Can An App Get Traffic Tickets Dismissed?

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Parking tickets are a nuisance, but a citation for speeding, running a stop sign, or driving while yakking it up on your cell phone can cost you big bucks. Most drivers just pay the fine because they don't understand the legal process. But there are some apps that can help you fight and win...

Is There an App for That?

When politicians have trouble raising taxes, they often turn to traffic fines for more revenue. In New York City, 10 million parking tickets are issued every year, resulting in $600 million in fines. In California, traffic fines and court fees are the state’s second largest source of revenue, right behind sales tax. Driving solo in a car-pool lane? That’s $490 plus an assortment of additional fees, many of which have as much to do with traffic safety as the color of your house.

Those court fees are often just the beginning of the pain. The cost of traffic tickets can include higher insurance premiums, fewer opportunities to rent or own a home, and higher interest rates on loans. A significant number of traffic violation convictions may be interpreted as a sign of irresponsibility or poor judgment by lenders and employers.

Sometimes it's clear that you've broken the law. And although I have utmost respect for the men and women in blue, other cases involve the discretion of an officer who may be under pressure to meet a quota. I got pulled over once in a town that's notorious for "fishing expeditions" by the local police. The officer said he stopped me because "he thought he heard a noise."

traffic ticket apps

Yet most traffic tickets go uncontested; only 5% of U.S. traffic tickets are challenged. The cost of contesting a ticket includes a day off from work, at a minimum, and it may be necessary to hire an expensive lawyer. Most people figure they have little chance of getting a ticket dismissed so they just pay it.

Traffic tickets are a pain; where there’s pain, there’s an app for it. As the cost of traffic and parking tickets has risen, so have startups like,, and These firms offer to keep you out of court by fighting tickets for you, at a much lower cost than traditional legal representation. In fact, you never need to visit a lawyer’s office.

Apps and Websites to Fight Traffic Tickets

To get started with any of the three services, you’ll need to download a free app, or use a website to upload copies of your driver’s license and citation. Each service does things differently thereafter. refers clients to local lawyers who charge as little as $150 to fight a ticket. Fixed claims to have gotten dismissals of 10,000 out of 60,000 cases it has handled in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Oakland. Plans are in place to expand the service to Boston, Washington D.C., Chicago, Philadelphia, and Seattle.

WinIt specializes in parking tickets and claims to have achieved a 40% dismissal rate. WinIt handles only New York City citations, but the app has been downloaded by people in 27 states, and the company claims that 50% of out-of-state parking tickets get dismissed. Winit works on a contingency basis, charging half of any fines it helps drivers avoid.

GetDismissed, which launched in February, charges $99 to prepare a Trial By Written Declaration motion, an option that enables a defendant to challenge a traffic ticket by mail. California residents can use the app or website to download the completed forms, then mail them in to the court, along with a check for bail which is refunded only if you win. claims to have handled over 1,000 cases; but it doesn’t track the success rate of its work.

Often, the easiest way to beat a ticket is simply to show up in court. If the police officer who wrote the ticket doesn’t show up, the case may be dismissed without you having to present a defense. But it also may be continued to a later date, requiring another appearance. If one of these ticket-fixing services can spare you a day in court, it may be worthwhile.

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Most recent comments on "Can An App Get Traffic Tickets Dismissed?"

Posted by:

14 Dec 2015

The last paragraph is misleading. This used to be the case but now it doesn't matter who the officer is. They represent any case in front of the judge.

Posted by:

14 Dec 2015

You don't need an app for this, you can get your ticket dismissed if the officer has made any mistake on the ticket. I had one dismissed because he testified that I was driving in the opposite direction that I actually was. That had nothing to do with what he ticketed me for (not making a complete stop at a light, which I also protested) but the mistake he made was enough to void the entire ticket. On the other hand, I have no use for people who break the law and then try to get out of tickets they deserve. If they put as much energy into something useful as they do not taking responsibility for what they do, it would be a better world.

Posted by:

Sarah L
14 Dec 2015

If I did speed and get the ticket, then I should pay it. Your tone is odd to me, as if most tickets are not properly issued. Think of all the times I was speeding and did not get a ticket. Nonetheless, the one ticket I did get, I went myself and talked to the judge. He listened to the particulars and changed it to a warning. If there is a good reason for appealing, then show up in court. If not, pay up and change your ways. Seems odd to have those apps, but if some people are helped, with a ticket costing more than $150, I suppose that is worth it.

Posted by:

14 Dec 2015

I don't find the "tone" odd at all. There are plenty of times when people get parking tickets or other violations that are unjustified. These apps will help people who are otherwise uninformed or intimidated by the legal system, to fight back without spending hundreds of dollars and taking time away from work.

Posted by:

14 Dec 2015

CJ, it must depend on the state you live in. I've had tickets dismissed in NY state when the officer failed to appear.

Posted by:

14 Dec 2015

Try Chicago folks, It seems that something over a million dollars in fines generated by so called "red light" and school-zone speeding cameras were declared invalid, but the ruling came after the statue of limitations had expired so too bad. (The school-zone citations were based on "when children are present" speed limits, but it turns out many of the tickets were issued during non-school hours and the photo images of the "violations" failed to show that any children were in the area at all...) Pretty much a revenue generating issue than any sort of safety issue. Gosh what a surprise...

