AskBob's Best of 2023 - Part Two

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Did you see Part One of my “Best of 2023” series? Today, I've got another group of ten very popular AskBob articles for you. These have been selected with help from semi-sentient robots, excerpts from high-profile data breaches, input from clandestine 5G cellular towers, and artificial intelligence software that I 'borrowed' from a secret underground laboratory. Some mass may have been lost in the process, and for that, I apologize to the physicists at the Large Hadron Collider. I hope you'll read each one, leave your own comments, and share them with your email, and social media contacts.

Your Favorite AskBob Stories of 2022

In AskBob's Best of 2023 - Part One, some of the topics were focused on dealing with Security, Free Software, Television and AI. Looking at today, some of the key concepts that jump out at me are Search, Speed, and Privacy. I hope you'll enjoy today's final Top Ten of 2023...

1. Here's How to Speed Up Your Internet Connection
An AskBob reader asked me for tips to speed up his Internet connection. Unless you enjoy watching paint dry, a slow internet connection can be very frustrating, especially when you're trying to stream a movie, play an online game, or just browse the web. Sometimes the slowdown is beyond your control; the Internet is subject to traffic jams and congestion, just like any other highway. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to speed up your internet connection. Here's a bucket of tips and tools that can help you go faster on the information highway...

2. Fileless Malware: The Ghost in Your Computer
A clever but pernicious software technique that's been known for more than a decade is being adopted by today's malware authors, complicating the work of anti-virus developers and digital forensic analysts. Tracking down so-called “fileless malware” is to detection of regular malware what ghost-hunting is to catching a garden-variety burglar. Read on to learn about this resurgent threat and what you can do to stop it...

Askbob best of 2023 part two

3. So I Just Googled Myself...
Have you ever used Google or Bing to search your own name, address or phone number? In an age of powerful search engines, social media, artificial intelligence, and changing attitudes about privacy, you might be shocked to see what a casual searcher can learn about you. If you're okay with that level of transparency, then fine. If not, read on for some tips on what you can do about it...

4. Have You Made These Identity Theft Mistakes?
Identity theft is one of the most traumatic non-violent crimes to which one can fall victim. When a crook uses your good name to commit fraud or robbery, the impact on your reputation, employability, and credit is severe, and can last for years. It's even possible to find yourself arrested for crimes you did not commit. So it's important to protect yourself against identity thieves. Avoiding certain common mistakes is your first line of defense. Read on for my tips on avoiding fraud and identity theft, and see if you've made any mistakes that can make it easier for scammers to victimize you...

5. Would You Click This Link?
Your mouse hovers over a link... your trembling finger is poised to click... but you stop to think. Is there danger lurking behind that link? Do you know how to tell right away if a website (or link) is going to lead you into a world of hurt? A single click can trigger an unwanted download, a malware infection, stolen login credentials, ransomware, or identity theft. Here are some practical tips and tools you can use to click smarter...

6. How Many Windows Keyboard Shortcuts Have You Tried?
Windows 10 and 11 keyboard shortcuts can save time, wrist motions, and for some people, carpal tunnel pain. Keyboard shortcuts are combinations of two or more keys (or a key and a mouse button) that, when pressed simultaneously, perform a task that would normally require moving the mouse around, clicking, and possibly navigating sub-menus. There's even a useful super-secret keystroke that very few people know! Here are some keyboard shortcuts you should know, and try for yourself...

7. Your CD and DVD Discs May Fail Sooner Than You Think
If your precious memories or important files are backed up on CD, DVD or Blu-Ray discs, you might want to go looking for a medium that will protect your documents, photos and videos a bit better. Would you be surprised to learn that a U.S. government study concluded that standard optical discs have an expected lifespan of just 3 to 5 years? Would you like to learn about a data storage solution that promises 100, or even 1000 years? Read on...

8. REVEALED: How Creepy Marketers Get Your Email Address
Have you ever visited an online store, and later got an email from that website, even though you never provided your email address? I find this disturbing, and you probably will too, when you learn how and why this is happening. Read on to learn the source of mystery marketing messages...

9. Should You X-Ray Your Computer?
Do you know what's going on inside your PC? Most people don’t, and most of the time they don’t need to know. But there are occasions when a detailed inventory of a computer’s components comes in handy. Read on to learn some surprising reasons why you SHOULD know what's under the hood of your computer, even if you're NOT a techie. And also, some software tools that will let you “x-ray” your PC, so you can see what's inside without touching a screwdriver. Read on...

10. [PRIVACY] What's in YOUR Digital Dossier?
Thanks to the Internet and online search tools, it’s easy for ordinary people to collect copious quantities of information about nearly any person, place or topic. That is indisputably a good thing. However, when it comes to the multi-billion-dollar business of collecting and selling data about other people, that use of the Internet can take a sinister turn. Read on for the scoop on data brokers, how they operate, and what they may know about you...

I hope you enjoy reading (or re-discovering) each of these stories, and of course, please leave your own comments! I'd also be grateful if you forward this to a friend who would enjoy it. If you're not a subscriber, you can sign up for AskBob Updates. Happy New Year, I'll see you in 2024!

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30 Dec 2023

Years back made the mistake of buying Staples dvds. They lasted maybe 3 years before dropping data bigtime.

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Kenny D
08 Jan 2024

In Indiana the bureau of Motor Vehicles makes millions selling registrants personal information to a multitude of agencies.

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