Wrong Font for Outlook Express Printing

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When printing email in Outlook Express, all of a sudden the printer has increased the font size from 12 to about 16 or 18. I can find no place to tell Outlook Express to use a smaller font size. What has happened and how can I change it?

It would make perfect sense if there was a setting somewhere in Outlook Express to control the font that is used for printing.

But incredibly... there is not.

For reasons known only to Bill Gates and Algore, the Outlook Express printer font depends on the screen font that you select in a completely different program -- Internet Explorer.

In other words, if you increase the screen font for viewing web pages with Internet Explorer, you will also increase the print font for printing emails with Outlook Express.

To change the Internet Explorer screen font, select View from the toolbar, then select Text Size. I recommend you stick with the Medium setting. If the changes don't take effect right away, close Explorer and Outlook Express, then re-open Outlook Express and try to print.

It's crazy, but true. And it's just another example of the strange things that happen when application programs are too tightly bound to the operating system.

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Most recent comments on "Wrong Font for Outlook Express Printing"

Posted by:

08 Jul 2005

It isn't a cross-program interaction, but there's a similar behavior in Firefox: being old, I like to view web pages with big fonts, say 16 or 18 point. However, my near vision is excellent, so I like to read printed text in a 10 or 12 point font. Unfortunately, Firefox uses the screen font for printing, so if I want a reasonably sized print font I have to change the font from 16 to 12 every time I print, and change it back when I'm finished:

ATTENTION ALL PROGRAMERS: We need separate options for "print" and "screen" fonts!

Posted by:

06 Jun 2006

Separate fonts for print and screen: web designers should pay attention to the '@media' bits of the CSS spec -- http://www.w3.org/TR/CSS21/media.html (I think Firefox obeys these).

Many people complain that reading from a screen hurts their eyes. Most of these people don't know what "refresh rate" is, and have theirs set at 60Hz. Yes, that will hurt your eyes, but paper is not the answer -- change your refresh rate!

On another note, I think people should think seriously about printing less -- is there ever a really good reason for printing out a web page or an e-mail? I think not.

EDITOR'S NOTE: I agree with your first few comments, but the last one is just silly.

Posted by:

Harold Williams
29 Jun 2007

When I attempt to print any e-mail (sent, received, etc,) the message is surrounded and interspersed with a gobbledegook of meaningless type, such as (DIV)(FONT face=Arial)(FONT) , etc. This stuff doesn't appear on the screen and normal printing, outside Outlook Express, comes out fine.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Those are HTML formatting codes. Do they happen with ALL messages you print?

Posted by:

26 Oct 2007

Thank you, Thank you. How great it is to find an answer. Now I can avoid using 3 pages to print out a simple e-mail! Y'all are wondrous.

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