Posted by:

Paul Memoli
14 Dec 2015

In Bridgeport Ct, where some of my family still lives, they installed traffic cameras on top of at least 25% of the traffic lights. So far no one I know has been cited for anything, but I have to believe that sooner or later this financially and ethically bankrupt city will be issuing fines based on these cameras. Some of the cameras are in places where a car might go by every 5 minutes... they do not promote traffic safety in any way,

Posted by:

14 Dec 2015

I received a $250 parking ticket because the sticker no my license plate was not up-to-date. I had proof that I had bought the tag sticker. The judge didn't care. He was in a bad mood and was denying everyone. I complained to his superior, and the cost was reduced to a $15 court fee. I was perfectly happy to pay that instead of $250!

Posted by:

14 Dec 2015

My son received a 5 year suspension because of a reckless driving ticket and being a habitual offender with speeding. There was a man who killed a person with his vehicle and got a 90 day suspension! Any idea how my son could get his suspension reduced? It's been 15 months; he cannot afford a lawyer; lives in Indiana. Thanks.

Posted by:

Mac 'n' Cheese
15 Dec 2015

Then there was the guy I heard about. As he drove past a red light camera, the flash went off and he knew he had just been automatically issued a ticket. He couldn't believe it, because he KNEW he hadn't run a red light.

To prove it, he drove around the block again, came to a total complete stop, and proceeded only when the light turned green. FLASH! Apparently another ticket.

Furious, he tried it once more, remaining stopped at the green light until cars behind started honking their horns. Only then did he proceed. FLASH! He couldn't believe it!

Ten days later, he got three citations in the mail--for not wearing his seat belt.


Posted by:

15 Dec 2015

In the jurisdiction where I live, parking/speeding/red light etc fines are on-the-spot fines. No further action is required of law enforcement officers. If I want to challenge the fine, I must attend court and present my case. If I lose, the fine is automatically doubled and court costs will apply.

Posted by:

15 Dec 2015

I don't find the "tone" odd at all either. In California, as Bob mentions, the fines are astronomical after the "add-ons" get tacked on.

It is nothing short of extortion. When the Mafia does it, it's illegal. When the government does it, it's justice. Humph. I say fight the ticket. If 95% asked for a court trial instead of 5%, this grossly unfair system would self-destruct.

Posted by:

15 Dec 2015

There is this thing called the constitution "Excessive bail shall not be required, nor excessive fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted.[2]"
Or IS there? I don't see how people can righteously expect me to just suck it up and pay when the state so blatantly disregards the law.

Posted by:

15 Dec 2015

In Texas I had just paid a $75 red light ticket in December (Merry Christmas to me!) when, in January, I received another one. Furious, I filled out the form requesting a hearing. Shortly thereafter, I received a notice of hearing date, and then again received another letter changing that date, and finally I received the real hearing date notice. When I appeared at the door of the bathroom size office there was just one lone officer inside working which is a small overhead for such a big racket. Humm! He perused my ticket noticing immediately that the time stamped on ticket for LENGTH OF YELLOW light was 3 seconds rather than the 4 second time which was apparently the legal standard.. That alone would dismiss the ticket, but as we viewed the video tape of my 'so called indiscretion' he said my front tires were already past the white line going into the intersection so he dismissed the ticket.
The ticket was mailed to me from AZ (who own the cameras), I sent the hearing request to Ohio (Texas work outsourced to another state), and the hearing took place in Fort Worth, TX (because typically No One ever requests a hearing).
Moral: ALWAYS ask for a hearing as this is just another unfair tax....
P.S. The video was super movie quality so they are really watching and I think it is about more than the tickets which is just icing on their cake.

Posted by:

16 Dec 2015

I wish there was an app that could protect me from the proliferation of idiots who tailgate and drive with no consideration for safety. In Ontario the carnage on our roads exceeds by far any threats of terrorism. While we don't have quite the same pathlogical attitude to guns, we do have a similar attitude to the right to use the roads. I'm coming on to 50 years with no collision or driving offence. In addition the average fuel consumption on my Subaru Forester is below the stated highway average. On the highway I drive 10 ks over the limit, particularly when I have vehicles behind.

Posted by:

18 Dec 2015

Photo enforcement tickets may not be legal. I got one in Arizona and after contacting a lawyer (he only cost me $28 on-line) I found that an officer must by law serve you with the summons - they can't just mail you a ticket. I also found these photo enforcement operations are often independent companies that get a kickback from the "violations" they find and when you fill out their form and return it you're basically admitting guilt whether you did it or not. BTW, don't rely on a error on the ticket doing anything; the cop will just lie and the court will take his work over yours - been there, done that.

Posted by:
24 Nov 2016


I’d like to bring to your attention our new app, Proffered:

Proffered app helps users in need of representation to handle their traffic court matters. Using the platform provided by the app, they’ll be able to receive offers and advice from qualified licensed legal professionals to handle their legal matter(s). Clients are able to view past reviews and track record and decide on a Paralegal accordingly.
The process is simple - the user takes a picture of the ticket issued, answers a few yes/no questions, and they’re on their way. Based on the information provided, the legal professionals will send the user a flat fee offer to resolve the matter. After the user has chosen a paralegal of their choice, paid the fee and signed a retainer, their job is done. The users will receive regular notifications and updates on the progress of their case. The app features strict privacy protection as the ticket won’t be visible to the other clients and legal professionals will not be able to see each other’s offers - preventing any “bidding” wars.

This service is provided across the United States and Canada. It is also not affiliated to any specific "ticket fighting company".
Using this app, the users can get legal services for traffic tickets at a fraction of the cost compared to bigger companies. The app also features a document folder where the users an upload the documents and the client can sign those documents using their iPhone - conveniently taking away any hassle of having to meet the legal professional in person.

The app can be downloaded on iTunes and more information about the app can also be found here:

I hope this may be of interest to you and your readers.

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