What is Windows OneCare?

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Microsoft has announced a new service called Windows OneCare. Is it something you need for your computer? Maybe... If you're worried about not doing everything you should to keep your PC optimized and safe, then Windows OneCare is something that may help.

Windows OneCare

Windows OneCare is a comprehensive service that offers one-click solutions to address both security and performance issues on your computer. OneCare continuously scans your system for potential security vulnerabilities and looks for ways to optimize your PC's performance. If it detects anything you can do to improve the overall "health" of your computer, OneCare will alert you and suggest a solution.

Are your Antivirus and Firewall packages protecting you adequately from viruses, worms, Trojan horses, hackers, and other threats? OneCare will scan your entire system (or just individual files and folders) for malware and other security problems. You can also check attachments that you receive through emails or MSN Messenger for viruses or worms.

Do you find it a nuisance to maintain your hard disk and make sure that critical system fixes are applied? OneCare Tune-up automates your routine maintenance and helps to improve your computer's performance. This automated service performs the following functions:

  • Scan your computer for viruses.
  • Defragment your hard disk to help improve efficiency.
  • Remove unnecessary files to increase available hard disk space.
  • Ensure that security updates from Microsoft are installed.

    Backup and Restore

    OneCare will also back up your files automatically if you have an external hard drive, or copy your important files and settings to CDs or DVDs. This protects you from data loss due to accidental deletion, viruses, faulty software or hardware failure. If you have ever suffered through a hard drive crash and the frustration of lost data that took days, weeks or years to create, then you understand the importance of AUTOMATED backups. In the event of a data loss, your file(s) can be recovered easily from the backup media.

    Is This Rocket Science?

    No, but very few users have a reliable, automated plan for keeping their computer safe and running with optimal performance. Even fewer have an automated backup plan to protect their data from loss. If you are an experienced user, and you enjoy maintaining your system, you can certainly do everything that OneCare does on your own. But a comprehensive service that puts security and performance tuning on auto-pilot is a welcome (and overdue) service for most Windows users.

    The Windows OneCare service is in beta testing, and Microsoft is accepting customer requests for participation. You can learn more and sign up for the beta here:


    Note: Microsoft has made the beta available only for US citizens at this time.

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    Most recent comments on "What is Windows OneCare?"

    Posted by:

    Alex Nicol
    18 Nov 2005

    A person with Windows ME cannot access this service on www.live.com because the service only supports windows XP. What a waste to me , because I spent hard earned money for a full Windows ME CD, now to be told later I need to use Windows XP. My computer is old and I re-formatted drive, etc. I installed and like Windows ME and I am not going to buy a newer computer for a while.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: WinME is really just Win98 with a few extra bells & whistles. So they are both functionally obsolete. I expect that MS will withdraw support (patches and security fixes) for both of them soon.

    Posted by:

    28 Dec 2007

    Please help Bob-I log on to my computer and all that is there is my screensaver picture-No desktop or start menu-If I need to get into anything I have to click CTRL-ALT-DELETE and go into Task Manager and when I type Control Panel in Task Manager a box comes up and says there is no file for that-Please help me with this-I don't know what it could be-I know my 14 yr old son was on there and I don't know if he clicked something that made it do that or if it is a virus-Hope you can help me with this-thanks

    EDITOR'S NOTE: Try booting up into Safe Mode, then run System Restore. See http://askbobrankin.com/system_restore.html

    Posted by:

    Anubrata Dey
    10 Sep 2009

    my system loaded with Vista home premium. when I bought the computer onecare was given with it and it was not asking any update. But once updated its showing it has some 44 days protection and after that it will expire. It is asking some money to subscribe. Isn't it free with OS? I mean atleat it should continue to provide the basic secuirities? Meanwhile, I have loaded avg8.5 free version apart from the onecare. now pls tell me how i will will go about my safty of my computer after onecare expires? How avg8.5 free version is reliable? kindly give me some suggestions as i am not interested to pay any money for the time being.

    EDITOR'S NOTE: If you already have AVG, you don't need OneCare. Just remove OneCare from your computer.

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