCs faster.”

That sounds like the type of work that CCleaner, Privazer, Advanced System Care, and many other third-party tune-up utilities will do. But clicking to “learn more” reveals that this Fix is rather limited. What it fixes...

  • Power plan is set to power saver
  • More than one user is logged on to this computer
  • Multiple anti-virus programs are running
  • Several programs are running when Windows starts
  • Running advanced visual effects (like Vista transparency) and running multiple programs at once may affect performance

There’s nothing about cleaning up junk files, freeing RAM, correcting registry errors, deep scanning for malware, fixing corrupted Master File Tables, and many other problems that can diminish PC performance.

So, try the Microsoft Fix It Solution Center because it’s free and it won’t hurt. Another plus is that the solutions are automated. You don't have to perform a series of steps on your own, enter cryptic commands, or manually fiddle with the registry. If you’re happy with the results, fine. If not, there are other solutions to most Windows problems. See the inset above for links to related articles with more free, powerful tools to help you solve Windows-related problems.

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Most recent comments on "Microsoft Fix It Solution Center"

(See all 21 comments for this article.)

Posted by:

Scott Orten
04 Sep 2014

Where can I find the Microsoft Fix It Solution Center

Posted by:

Gerard Connaughton
04 Sep 2014

It might be helpful to post the link:

Posted by:

04 Sep 2014

Perhaps a link to
could be included above...
(or did I miss it?)

Posted by:

04 Sep 2014

Although I've been reluctant to laud Microsoft in the past, a recent experience using MS FixIt has changed my view.

My PC suddenly wouldn't print to any of my printers and the printers themselves appeared to be OK - all performed a local test. Running FixIt from the MS site restored full access to all printers. Full marks, Microsoft!

Posted by:

04 Sep 2014

My problem with Windows are the updates. Lately, they have caused my computer to freeze so I have to use restore but that means I don't have the security update. I can't find an answer for this anywhere. Any help on this will be greatly appreciated.

Posted by:

bob price
04 Sep 2014

Fascinating. Probably just me, but cannot find link to this fix it center. Where is it?

Posted by:

04 Sep 2014

Great article but how do we get to the Microsoft Fit It Solution Center that you describe??

EDITOR'S NOTE: Oops! I added the link.

Posted by:

Mac 'n' Cheese
04 Sep 2014

I've used Microsoft's Fix-it tools for years, to unjam recalcitrant print spoolers and other geeky things. Very often they're just what the doctor ordered--and simple to run.

Thanks for highlighting the new interface at That is a lot handier than downloading various Fix-It tools to your computer, which is what I've done over the years.

Thanks, Bob.

Posted by:

04 Sep 2014

In my experience, I've found "Fix-It's" have only been able to fix the easy stuff. For example, recently, I've been working on a client's machine with a major .NET problem. Fix-It's have been unable to fix the problem or help me make any serious headway in solving the problem. I've used Fix-It's to repair the .Net framework and also to remove the current .Net stack so I could start over. No luck for either obe. I'v given up using Fix-It's and resorted to the old fashion "solve it thru time and talent" approach.

Posted by:

04 Sep 2014

I just switched to Office 2007 and was disappointed to see Outlook Express had gone away. fine. I managed to get Outlook set up, and have experience with it in the dim past.

Every once in a long while, I get a prompt to enter a password for one of my gmail accounts or another. it isn't really required; I just x out of it, but it always seems to pop up when I am particularly busy and not in the mood for this nonsense.

I am told that I have to completely delete my gmail accounts and reconfigure them, and haven't had spare time so to do. is there any other fix?

I will be examining this tool, and thank you for the advice!

Posted by:

Paul Memoli
04 Sep 2014

If your Internet Explorer browser keeps saying that it encountered a problem and needs to close, and you simply can't access any online guides or help, go to the control panel. Click on Internet Options, swing to the far right tab "Advanced" and then click on "get rid of all my personal settings and then restore to pc defaults."

I was able to use a laptop that was working fine to correct the problem that was blocking my desktop pc from the internet.

This is a simple task, particularly for people who have no reason to worry if their internet explorer pulls a Madonna: Like a Virgin. You may lose your favorite sites and your blocked sites. Browser extensions and add-ons may disappear. Like I said, I tried several programs before I Googled; "Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close>"

5 minutes later my desktop was back online.

Posted by:

04 Sep 2014

The MS site was so dysfunctional that I couldn't even leave a question. Perhaps you can help me find a way to tweak Windows 7 to assign top priority to the process I'm currently working on. Anything else should move to the background.

EDITOR'S NOTE: That should be the default in any multi-tasking OS. Do have know for sure that's not happening?

Posted by:

b f farrow
05 Sep 2014

Every time I bring up something you send to be printed, part on the right side is missing. when I bring up print preview it is missing there too.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I tested with IE, Firefox and Chrome -- all of them looked fine when printing. What OS and browser do you use?

Posted by:

05 Sep 2014

Fix it does not seem to work with Windows 8.1 64 bits. Fix it told me Microsoft Fix It does not apply to your system. I was looking to see if it could help fixing the famous Windows 8.1 slow boot problem. There is a thread of about 225 messages in the Windows forum about that problem and Microsoft never dare to even answer in the past year. About time that MS support there own OS.. Below is the Tread

Posted by:

05 Sep 2014

Thanks a lot.
This did the trick. Windows media player now works properly.

Posted by:

Katie M
10 Sep 2014

The Fix It Center tells me it does not support my OS, which is 8.1. I agree with JMR: the Windows Forum is useless. Windows users are there begging for help with 8.1 and the new Outlook mail, and Microsoft simply doesn't reply. I have multiple problems with both of these programs, nowhere can I find the solutions, and it's causing serious damage to my life. Is there no site out there to help those of us who've been victimized and abandoned by Microsoft?

Posted by:

20 Sep 2014

B F Farrow, check out your printer settings on your paper size, it may not be set on A4

Posted by:

23 Sep 2014

Great article but unfortunately MS Fix It does not support Windows 8.1.

Posted by:

15 Jan 2015

No support for your OS. Win8.1

Posted by:

02 Aug 2015

how to set up 10 multiusers on win 10. or link to site where some one has done mthe same thanks

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