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I want express my sincere THANKS to YOU and the 130,000+ others who have subscribed to the AskBob newsletter since 2005. This year I celebrated the 18th anniversary of this newsletter, and there are over 3000 articles here now. Many of you are regular readers and contribute comments, which I love. And since I love numbers almost as much as words, I asked my robot to scan the server logs to find the most popular articles of the year. Here are ten of the top articles for you to review. I hope you'll check out each one, leave your own comments, forward this to a friend, and tell them to sign up for more AskBob in 2024!

Your Favorite AskBob Stories of 2023

As always, there were some key concepts that dominated the year in tech. Security... Privacy... Artificial Intelligence... Those phrases, along with tips, tricks and computer troubleshooting advice also popped up often in the most popular items published here during 2023. Whether you're a long-time reader, or a recent subscriber, I'm sure you'll enjoy reviewing the first installment of my "Top Ten" list below. Part Two will be arriving tomorrow...

1. Yes, You Can Get Free Satellite TV
An AskBob reader asks: “Can I really get satellite TV for free? I've heard about free satellite TV channels one can receive with a free-to-air satellite receiver and dish. Is this true? If so, what satellite channels can I get, what equipment do I need, and is it legal?” The short answer is YES, you can. Read on to learn about free satellite TV options...

2. 12 Computer Facts That Are Not True
Did you know? At midnight on March 31st, the Internet will be temporarily shut down for the annual Spring Cyber Cleaning? Read on to get the scoop on this, Abraham Lincoln's opinion on fake news, and other dubious “facts” about computers and the Internet...

AskBob's Best of 2023

3. Here's Why You Must Keep Your Software Updated (and how to do it for free)
The most common computer problems can be fixed or avoided altogether, simply by keeping all of your software up to date. Updates include patches for security vulnerabilities as well as fixes for bugs, new features, and improvements of existing features. Check out these free programs that will help you keep all your software updated, with just a few clicks...

4. Review: PC Matic Gets a Zero!
After years of hearing from AskBob readers about PC Matic, I finally decided it was time to give the popular antivirus and PC optimizer software a test drive. So in 2021 I did just that, and published my PC Matic review. At the time, I was impressed enough to ditch my current security software, and entrust my home and office computers to PC Matic. A year and a half later, I'm giving PC Matic a ZERO. But wait... that's actually a GOOD thing! Read on for my updated review and recommendation...

5. Here's How to Clean Computer Clutter
A computer is like a car in one respect: both tend to accumulate junk in hard-to-reach places. Cleaning out your car can be a messy, sweaty job with plenty of opportunities for back injuries. Cleaning out a PC is a more civilized affair. Here are some free tools to clean up your hard drive, improve system performance, and make sure your backups run smoothly...

6. Time For a PC Tuneup? Try These Free Tools
A perspicacious AskBob reader says: “I know I need to clean up my hard drive every once in a while. But are there any other regular PC maintenance tasks you recommend doing on a regular basis?” Well, yes! Here are more than ten free programs you can use to clean up and tune up your Windows computer...

7. [RECOMMENDED] Seven Free Software Programs - Part One
Here's one common AskBob reader question: “I just got a new computer, and I want to remove all the non-essential programs that came preloaded, and then install the best freeware for everday computing. What do you recommend?” Here is Part One of my free software recommendations for your computer. And of course, there's a Part Two! See also Seven MORE Free Software Recommendations.

8. Cable TV Too Expensive? Try These Free TV Options
I’ve written before about various options for watching TV shows and movies via online streaming services. The good news today is that while Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu and Youtube are constantly raising prices for their services, a bunch of free options are popping up. Read on to learn how you can get local television channels, movies and popular shows without a subscription or monthly fees...

9. [ALERT] Freeze Your Credit Files (all SIX of them)
Frequent and massive data breaches that reveal personal information on millions of consumers make it much easier for crooks to engage in identity theft. As individuals, we have little or no control over over data breaches, and what criminals do with that information. Even worse, the credit reporting agencies tasked with protecting our confidential information seem to think privacy is a joke. But we do have one important tool to defend ourselves. Today you'll learn how credit freezes work, and how they are different than 'fraud alerts' or 'credit locks'. Oh, and should you freeze ALL SIX of your credit files now? Wait... six? Yes, read on!

When things go wrong with your computer, the source of the problem is often in the hard drive. One of the best things you can do to prevent computer problems and improve performance is to keep your hard drive in tip-top shape. Here are some of the most important tasks for hard drive optimization, plus some nifty (and free) software utilities that make getting them done a breeze...

I mentioned artificial intelligence in the opening, so here's a bonus article from March 2023 with some of my thoughts on AI. See
Geekly Update - 29 March 2023 (Are we doomed?)

I hope you enjoy reading (or re-discovering) each of these, and of course, leave your own comments! If you're not a subscriber, you can sign up for AskBob Updates, or forward this to a friend who would enjoy it. Tomorrow I'll publish Part Two of AskBob's Best of 2023, so stay tuned!

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28 Dec 2023

I have tried many of your suggestions. many very helpful. But I have one. My screen died. My nephew gave me one. It has a Hidden file. Causes some letters and Numbers to be Neon like what's used in Gaming. I tried PC matic. Didn't help. Do you know how to remove a hidden file in tasks. Thanks- Lisa

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31 Dec 2023

THANKS to YOU and the 130,000+ .....129,999 as of this last post....the intrusive ads are , just that.Bye

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