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I'm concerned about threats to my privacy while using my home computer. Can you recommend any good tools to help me use my computer and navigate the web safely, without compromising my privacy?

Protect Yourself With Privacy Software

computer privacy tools It doesn't hurt to be a little paranoid, when they really ARE out to get you. There are plenty of dangers that might be lurking in your computer, or out there in cyberspace. Fortunately, there are some excellent privacy software tools that can be used to both diagnose potential threats to your computer privacy as well as to secure your system.

If you're worried about keyloggers, hard drive hijackers, or the tracks you might be leaving when you surf the web, read on to see my recommendations for privacy tools that will protect you from snoopers, cover your tracks, and help you fly under the radar. Even better, they're all free, or offer a free trial.


Anti-Logger works by protecting your system's most vulnerable data components, including your keyboard, your hard drive and your screen. AntiLogger looks for suspicious activity, such as keyloggers, webcam loggers, screen loggers, and SSL loggers that try to intercept data over secure connections. It is compatible with other security products and makes a great add on to a comprehensive computer security system. This program offers a free 30 day trial and has a list price of $39.50.

File Shredder 2

If you're looking for a free privacy software product then take a look at File Shredder 2. It removes sensitive files from your hard drive in a manner that makes recovery impossible. This will prevent hackers from accessing these files to steal bank information and other sensitive pieces of data.

Free Internet Eraser 2.5

Free Internet Eraser 2.5 is another option that you have for free privacy software. It works with Windows NT, 98, 2000, ME, XP and Vista. Its security system focuses on erasing browser histories, IE cache files, address bar histories, cookies, third party software histories and temporary files.

Webroot Window Washer

The Webroot Window Washer is a product that targets browser histories for erasing. It also can be used to erase unnecessary files.

Window Washer's One-click Shredder lets you shred an entire folder, or just a single file. On the flip side, the Critical File Protection feature will prevent you from accidentally removing important files. The Smart Cookie Saver deletes the cookies you don't want and lets you keep those you do. Window Washer has a free trial, and lists for $29.95.

Hipe My IP 2009

Hide My IP 2009 is a privacy tool that works by cloaking your IP address. This allows you to surf the Internet anonymously, and it also allows you to send anonymous emails. This program works well for posting blogs and messages to social networking sites that you may have been previously banned from.

X-Ray PC

One final privacy security program to look at is X-Ray PC. This program is not like the other products mentioned above. Instead it acts as a diagnostic tool which identifies potential system problems caused by hackers and malware. X-Ray PC shows you EVERYTHING that's running on your computer, including programs, system services, toolbars, and web browser plugins (BHOs). It also shows you items that will AutoStart next time you turn on the computer. I don't recommend X-Ray PC for non-techies, but savvy users will find it a useful tool to identify and zap active malware.

I recommend that you also check out other articles in this category (see the links below). Do you have a favorite computer privacy tool that's not mentioned here? Post a comment and tell us about it...

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Most recent comments on "Privacy Software"

Posted by:

04 Jun 2009

You didn't address the "Delete Browsing History" tool in Internet Explorer, and the "InPrivate Browsing" option in IE 8. Are these useful?

EDITOR'S NOTE: I recently wrote about that. See

Posted by:

10 Jun 2009

Bob: thought you might want to correct this typo: "Hipe My IP 2009" is currently the title for HIDE MY IP section on this page. Thanks for your great newsletters - I always enjoy reading every article!

EDITOR'S NOTE: That's not a typo... it's the name of the program.

Posted by:

15 Jun 2009

Hello, Bob. You say that "PeerGuardian 2 is another IP address blocker." As far as I know, it blocks incoming IPs, not outgoing. Am I correct?

EDITOR'S NOTE: According to a Wikipedia article, it can block both incoming and outgoing IPs. But it seems primarily aimed at P2P users who want to block anti-P2P organizations, which might be trying to hamper the illegal downloaders.

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